TYA Game Thread, Tuesday June 21, 2011: Rain Out

Unfortunately, tonight’s game has been postponed due to rain. The two teams are scheduled to play a day-night double header tomorrow. Freddy Garcia will start the day game and Brian Gordon will get the ball in the night cap. Russell Martin and Alex Rodriguez will only start one game each.

This isn’t quite the loss it seems, from a fan’s perspective. Tomorrow’s game was always meant to be a day game. Provided watching Wednesday night is as easy as it would be to watch Tuesday night everyone breaks even. Use this as the open thread.

8 thoughts on “TYA Game Thread, Tuesday June 21, 2011: Rain Out

  1. The yankees have had alot of rainouts this year. No luck at all with the weather. Good to see A-rod will get a a day of rest.

  2. When Derek Jeter returns from the disabled list, he should bat ninth. Bat him leadoff when he’s going into a game with 2,999 hits then once he collects his 3,000th hit, bat him ninth the next game and thereafter. If he doesn’t like it he can retire or request a trade to an NL team after this year.

    Gardner and Swisher are better OBP men than Jeter.

    Jeter is the worst Yankee everyday non-pitcher field player and hitter.

    What can Jeter do that another everyday field player can’t?


  3. Boston is 27-9 / playing .750 ball in their last 36 games and is only a game ahead of the Yankees HAHAHAHAHAHA.