Marine says Roy Halladay throws heat

“I was referring to his pitching ability and our ability to knock a ball out of the air with a thermal sight. The tank [M1A1 Abrams] can track multiple targets while moving in rough terrain at 50 miles an hour.”

Could they track something the size of a baseball then?

“They can track anything,” says Col. Tomko. “If it had heat, they can follow it and Halladay throws heat.”

Marine week “is about just showing America who we are.” Lt. Col. Tomko says. “Their [America’s] sons and daughters and how great they are. These are the kids who miss Christmas; these are the kids who don’t get to sit in baseball games while others do because they’re defending our country.”

There were 1000 Marines at Busch stadium on Tuesday night to celebrate Marine week.

“It’s a chance for these guys to come home and a see a game and have some sanity and enjoy themselves and breathe and not get shot at or IED’d.” Lt. Col. Tomko says. “It’s a chance for us to remember all of these guys around here in this area we’ve lost.”

Lt. Col. Tomko enjoys going to baseball games and says he never meant anything against Halladay or Philly fans, “The Marine core supports Major League Baseball to the Nth degree.”

Lt. Col. Tomko says there is something he would say to Philly fans if he was in the Fox Sports Midwest booth again tonight.

“Well, just tell them I’m looking forward to a Philadelphia Red Sox World Series,” says Lt. Col. Tomko.

9 thoughts on “Marine says Roy Halladay throws heat

  1. Honestly, I'm probably 100 times more offended by the "I can say whatever I want" line than I am about the stupid tank line. Though honestly, why is it so hard for people to just say "I tried to tell a joke and in retrospect I realize that it was inappropriate and I'm sorry?"

    • As a veteran myself, I wholeheartedly agree with your assessment. I though the tank line was pretty funny, actually, but the pretension and sense of entitlement that this man displayed represents the the most dangerous side of a professional military in a democratic society.

      Bear in mind I am responding to the text as written in this article. Without having heard the audio, I can't know if his comment about being able to say what he wants was also a joke, but even if it was, it was in very poor taste.

  2. Tomko also told a lovely story about a signed baseball of his getting stolen when he was younger – and that if he ever finds the guy, he'll "destroy him".

  3. The tank line wasn't terribly funny, but I'll defend dark humor to my last breath. People need to lighten up a bit. It's not like Halladay is Jackie Robinson or Hank Aaron, getting death threats in the mail.

  4. The joke might have not been funny but hundreds of more dumb things are said on tv everyday. I don't think it is necessary to go crazy abou this comments, I mean this Marine has dedicated a significant number of years of his life to defend this country. So get over it Semper FI.

  5. typical idiot marine. aggressive bully as a civilian, finds a place where his violent tendencies are rewarded.

  6. You are the idiot who has dont anything and believe you are entitled to everything.

  7. Talk about an idiot!! I'll forgive you because you're either wearing all black and a beret, or are like 13 and a girl. He's not the same guy who picked on you in junior high and high school. I served with him and he's one of the nicest, most eclectic people you will ever meet. Youtube his name and singing the national anthem. It was a pretty funny joke – if you don't get it, you don't get it.