11 thoughts on “SweetSpot expansion draft recap: Yankees

  1. How is Bartolo Colon protected before Noesi, Burnett and Heathcott. Also, how do you protect him and not protect Brackman?

    • Players were protected in three groups, and Colon and Heatchott were both protected in the first group. The order within each does not matter. Colon has pitched like an ace, making him very valuable.

      Brackman has lost velo and even after being converted to the pen, has been terrible this year. He's even lost velo. And Noesi/Burnett are simply not that valuable IMO.

    • I agree that it was unlikely a team would take on that contract, but A-rod is still a very good player and losing him would be a big loss. Leaving him unprotected would be pretty risky.

  2. I love A-Rod; would miss him if he left; that said, really don't even want to consider him at age 42 – would gladly let someone else take him off our hands. I'd miss him the next 3 years, I'd be ecstatic to have him be someone else's albatross for the last 4.

  3. I would think certain players (like ARod, Jeter, Posada) would have it in their contracts that they would be protected in case of expansion.

  4. I agree, would not have protected Arod. That contract will be an albatross, even if he is still productive now. For similar reasons, I'd even leave Tex unprotected. If either or both were to be selected, that just opens to door to go after Pujols and/or Fielder.

  5. It certainly would have been reasonable to leave A-rod unprotected. I was pretty close to doing that, but my risk averse side kicked in. Also, losing A-rod would not open a position for Pujols. Neither Pujols nor Tex can play third. Of course Albert could DH, but he could have done that with A-rod still on the team.

    • Actually, Pujols has played third this year and when he came up that is where he played most of the time (I think). He played a lot of positions. But would he, and of what quality??