Yankees Torch Greinke

The Yankees ran wild off Greinke and Jonathan Lucroy, who has the worst CS% of any backstop in the majors (14.3%).  It was only the fifth game of the season in which New York nabbbed four or more bases, and all of them came in the first three innings, before the game was effectively put out of reach.  The green light should be more or less permanent as long as Lucroy is behind the plate.

Swisher had a great game, both at the plate and in the field.  Swisher’s much-improved throwing was on display tonight, as he not only gunned down Corey Hart at the plate on a Mat Gamel single in the sixth, but also nearly caught Prince Fielder advancing to second on a McGehee single in the fourth.  Swisher had by far his best season for outfield assists last year and is on pace to nearly match that number in 2011.  Swisher also made a couple of nice sliding stops in the corner, preventing extra bases.  Thusfar in 2011 he has not made an error and has the best UZR/150 of his career (9.0).  Additionally, his second-inning homer furthered his offensive resurgence.  Since May 29th, Swish is hitting .318 with 8 HR, 22 RBI, and an OPS over 1.100.

Maybe most important for the Yanks, Freddy Garcia turned in his forth straight quality start, his second in a row against an above-average offensive opponent.  The Brewers are a good match-up for Freddy, as they have a predominantly right-handed lineup and struggle mightily on the road.

In previewing this series, we wondered how Ron Roenicke would choose to use his DH.  Milwaukee’s GM, Doug Melvin, answered that question with the promotion of his top prospect, Mat Gamel, a 25-year-old who is the heir apparent for Prince Fielder.  When the Brewers were working on a trade for C. C. Sabathia a few years back they considered Gamel their only “untouchable” prospect.  He hasn’t developed to quite the extent the Brewers might have hoped, but he is a legit hitting prospect, who was hitting .321/.380/.577 at AAA.

Gamel is ideally suited to DH.  He failed to develop at his original position, third base, making an astounding 172 errors at the position before the Brewers finally converted him, briefly to the outfield, and then to first in 2011.  He’s hasn’t exactly been stellar at his new position either, committing ten errors in 75 games.  One could certainly view this promotion as an opportunity to showcase Gamel to potential suitors in the American League, as the Brewers are likely to be active at the deadline.

Gamel got off to a good start tonight, going 2-for-4 with an RBI (he might’ve had two, but for Swisher’s excellent throw).

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2 thoughts on “Yankees Torch Greinke

  1. I think we lucked out on this one, even though the scores say otherwise. Greinke was clearly frustrated with Nyjer Morgan's slip, Richie Weeks' defensive shift, and Casey McGehee's attempt to tag A-Rod. Even though he struggled, he still showed signs of the nasty fastball that spotted right on the outside corner of the plate. Perhaps, his social problems did not make things better. Had the defensive been better, I think the results would have been different, but great job from the lineup nevertheless, especially considering that Greinke allowed only 9 walks before this game.