TYA Open Thread, Thursday June 30, 2011

Everything is right in Yankee land tonight. The Bombers are in first. Mark Teixeira leads baseball in home runs. CC Sabathia is still CC Sabathia. Bartolo Colon and Phil Hughes are coming back soon. Derek Jeter is set to resume pursuing a career milestone in grounding into double plays hits sometime next week. If there is anything bad in Yankee land, anything at all, it would be that there is no game tonight! Enjoy the open thread.

13 thoughts on “TYA Open Thread, Thursday June 30, 2011

  1. If Jeter gets 4 or 5 hits in the first 2 games in Cleveland, would you sit him in game 3 and wait for 3,000 at Yankee stadium? I would. I’d even lift him in the 3rd game if he got to 2,999. I think NY fans deserve to watch this milestone. By the way, I live in Houston so not matter what I have to rely on TV. But I think it should happen at Yankee Stadium.

  2. It is ridiculous that there is talk about Hughes bumping someone from the rotation when he is 0-1 with a 13.94 ERA in 3 starts this year.

    2010 is over. It’s 2011.

    Sabathia/Burnett/Colon/Garcia/Nova is the way to go.

    The Yankees should remove Nova from the rotation only if they acquire a starting pitcher who is better than him. Hughes is not that guy.

  3. The Yankess absolutely, positively have to start Hughes and determine if he is back to even close to full strength. I doubt they want to go into the post season with Garcia as the #4 starter. Ideally, CC, AJ, Colon, & Hughes would be the best combination at this point. But there is still a half season plus to play and much can (and probably will) happen.

  4. This is the whole Joba discussion all over again. Young impressive power pitcher who mysteriously loses his power when called upon to summon it over a full season. Then, after a serious curtailment in his innings, he summons it once again in briefer tantalizing flashes.

    My dad taught me when I was little all major league pitchers were once great starting pitchers, and all relief pitchers are simply the guys who aren’t good enough to be starting pitchers now, for whatever reason.

    The book is closed on Joba, he’s a reliever and that’s that. He can’t maintain his velocity over 150-plus innings so he’s now a niche pitcher. Isn’t that the real question the team’s trying to answer in Phil’s case?

    I don’t see how a couple of abbreviated minor league starts answers that question concerning Phil. This isn’t about whether his velocity has magically returned to his arm after a couple months of R&R. It’s about discovering if he’s hit his wall as a pitcher and his velocity is destined to fade again over multiple starts. I think that’s a drawn-out experiment that shouldn’t be undertaken with the big club as a lab when we have other pitchers getting the job done.

    I think we need to see him start and finish six, seven and eight innings over several turns through the rotation down on the farm. And I think the reason he’s being rushed back to the big club is for a quick snapshot before the deadline that by definition can’t tell us anything meaningful about the problem he was sent down for in the first place

    Further, I think bringing him back up to the big club — either as a long reliever OR starter — is a big mistake that could lead in the long term to a protracted Joba Rules-like mess affecting the entire rotation and in the short term a unnecessarily murky needs assessment process come the trade deadline.