Yankees Sweep Brewers, Win 5-0

Look, you can see a man titty! (Courtesy Reuters)


It all came together this afternoon for the Yankees, as they defeated the Brewers 5-0, swept the series and actually survived by playing Cervelli/Pena/Nunez at the same time, again. It was a big day. CC Sabathia was rightfully the star, matching his career high 13 strikeouts over a dazzling 7.2 innings. He picked up his 11th win this year, currently the best in the majors.  Mark Teixeira hit his MLB leading 25th homerun which also happened to be the 300th of his career. The Yankees have now won 5 straight games for the first time all year. Ramiro Pena also played.

Sabathia started the game off by striking out the side and that would really set the tone for the afternoon. In the bottom of the first, after Gardner and Swisher walked, Cano sliced a 2 run double into left to get the Yankees out in front right away. The Yankees struck again in the 3rd when Teixeira hit his notable blast and informed everybody about it via text message. Later in the inning, Francisco Cervelli (!!) singled in Robinson Cano to make it a 4-0 Yankee lead.

In the 8th inning, an error by John Axford allowed Chris Dickerson to reach who had entered the game for Andruw Jones in the previous half inning. Dickerson stole second then advanced to third when professional laughing stock Eduardo Nunez grounded out. To everyone’s never-ending surprise, Cervelli followed with a 2 out RBI single to make it 5-0.

Sabathia made it 118 pitches, 2 outs into the 8th when a Ryan Braun single signaled the end of his afternoon. Against his former team, he was dominant. Every strikeout was the result of a swinging 3rd strike. Randy Wolf was, well, Randy Wolf. He settled in and escaped danger a few times but I’m sure Brewers fans appreciated he was able to go 7 after his inauspicious start.

Other items of note include Ryan Braun extending his hitting streak to 20 games. While I make a lot of jokes about the Yankees playing Cervelli/Pena/Nunez being jokes (and as below replacement level players, they certainly are) what’s even funnier is that the Yankees continue to win while doing this. I think it’s a testament to how well the team is playing right now. The Yankees are now 23-4 in day games, a statistical oddity but notable nevertheless.

Next up, the 2011 World Champion New York Mets.

16 thoughts on “Yankees Sweep Brewers, Win 5-0

  1. dutchsailor

    Cervelli is what he is, and will probably never be anything more. Nunez, on the other hand, is basically a rookie, still learning to play in the Major leagues. He may never be more than he is now. The problem, Sean, is that if he does develop into a decent player, you are not likely to have to eat your words. Like most of the bloggers and media, you can say whatever you want, knowing that no one is going to hold you accountable.

    • Ok, so if he continues to suck, forever and ever and ever, who holds you accountable for saying otherwise? It’s the internet man- it’s never going away. In 3 years if he’s some world beater, this article with these comments will still be right here, you can come and rub it in my face.

      • dutchsailor

        It’s one thing to say he is struggling, which he is not. But to call him “a professional laughing stock” is unprofessional on your part.


          • What’s more, he IS struggling. I don’t see where the “not struggling” comes from- certainly not from his league leading error per chances ratio. Certainly not from his sub-par defense according to every metric that measures it. CERTAINLY not from his .234/.281/.346 batting line which is, I think by the very definition, struggling. He’s BELOW replacement level. I guess you could say, he’s not struggling at struggling?

          • Yankeesjunkie

            I agree Nunez has ben fairly terrible as a SS this year with not a lot of redeeming value. Hopefully the Yanks can trade him and put Pena at ss for now since he can at least field the position regardless of the 3 error game

        • oldpep

          I agree-it doesn’t absolve anyone from professionalism because this is a blog. I don’t remember a lot of this kind of thing until this season, but it reminds me of when certain writers on another Yankee blog took to calling arod E-rod’.

          • The difference between that and this of course, is that Eduardo Nunez isn’t really qualified to be on this team whereas Alex Rodriguez when those comments were made was a perennial MVP candidate, one of the 3 best players in the league and finished one of the top 5 Yankee single seasons of all time (2007). But other than that, having some fun at the expense of a sub-replacement player is just like the Arod thing. Great, great point.

          • YankeesJunkie

            Somehow the Yankee pipe dreams have caught on to some of the fans. I think it is good that the Yankees have given Nunez a chance to take the reigns during this stint to show if he is a capable SS, but the fact is he is not even close. He can’t field, hit for power, or take a walk. While this sounds like Cano’s rookie year the fact is that Cano had a lot more talent and a much better swing with a lot potential power in it.

          • I totally, totally agree.

          • oldpep

            I think calling someone a laughingstock goes beyond having some fun. I think it bring the level of the site down a few notches.

          • Its obviously tongue in cheek, although his abilities are pretty easy to laugh at. I don’t think Eduardo is going to read this and get upset. I think a little humor never hurts, but feel free to take your traffic elsewhere if you don’t agree.

  2. Cervelli is below replacement level. He cannot adequately hit, field, run or throw. He has some nice, BABIP inflated numbers with runners on base. Which is great for right now, less great when that regresses. If you’re a backup player on the Yankees, at least do ONE THING well. Cervelli is literally a 0 tool player. He’s probably not THE worst, but he’s in the discussion.

    As to your second point, 23-4 in day games is an oddity. That’s just what it is. There is nothing to suggest otherwise.

  3. Joe O

    Two points – Why the hate on Cervelli? He’s adequate for the role he has, and for whatever reason seems to pick his spots to hit singles with runners in scoring position. I’m not advocating for him to get more playing time, but its honestly not the worst thing in the world that the Yanks are going with a cheap internal option for the back-up catcher.

    Second – it may not be a statistical oddity that the Yanks are 23-4 during day games. Day games tend to favor pitching and as the Yanks have one of the better pitching staffs in the league the day games may favor them (see Josh Hamilton’s statements last week about playing during the day and then see his scary splits).

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  5. Mark D.

    CC was dominant today. If it wasn’t for the third inning, he would have thrown a complete game shutout. That inning wasn’t his fault as it started off with Yuniesky Betancourt getting an infield single despite the fact that if Nunez throw was on target he would have been out. He moved to second on a flyout to center field by Kottaras. Then with two outs, Carlos Gomez had two strikes on him and hacked at CC’s pitch which dribbled slow enough to turn into an infield single moving Betancourt to third. The inning didn’t end there, he then walked Ryan Braun to load the bases. He got out of the jam by striking out Fielder. He threw 22 pitches which could have been 15 or even 10. He not only struck people out, but no one had good contact, every hit by the Brewers was a single and they barely hit it anything to the outfield. He controlled this game, and he could have had a better day with better luck.
    He is getting hot, and if continues to pitch like this, CC is going to rack up alot of wins with because of the run support he receives. He pitches deep into games, so even the Yankees take the lead late in the game there is a good chance he is still pitching thus receiving the win.

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