Yankees Defeat Reds 4-2; Joe Morgan Screams in Agony

Yeah. No. Peace. (Courtesy Getty)

The Yankees rolled to yet another victory today, winning the first game of the day night doubleheader 4-2. Freddy Garcia, him of a 34% GB rate survived the most homer happy park in the national league, going 7 innings, walking 1...

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Game 72: Yankees 4, Reds 2

The Reds got on the board in the bottom of the fifth, taking advantage of some defensive miscues by some of the Yankees young players. Drew Stubbs led off the inning and was safe at first when Ramiro Pena made a throwing error. Edgar Renteria followed with a single to left, moving Stubbs to third.  Hanigan then grounded the ball to third and Pena easily had Stubbs at home, except he made another ugly throw, this one bouncing in the dirt. Francisco Cervelli didn’t help him much, as the ball bounced off his chest and Stubbs was safe for Cincinnati’s first run of the game.  Leake bunted the batters over, for the second out of the inning, and Fred Lewis drove a sac fly to the outfield, tying the game 2-2.

A single by Cano gave the Bombers a runner in the top of the sixth. Jorge Posada then connected with his first homerun since April, as he put New York back on top, 4-2.…

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Circuit Breakers: A Look at the Yankees’ Longest Homerless Streaks

(The following is being syndicated from The Captain’s Blog).

Jorge Posada’s sixth inning home run in the first game of today’s day/night doubleheader was his seventh of the season, but first since April 24. The two-run blast, which gave the Yankees a 4-2 lead, also ended the longest homerless streak in Posada’s career. The 38-game...

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Game Thread: Yankees vs. Reds, 6/21/2011 (12:35PM EST on YES)

Today’s double header kicks off with an afternoon matinee as the Yankees search for their 43rd win on the season.  Although they have beeen very efficient when it comes to trouncing interleague oponents over the years, today may prove different as the Bombers will be heavily reliant on their “B Squad.”  Alex Rodriguez, Mark Teixeira, and Russell Martin will...

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Maybe that Montero plan will happen after all

Over at the Pinstriped Bible, Steve Goldman wondered about Russell Martin and his hot start that has since diffused (H/T to friend of the blog Rebecca Glass and her YDB on the Four Letter:

Martin had a great start. He has already hit three-fourths as many home runs as he...

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Gardner getting frustrated with role?

This is why I didn’t put any stock into the notion that lineup changes couldn’t be made earlier in the season because you had to worry about how it would affect those players who were moved down mentally. Taking that seriously just leads to the obvious question of what happens to the guys at the bottom of the lineup who are playing better and can’t get moved up. In other words, it’s a meaningless catch-22.

At the very least, the Yankees need to return to the leadoff platoon situation they started the season with. Derek Jeter still puts up pretty good numbers against southpaws (.299/.405/.403 this year) so there’s no issue with him hitting at the top of the order in those games, but against right-handed pitchers Jeter is giving up 74 points of on base percentage to Gardner this year, and that’s including Gardner’s bad start. In games when the Yankees face right-handed starters, this isn’t even a debate anymore; Gardner should be leading off, and there’s is no reason other than Jeter’s legacy to think he should be batting leadoff.…

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Yankees on track for best ERA in years?

Though offense is down league-wide and has been trending in that direction for the past two seasons, it doesn’t change the fact that, for all the concern about Yankee pitching heading into the 2011 campaign, the staff has actually acquitted itself quite well through the season’s first 71 games.

While ERA is mostly an afterthought...

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Do the Yankees need to trade for a starting pitcher?

Though you may not realize it (and honestly I didn’t until I looked it up), Yankees’ starters currently rank 5th in the American League in fWAR and FIP, and 4th in xFIP. In the American League East, they’re first in all of those categories, and 2nd to the Rays in ERA. Though the Mariners, Angels, and White Sox are head and shoulders above the rest of the league in terms of fWAR, the Yankees are just 0.1 win behind the Athletics. And had Phil Hughes been put on the DL sooner and Bartolo Colon gotten another start or two, they’d likely be ahead of Oakland. Their 3.83 xFIP puts them in basically a tie with Chicago, Oakland, and Anaheim, behind the Mariners’ league leading 3.57 mark. Not to bad for a group consisting of a headcase, a junkballer, a rookie who can’t strike anyone out, and Fat Bartolo backing up Sabathia for most of the season.

Of course, that’s not to say there aren’t potential issues.…

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