A.J. implodes in the seventh inning; Yankees lose 6-3

We had good A.J. for 6.2 innings.

For 6.2 innings A. J. Burnett was in complete control. Up to that point he hadn’t allowed a run. In fact, he’d only allowed one hit through the first five innings. But he walked two in the seventh. Then, former Yankee farm hand Shelley Duncan singled in Grady Sizemore to make it 2-1 Yankees. Austin Kearns came up next and knocked a three run homer, his first of the season. Suddenly it was 4-2 Indians.

Josh Tomlin was excellent for the Tribe. At one point he had retired at least twelve consecutive Yankees. He didn’t allow a hit until the seventh inning, when Mark Teixeira singled. Later that inning Nick Swisher doubled in Tex and Robinson Cano to give the Yankees a 2-0 lead. At the time it looked like that would have been more than enough because up to that point Burnett had been unhittable. In total, Tomlin’s line was seven innings, three hits, two runs, one walk and five strike outs.

Curtis Granderson hit a solo shot in the eighth inning to make it a 4-3 ball game, but Cory Wade gave up a two run homer to Carlos Santana in the bottom of the inning, making it 6-4 Cleveland, putting the game out of reach for the Bombers. Fortunately, the Red Sox and Rays both lost earlier today, limiting any damage.

This was also Derek Jeter‘s first game back from the DL. You’ll be shocked to learn that he went 0-4.

CC Sabathia takes the mound tomorrow against Carlos Carrasco. The game begins at 7:05pm.

15 thoughts on “A.J. implodes in the seventh inning; Yankees lose 6-3

  1. If you have to lose 2 straight games you want it to be done leading up to a Sabathia start. Almost no pitcher on the planet is as good coming off of team loses as CC.

    For my part I think the Mariano “soreness” is almost a non-issue. He goes through this same thing every year around the same time, takes a couple games off, and ends up pitching like before hand as soon as he comes back into a game. I’ve heard this spur some Heath Bell rumors, and honestly the only way I could see that happening is if Mo hit the DL, which never happens.

    I keep reading about a starting pitcher in connection with the Yankees which I don’t think any of the staff here has covered yet. Forgive me if someone did and I missed it. Anibal Sanchez’ name keeps getting thrown out there with us attached, and while I don’t think it’s at all likely it might be a good conversation peice if someone felt like doing a write up on it.

  2. I’m with you. The Yankees have lost two in a row and are still a game and a half up on the Sox. That’s a strong place to be.

    Mo is also fine. I’ve not heard anything more sinister and his numbers are stellar as ever. If this constitutes some kind of a down season, sign me up.

    I also haven’t read anything more than speculation about the Yankees getting a starter. At the moment, why would the team do that? They had to send Ivan Nova down to the minors because the team has six eligible starters already. Furthermore, Bartolo Colon as pitched well enough to serve as the critical second ace for the post season.

    Provided everyone stays healthy, considering the thin trade market this year, I don’t foresee the Yankees making a move anytime soon. There’s no need.

  3. I wouldn’t be surprised if Cashman acquires a reliever. Also, I think he will add something to the bench. I just don’t believe he’ll stand pat.

    I look at the Yankee lead as 2 games. I only pay attention to the loss column. That’s what really matters.

  4. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Yankees traded either for a relief pitcher or bench help. I just don’t see them trading for a starter right now.

    Fair enough regarding the lead. All the better!

  5. Chill out, I don’t think Chris’ comment was directed at you.As for Mariano’s soreness, it’s too early to panic. As Chris pointed out, he does often have an episode such as this, so until we have more information, I think it’s premature to relegate Mo to the DL.

    As for Heath Bell, of course it would help the bullpen to bring in a top 10 closer in the game (maybe even top 5). However, the cost is likely going to be too high to be worth it. If Mariano does hit the DL then I agree the calculus changes somewhat. But at present, the bullpen is not a major problem, and I would hesitate to give up good prospects (which Bell would likely require) to acquire a closer when we already have the GOAT in Mariano, a dominant setup man in Robertson, and another good closer on his way back (Soriano).

    If Bell’s price is reasonable (I’m not sure what I would consider reasonable yet), I would consider a trade. Mid-level prospects could be replaced by draft picks when he leaves as a FA. Out of curiosity, what would you be willing to give up for Bell?

  6. If you were a Red Sox or TB fan, you could say something similar. With all the injuries the Yankees have had and the retreads they’ve used as starting pitchers, Boston and TB should hve been ahead of the Yankess by 10 games, yet they’re not. So, I agree, a 1.5 game lead is a good thing right now.

  7. AJ pitched very well last night, until the regrettable 7th. Zippy fastball, well spotted, and a curve that he was throwing for called strikes. Did he add some speed to it, that kept it from breaking so much?

    I was feeling this (generally) good roll coming for him, and I’ll bet it gets better.

    In that category of feelings, I worry about Alex, who shows awkwardness in both swinging at outside pitches, and stepping sideways. His hip may need r&r or worse. Chavez, hopefully, would be available to cover, and I wouldn’t mind somemore Nunez flubs cum whacks, either. But Andrew Jones hasn’t done too much, competent but not thrilling, so I wonder … DeRosa, Figgins?

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  9. I’ve posited the following thought several times here before and have been hooted down like I was an ignorant nimrod by a choice few posters, but here I go again into the jaws of the their conventional wisdom:

    Using Mo in a day game after a night game NEVER results in a smooth outing for him, and always results in some repercussion manifesting itself in either his performance or his availability soon thereafter. Late last season we lost him for nearly a week and half with “soreness” after several such outings and, even though he didnt go on the DL and his unavailability over the stretch was never formally announced, the result was the same: unavailable. (Note: Joe G never mentions Mo’s condition or if availability is an issue with him in advance of games, yet never hesitates to pronounce others in our rotation as unavailable before game time. The strategic value of this isn’t lost on me, but it’s an incongruity and a fact nevertheless.)

    I’ve been chastised and lectured to (again, by just a certain posting pair here) about how Mo’s overall season-long usage by Joe is in line with past seasons and pointed toward his total innings compared to past seasons as a measure of the flaw in my position. But I submit that it doesnt matter at this point in his career what his accumulated season workload is anymore; he is now feeling the effects of even warming up with six pitches (that’s the maximum he himself says he “needs” to throw before going into a game), and whether he pitched 2 outs, three or four the night before is immaterial.

    Mo is like a god to me, but for the better part of a year now it’s been obvious to me (and others elsewhere who have kindly checked the game logs on my behalf) that Mo should be sat in days games after night games — even if he only threw six warmups and pitched to a single batter.

    This isn’t a slam on Joe, and it’s not a red alert that Mo’s slipping or any such nonsense. Just saying our BP, like our SP, has been incredibly outperforming all expectations in its current stripped-down mix-and-match form, and it’s just common sense to take some reasonable care in how we use our anchor on a game to game basis. Keep him out of non-save situations and never ever use him in day games after night games. He’s still the best there is and ever was, but he’s not an iron man physically anymore, and I don’t see how some real-world accommodations recognizing that fact are all that out of line.