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25 thoughts on “Rockies’ wish list for Ubaldo is impressive

  1. I thought Rox would ask for Phil Hughes in this deal considering that they are still contending as of now. Still, I would not give up Nova so quickly. I don't think the deal is going to take place. The two sides are too far apart.

  2. I think it will come down to 1 of the 3 pitchers (the Yankees likely next position) vs 2 of the 3 pitchers (likely the Rockies next position – and my guess is they will be pushing for the two B's) if the Rockies are truly interested in moving him.

    I'd be OK with Betances/Nova/Montero (and some filler – Noesi may be a semi-valued piece if they want a 3rd pitcher?), but I'm not sure if I'd be OK with a Baneulos/Montero deal if it includes either Nova or Betances (if Banuelos is in the deal, I think the next best pitcher they get is a guy like Noesi).

    I still think this is the Rockies floating the name out there to see if anyone comes up with a truly absurd offer and maybe they think they can get a feeding frenzy going (the Rangers have a deep system and I'm sure they'd be eager to add a guy like Jimenez.); but I think this is more or less what the DBacks did with Justin Upton and ends up the same way… unless it is a significant overpay he's likely not getting moved.

  3. Please just say no. Nova is a tradeable piece to me. No problem including him in a trade. There isnt many pitchers in baseball id trade Montero Banuelos and Betances for. Actually only Felix would cause me not to hang up immediately.

    • Really? Not Clayton Kershaw? Pineda? Price? Lester? Lincecum? Halladay? Hamels? Hanson?

      • I meant guys who have been whispered about in trade rumors. Some of those guys it goes without saying. I just dont really think a team like the Yankees ever really needs to trade prospects when we can solve our problems in free agency. Just look at whose going to be a FA in 2013. Part of being a GM is being able to forecast the market and i just dont think trading 3 of our best prospects is necessary if you look at the plethora of pitching that will be available in that free agent class.

        • It's true that part of being a GM is forecasting, however, part of being THE YANKEES is competing every year for a championship. Right now there is no way they are competing for anything other than a spot in the playoffs, they are not winning a championship this year with that pitching staff. I think the bigger part of being a GM is being able to trade your prospects for pieces that will bring you a championship; I say if Cashman were to trade all of his top prospects for a player, even if it looks crazy to us, if it directly contributes to another title then there is no way that it is a bad trade no matter who is given up/traded for. I'll take a championship this year for 5 top prospects any day of the week.

          • I just think its stupid to trade all of them for Ubaldo. Just seems too steep a price. And no they arent going to lower their demands they have no reason to trade the guy let alone trade them for what would be a kings ransom. Montero Betances Nova and someone else? Yes sure id go for that. But Montero banuelos Betances Nova? Pass

    • I'd do it for more than Felix (Lincecum, Halladay, Hamels, Lee, Lester, etc) but they are the ones who aren't going anywhere so it's pointless to even ponder. Cashman would NEVER agree to all of them and I think the package that Tom just mentioned with Noesi, Nova, Montero and Betances would get it done. If Colorado would be willing to take those players and perhaps maybe even throw in a player to be named later or someone like Jorge Vazquez or Nunez then Cashman would have to seriously consider it. With all of the pitchers they have who are within an earshot of the big club, Nova and Noesi are replaceable for sure, although I think Noesi will have an impressive career.

      • I don't even know that I wouldn't do that. Nova is an average at best starter with a low ceiling, Betances is a well regarded prospect to be sure, but he also profiles as a likely reliever right now, and Banuelos is still just a 20 year old kid walking everyone in sight at AA. Which isn't to say that it's not a big price to pay, if only because all of these guys have real trade value, but if you were looking for the safe bet, you'd bet on Ubaldo accounting for more WAR than all 3 of these guys combined from this day on.

  4. Anyone think the Rockies might know something more about Ubaldo that the Yankees don't? It doesn't make sense to me to lock up your two best hitters and than trade away your best pitcher.

    • Hitters are a lot more predictable than pitchers, and less likely to get hurt. So locking up a couple of bats like Tulo (who also plays SS) and CarGo and seeing if you can get a big haul for your best pitcher doesn't strike me as insane.

  5. Honestly guys i think the best thing for the Yankees to do is to do what Czar Theo would call a "bridge year." Theres no ace pitchers to trade for and teams know it so theyre going to ask for an arm and a leg.

    • There's no such thing as a bridge year when it comes to pitching. Also too, a bridge to what? There isn't a strong free agent pitcher on the market until at least 2013.

      • Thats what i meant next year being a bridge year. People are acting as if this years team isnt good enough to win the WS and we absolutely have to make a move. We dont have to make a system crippling move in order to be contenders like the Brewers have to. Especially if its for guys who arent sure fire aces like some of the guys the Yankees have been connected to. All im advocating here is to not make a trade in an obviously sellers market.

  6. Sounds like the Rockies posturing, because it's a pretty laughable request. I would imagine 3 of those 4 guys would go in a deal, but not all 3 of them, and probably only two of Banuelos/Betances/Montero. I wouldn't put a lot of stock in any specifics in the next week or so, until someone like Sherman or Buster says a deal is imminent.

    Unless you believe Cashman actually considers Nova and Betances untouchable, I guess.

  7. I really can not believe you guys are commenting on this! The guy is 5-8 and we are going to trade the farm for what? For last year stats?? For that just bring Nova back up

    • Can't go strictly by W-L and ERA with him, besides his last 8 starts have been much better that at the beginning of the season. I think he would tear it up in the Bronx.

  8. I think getting Ubaldo is the best thing for the Yanks when it comes to CC's opt out decision at the end of the year. If the Yanks don't have a legit fall-back ace option like Jiminez, they're going to be held for a King's Ransom when CC opts out. If you have Jiminez, you can at least negotiate a bit with CC. With AJ or Hughes as the potential #1 without CC, there's zero leverage with the Yanks at that negotiation table. Give up Montero – Martin is fine for this and next year and we have Sanchez/Romine. Give up Nova – we have Hughes. Give up Betancis and his walks. Then throw in a potential immediate impact hitter in Jorge Vasquez who's got no chance with the Yanks as anything other than a DH role. Get Ubaldo.

    • Whether or not the Yankees have Ubaldo won't affect Sabathia's price whatsoever.

  9. I know this is crazy and some people are going to rage, but why don't the yankees try and trade Jeter. Yes he is one of your most iconic players of the last half a century but his production is not good, his defense is just average. As a Giants fan I know there are TONS of teams that will fall into a just awful deal because a shiny toy is being flashing around (see pirates for the last 30 years).

    • Because it's not going to happen and he has a NTC. Also no one will give you anything good for him.

      • Well i guess if there wasn't an NTC, our former Ace Jason Schmidt was acquired for Ryan Vogelsong, and Armando Rios (it is possible to get something for nothing)