Game Thread: Yankees vs. Rays, 7/18/2011 (7:10PM EST on YES)

Hurray for no more Canada!  Instead, the Yankees will be switching artificial surfaces as the team heads to the Trop for another four game set against divisional rivals, the Tampa Bay Rays.  I suppose now is as good of a time as any to present the narratives; so, here we go bullet style!

  • The Yanks will be facing, not one, but two starting pitchers that they haven’t seen before (Alex Cobb tonight, and Jeremy Hellickson tomorrow).  So that should be a blast.  If you haven’t had a chance to read Larry’s series preview, you should stop slacking and get on it because it’s good stuff!
  • The Rays are fresh off a demoralizing 16 inning loss to the Red Sox.  With any luck, their bullpen will be shot for tonight.  TYA writer, Will, discusses how absurdly long matches affect a team on their next outing. 
  • Evidently, the Yankees have discovered how to effectively pitch Evan LongoriaMark Simon explains.
  • Ramiro Peña has been placed on the disabled list for four to six weeks after undergoing an emergency appendectomy.  Brandon Laird has been called up from Scranton to take his place.  Laird was batting .266/.296/.415 with 10 home runs in the minor leagues.

Tonight’s lineup (compliments of Lohud):
Derek Jeter SS
Curtis Granderson CF
Mark Teixeira 1B
Robinson Cano 2B
Nick Swisher RF
Jorge Posada DH
Russell Martin C
Brett Gardner LF
Eduardo Nunez 3B

And on the mound:
RHP A.J. Burnett (8-7, 4.15)
RHP Alex Cobb (2-0, 3.41)

169 thoughts on “Game Thread: Yankees vs. Rays, 7/18/2011 (7:10PM EST on YES)

  1. Posada’s not happy, but it was the right move to pinch hit for him.

  2. Another huge at bat in the game. 2-1 on Jones.

    And he doesn’t do anything with it. Dang.

    • Yeah, man on Gardner. His stolen bases have set up several runs in the last couple games. Gives us a different dimension.

  3. Flibberty jib…well, we gotta new game, except for a free at bat for the Rays. Gotta pitch tough now.

  4. How bad do you have to pitch before they don’t say that you kept your team in the game?

  5. When was the Yankees’ last home run? Andruw Jones’ two-homer game? Granderson and Teixeira both just stopped at 25.

  6. The ump quite literally made him swing at that pitch. He yelled out “swing at that ball in the dirt or I’ll K you out!”.

  7. Swisher, Swisher, he’s our man. He can’t do it, nobody can.

    Wadda ya dicimus!

  8. How does close count in slow dancing?

    EDIT: he probably means physically close.

  9. Russell: “AJ had a little trouble with his command with his fastball.” After he got so smacked around, we had at least two innings of solid curveballs.

    But, Prof, he too,thought it was a good effort for a frustrated pitcher.

    But why,oh why, does he lose all command of his basic pitch? His command of the curve was realy good, though.


    He’s got the edge – you know he’s got the edge
    He’s got the edge – you know he’s got the edge
    He’s got the edge – you know he’s got the edge
    He’s got the edge – you know he’s got the edge

    People say that I’m washed up – well let me tell ya
    Don’t believe the stats on me – don’t let them sell ya
    That I’m done like a carton of spoiled milk
    As Edgar Renteria I’m not of the same ilk

    I got the bat in October to turn out ya lights
    The only goal of mine I got in my sights
    Yeah 3000 was cool but so what? Where’s the ring?
    To put on my second hand cuz baby that’s the real thing

    Right now I’m grinding and finding it hard
    To hit like I’ve done on most of the back of my baseball card
    But I’ll keep pushing and trying to improve
    Get into some kind of streak some kind of groove

    To all these writers bloggers doggin’ me relentlessly
    I turn a cold cheek, carry on like a gent, you see
    I do what I do while you sittin in your boxer briefs
    Being a hater givin’ me amnesiac’s grief

    I’ve been bad for over a year I know full well
    But let’s see how I do in the real “Big Show” do tell
    October – the new season and reason to believe
    That I got another hitting tear up my sleeve

    I can’t wait to once again make the playoffs
    Show all the naysayers they were way off with a .400 plus BA payoff
    Put another postseason homer into the stands
    And into the hands of some real fans

    Call me this and call me that cybersucker
    But who’s the one pullin’ down 200 plus mil with the bat motherf#$%er?
    A bat with one October swing could turn into gold
    And make you forget that I’m old

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