Yankees vs Rays Game Thread

Following an exciting, come from behind win last night the Yankees take on the Rays in game two of the series. Bartolo Colon will try and put his past two games behind him. Facing him is the precocious Jeremy Hellickson. Turn into My9 at 7:10.


Derek Jeter SS
Curtis Granderson CF
Mark Teixeira 1B
Robinson Cano 2B
Nick Swisher RF
Jorge Posada DH
Russell Martin C
Brett Gardner LF
Eduardo Nunez 3B

Bartolo Colon, RHP

Steve Garrison was added to the 25 man roster because Sergio Mitre is a little banged up. Here’s hoping it’s serious!

37 thoughts on “Yankees vs Rays Game Thread

  1. Never hope it’s serious, Just that it keeps him out for the rest of this season and next.

  2. It’s getting harder and harder to watch Jeter at the top of this lineup against righties..

    • It’s getting harder and harder to watch Jeter at the top of this lineup and in the lineup period.

      The chase for hit #3000 is over. Time he sits and just pinch-hits and pinch-runs some games.

  3. Senor Colon is flinging his two seam magic again. A changeup got the clever Kotchman to top it. Didn’t see what Zobrist smoked, but couldn’t get by the handy Teixeira. Doesn’t seem to havebroken out the raw heat yet.

  4. Boy, I like to watch Hellickson. Shame that tonight’s a rare chance to see Cliff Lee on mlbn.

  5. Colon is shaving tonight, and Tex, Rusell and Robbie have shown their appreciation with fine handling of their own.

  6. Damn, Nova’s hurt. Something happened to his leg, and he left the game. Doesn’t look good.

  7. Derek hit it on the button, to Longoria, regrettably. With those changeups Hellickson throws, it’s a night for smart hitters.

  8. Very nice play from Nunez, have to credit him with a nice play when he makes it

  9. There’s that pure heat, to get Longo. Didn’t see the radar, but it was plenty.

  10. Well, this isn’t necessarily all on Logan, but it’s just really, really stupid to have him facing RH batters in a close game. Awful.

  11. My wife doesn’t watch baseball. She just walked in and saw me watching the game. She watched the screen for a few minutes, saw Colon and said: “Wow. He’s fat.” I love my wife.

  12. ooh, thought Jete had shot it thru the right side. Must have spun it off the end of he bat. Those two runners were ripe, thanks to the grit of Brett.

  13. shades of glory! Jete misses by a hair on a perfect spin-throw from short left.

  14. Hmm…you think Girardi has a quick hook? The way Colon pitched tonight, I’d have thought he’d have the chance to get out of his mess.

  15. Wow….no, why should that be a base hit? I mean, even though Granderson didn’t touch it, it’s kinda not fair to the pitcher if the runs score.

  16. OMG! What is going on with the Yanks’ defense?!?! Tough luck for Colon. Should be in the dugout with a 2-1 lead.

  17. Wow. Yanks now in a 3-2 hole. This game turned in a hurry. Shoddy defense on the Yankees’ part. Tough luck for Colon and Logan…who actually pitched well enough to get out of the inning without giving up the runs.

  18. Cory Wade pitched a good, tough inning there. Chirinos was a tough nut, hanging in with BJ hanging out.

  19. All my kidding about Jeter last night aside, he and Posada have to be benched.

    The Yankees cannot have FOUR hitters (Jeter, Posada, Teixiera, and Martin) not hitting.

    Time for Nunez at SS, Laird at 3B, and Jones at DH. Let’s see what they can do after this series. I’d bench Posada now and start Jones tomorrow and Thursday.

    Two more starts for Jeter and if he sucks like he did last night because he was the real culprit in the loss tonight with his weak, pathetic, I’m done 0 for 4 (a weak tap to 1B to leave men on 2B and 3B after a double-steal and he barely steals bases anymore), bench his ass. I’m sick of looking at him stink it up in the leadoff slot while Nunez and Gardner are outhitting and outplaying him at every turn. He got his 3000th hit, the five-hit game was over, back to reality folks, and the reality is he is he can’t hit. I’m calling him Captain Can’t Hit Anymore until he can put three two-hit games in a row together or go 12 for 40. His July BA is inflated by his five-hit game Saturday before last.

    As for Posada, time he stops acting like a baby pouting on the bench after being pinch-hit for last night. He strikes me as extremely “I” and “me” this year.

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