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8 thoughts on “Bats come up big, but Hughes still struggles

  1. The photo is not from this game!!!!
    …unfortunately, the photo, clearly of Hughes walking off the mound after an unsuccessful outing, could have been from just about any other game that Hughes has thrown this year.

    • What gave it away, the fact that Posada is catching, A-Rod is on the field, or they are wearing their away uniforms LMAO!

  2. Hughes, sans the playoff game against the Twins, has not been worth anything since before the All Star game last year and I hope the Yankees are thinking that. Maybe he has lost it!

  3. Time to face facts… Hughes had an xFIP of over 4.00 last year (and it was only slightly better than what Ivan Nova has posted this year)… even with higher velocity his 2010 line was telling us he performed more like a back of the rotation starter last year as opposed to an 18 game winner. The other theme beyond 18 game winner that people clung to was "well he tailed off in the 2nd half".- he had an xFIP over 4.00 in 5 of the 6 months he pitched (so it wasn't just a 2nd half issue) and his velocity did not tail nearly as much last year as people think it did (looking at the pitch f/x charts over at Fangraphs)

    An extreme flyball pitcher who is incapable of striking people out at a high rate and has pretty much just 2 pitches is ….. a reliever / fill in starter. Put that in Yankee stadium and you might as well have some warming at all times. For his career he was running at an ~35% GB rate which is extremely low (one of the lowest among all qualified AL starters last year) and this year on limited data it is an absurd ~23%…. you couple that with even an average K rate and that is best case a below average starter.

    At this point he needs to be in the minors working on a viable 3rd pitch (cutter, 2 seam fastball or ideally a changeup) in addition to figuring out whether 90-91mph is his new resting spot (which means a 4 seam fastball cannot be the dominant pitch that he throws ).

    • Thats what i was thinking. This kid (and hes still a kid only 24 or 25 i believe) and he is a starter but we cannot keep letting him get in the way of winning at the big league. We should send him down, and the good thing is we have plenty of depth at the AAA level to replace him. I expected nothing from Hughes this season anyway as he went wayyyy over the Verducci line last year by 70 innings i believe. Thats what i keep telling myself anyway, i really hope its true.

  4. I would give him another start to see if this was just a blip on the radar or not. If he doesnt pitch well then I would seriously consider a switch with him and Nova.

  5. I'm just curious if the sweat/heat had anything to do with it. Watching Devine last night I honestly thought I was watching Major League again (which I'd done earlier in the day)… "juuuuuuuuuuuust a bit outside…"