After the Pirates and Braves game, will MLB instill more instant replay?

Honestly, when I met with Worrell on a cold and snowy night in St. Louis to talk about the Denkinger call 26 years after it happened, I fully expected him to still be angry and bitter about this call. I expected him to say he can’t believe MLB has not instilled more instant replay, that the technology is there and MLB is hurting the game, the fans, by not having more instant replay.

Unlike in other sports, in baseball, we live with the ballplayers day in and day out. We come to know who they are — they are part of our summer family. It’s not as if machines are moving around on the field. As often said, they’re actually human beings and when you interview someone, when you really try to get their honest thoughts about the game, often times I’m so surprised by what I hear. It’s always something different than what I was expecting. And that is the beauty of baseball:  it’s the fact that on any given night any ballplayer can perform something most unexpected. So, when it comes to Worrell’s thoughts on instant replay, why was I surprised I walked away from the interview with something I wasn’t expecting?

Here’s the interview with Todd Worrell and his thoughts on instant replay in MLB.  One of the things Worrell and I talked about was Armando Galarraga and the blown call by Joyce.  I was prepared to ask Worrell if he was surprised at how quickly Galarraga got over the blown call — the next day he handed Joyce the lineup card. I thought maybe Galarraga, the day after the blown call, was being fake in his act of kindness. How could he get over it so quickly? But, as our conversation flowed from one surprise to another, I had to adjust the question. I asked Worrell if he thought as time went by the blown call to Galarraga’s perfect game would hurt more.

“I think it will,” Worrell said. “I think, he’s young and it’s easy when you still have the game in front of you. You still have other opportunities and you are at that level because you are driven.  You want to do it again.”

This year, with the Arizona Diamondbacks, Galarraga has a 5.91 ERA and has won three games. At this point, his future is unsettled but his past is clear: He should be number 21 on MLB’s perfect game list. If the Pirates lose the NL Central by one game, certainly it will be time for more MLB to instill more instant replay?   

“The only thing missing in my career was the World Series Championship,” Worrell said about his time in the majors. If there was instant replay in 1985, Worrell might have the one thing he wanted, certainly now he’d want more instant replay?

Worrell’s comments about instant replay, true to the beauty of baseball, will certainly surprise you.

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8 thoughts on “After the Pirates and Braves game, will MLB instill more instant replay?

  1. "If the Pirates lose the NL Central by one game, certainly it will be time for more MLB to instill more instant replay?"

    Not sure I agree with this, who's to say they win that game in the 20th instead? Otherwise, good read :)

    • Yeah, your point is pretty bad Alex. The CLEARLY blown call shut the door on any opportunity the Pirates had to win. They had an opportunity to win. The ump took that opportunity away and chalked up a Loss in the Pirates column. Whether the Pirates go on to win is not the point. The wins and losses should be decided by the teams as much as possible, not the umps. Last night the win and loss, after 19 innings, was decided by an ump who made an atrocious, indefensible call.

      If the Pirates lose the NL Central by one game, they will certainly have every right to wonder what would have happened if the ump hadn't gotten in the way and they have every right to have enough confidence to expect that they would have gone on to win it.

  2. If they didn't change it after the Jim Joyce call, they're not going to do it for this. It'll take a similarly obvious blown call in a playoff game (by someone not named angel hernandez).

  3. Instant replay is a terrible idea. We have enough of it we don't need more. The umpires are an active part of the game and they get 99% of the calls right. Missed calls are also a part of the game and the Pirates still have plenty of time to make up the game they lost. Instant replay is a stupid idea and will only make baseball more like the worst pro sports league, the NFL.

  4. Thx for the comments. Honestly, I’m still not sure where I stand on this. After talking to Worrell he changed my mind but now I wonder if he’s the only living person who doesn’t want more replay? I heard John Kruk on Mike and Mike this morning say he never really wanted more instant replay but I wonder how many ballplayers don’t want more replay? You just don’t hear it often. The ones who want it are more vocal about it.

  5. I brought up MLB.TV today to watch that play (they show a few different angles). The throw beat the player to the plate. That is obvious.

    To be honest, I don't think the tag was conclusive. Should he have tagged him? Certainly. I just don't see it. The catcher made a swiping tag. I don't think he tagged the player in either the leg/lower body or arm. This is not as cut and dry as some other bad calls. If I'm at home and I think its inconclusive, I can only guess that the umpire would have had a much harder time making the call.