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25 thoughts on “(UPDATED) Morosi: Yankees and Rockies not talking right now

  1. No. I'm pretty sure that's just someone making crap up. No way Cash says no to a deal that's one for one.

    We know the Rox have a scout in to watch Nova's start tonight (and probably Yanks have scout at Ubaldo's game). Seems likely there is a deal to be struck.

    • Yeah, I didn't see the earlier tweet until after I posted. I really can't believe someone even said that out loud to a reporter.

      • But now it looks like the Indians might get Ubaldo. Grrrreat. I sure as heck hope Montero can pitch!

      • I can believe it, as a big soccer fan it is crazy the amount of crap that is made up about player movement. It isn't unheard of for any team to be linked with 15-20 players, and not a single one joins the team. Press in the US is much better about these types of rumors than their European counterparts

  2. MLBTR is reporting a deal between Indians and Rockies is done. Pieces aren't confirmed, but some combination of Alex White, Lonnie Chisenhall, Jason Kipnis, and Drew Pomeranz.

  3. This is how I feel if any of these reports are true: http://7.asset.soup.io/asset/0589/8583_2080.gif

    Ubaldo pretty much a lock for 4 WAR every year with potential 6 WAR ceiling. Brien I think you make a valid point in your previous post about the potential cost of NOT doing anything when it comes to the 2012 and 2013 rotations.

    • White and Pomeranz both got scratched from tonight's lineup, so looks like they're both in the deal.

  4. Ubaldo has been pulled from his start tonight.

    In other news: The Yankees scored 12 runs in the first tonight. That's a franchise record for the first inning. Everyone got at least one hit that inning. This game is silly.

  5. For what it's worth, the rumor mill is going strong. The claim is the Yanks asked for a physical four days ago and were denied. That might be what is holding up the deal for the Tribe. But the Rox do have a reliever warming up for Ubaldo so who knows…

    • Pretty sure any deal would be contingent on a physical. If he fails it, the deal is voided. It has happened plenty of times in the past.

      • Usually this happens with free agent contracts, occasionally with trades featuring oft-injured players, rarely with active players for whom there is a competitive market. Either way, the physical, if granted after the other terms of the deal are finalized, would have to take place before tomorrow night. Once Jimenez officially becomes an Indian, his problems are their problems.

        • I know it happens in the NFL and NBA more often than in MLB. I remember Greg Vaughan a few years ago failed his physical when they Yankees wanted to trade Rogers and Duncan for him and the deal was called off, which woudln't be the same as the trade being accepted and then voided. I guess I spoke too soon. Is there a way to petition in order to void accepted trades like there is with some of the other pro leagues?

    • No. In order for the deal to be official in time for the deadline, both teams have to agree to all terms, physical or no. Also, I would not read too much into the Rockies denial of a physical. First of all, so long as they control Jimenez, they don't want his time and energy taken up by another team, and, more importantly, the team asking for the physical could leak results (or even partial results) as a means of improving their negotiating position.

      • You were more clear than me. I meant that if the deal was contingent on a physical and the player fails, then the trade would be voided.

        On another note, looks like Red Sox are getting Rich Harden.

  6. Not heartbreaking as not getting Lee however I was really starting to get my hopes up for this to happen. I hope that our prospects turn out as great as the front office seems to think they are.

    • It's a nice little haul, but I think the Indians made a great deal. Only Pomeranz and White are really premium prospects. McBride is 26, has never played a game in the majors, and appears to be without a position. Gardner is a longshot throw-in. In other words, if they give up Montero, one of the Bs, and Nova, I think the Yankees would have had the winning offer.

  7. On a sidenote, Jimenez gets told prior to the game that he's being traded, so he doesn't go through his normal warm-up, then they decide to put him on the mound when things aren't finalized, he gives up four runs in the first, then the deal gets done, so they yank him before the second. Net result: -9 points for my fantasy team. Jerks.

  8. With regards to Cashman, the jury is still out whether he whiffed (assuming this becomes final tomorrow "officially") because there's still a TON of information we do not have: scouting reports, internal/medical data, the actual offers/numbers being thrown about. Would I be upset — at face-value alone — to miss on Jimenez for Jesus Montero, Dellin Betances, and Ivan Nova? Yes. Could I see multiple scenarios where Cashman would have legit reason to not do that? Absolutely.