Yankee chances at landing pitcher less than 50%

Here’s the report from Ken Rosenthal:

The Yankees’ interest in trading for Rockies right-hander Ubaldo Jimenez is real, but only at a suitable price.

Jimenez, the biggest prize in this year’s trade market, is a known target of the Red Sox, Rangers, Tigers and other clubs.

The sincerity of the Yankees’ interest has been in question, but they are indeed “kicking the tires,” according to a source with knowledge of the team’s thinking.

The source, however, estimates that the Yankees’ chances of landing Jimenez are “less than 50 percent,” and says that such a move likely would require the team to spin right-hander Phil Hughes to the bullpen.

Actually, I just pulled a fast one on you guys. That’s a report from July 6, 2010 regarding Cliff Lee, 2 days before the ill fated deal was nearly consummated.  I just swapped out the names to make a point that Joel Sherman also made yesterday. We’ve seen the Yankees dance this dance before. As Joe P of RAB pointed outlast week, Jimenez simply makes too much sense for the Yanks to be this seemingly disinterested. I would add that Ubaldo gives the Yanks added leverage in the coming CC opt out negotiations, and if his presence allows the Yanks to shave just one year off what could be another 3 year extension for Sabathia, that alone pays for Jimenez entire 20 mil contract. That ‘s why I don’t believe the Yanks when they’re apparently balking at a proposed Montero-Betances-Nova deal. Nova is a back of the rotation starter who doesn’t miss bats, Betances is still a lottery ticket whose best case scenario is to become Jimenez, and Montero doesn’t have a long term spot on this team.

The Yanks are being smart, trying to hang on to as many chips as they can for future prospective deals. Josh Johnson starts making big bucks next year. Jack Z could be gone after this season and the next Mariners GM may be more amenable to dealing King Felix. You’ll need some serious trade chips to make one of those deals, so the Yanks are trying like heck to hang on to as many as they can. But in terms of organizational depth, you have Romine behind Montero, Banuelos behind Betances, and Warren/Phelps/Mitchell behind Nova. The reality is that the Yanks have the chips to make this deal and another. I think the reported wide gap between the two sides in valuing Ubaldo Jimenez is just negotiating through the press. As are the Rockies,  who are now trying to sell people that the Red Sox and their decimated farm system are a serious suitor for Ubaldo. That seems like an attempt to extract more from the Yanks, which only further cements the suspicion I have that a last minute deal between the two teams will be struck. The Rockies appear to want what the Yanks have to offer, and we’ve seen this dance by the Yankees before.

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  1. The difference is that this report was made 3 1/2 weeks before last years deadline, whereas the deadline is tommorrow and we still are hearing these reports. Still a great piece though, I just wanted to point that out.

  2. It still says “Lee” in the last mention of the proposed pitcher’s name. Close to being extremely clever there but I caught it. This piece is spot on though. We certainly have seen this before. Never count the Yankees out of a big deal that makes all the sense in the world.

    • Ahhhh shucks. I missed that. Thanks for pointing it out, I’ll fix that when I get home tonight.

  3. Better Ubaldo than Lee for the farm. Yankees will get alot more miles out him than Lee is going to give the Phils. For alot less money.

  4. The Yankees’ future really worries me. They are in a bad spot compared to the Red Sox. If you compare position by position, Yankees are no match for the mighty Red Sox.

    Yankees have no catcher — Montero will never be one. At 1B Teixeira is great, but nothing compared to A-Gon. At 2B Dustin Pedroia is probably the best baseball player in the world, while Cano has poor plate discipline and poor defense. At SS, Yankees are stuck with Jeter for at least 3 more years, while they could have easily signed Reyes next year. At 3B, A-Rod is still by far the best third baseman in the game, but he is having so many injuries. Kevin Youkilis is nowhere near as good as A-Rod, but he has an incredible on-base percentage. In the outfield, Gardner is a great player, as are Swisher and Granderson. They are better than Crawford, Ellsbury and Drew. But not my a long margin.

    The Red Sox’s starting rotation of Lester, Beckett, Bucholz, Lackey and Wakefield is so much better than Sabbathia, Burnett, Hughes,Colon, Garcia. Yes, CC is better than all of those pitchers, but after him everyone sucks. Mariano Rivera is going to retire within 2 years, while Papelbon, just as good as Mo, has many years left.

    As much as it hurts me to say this, I have slowly come to accept the reality over the last few years — the reality is Red Sox are the new Yankees. Yankees are the underdogs and will remain so for many more years to come. This has been the case ever since that fateful 2004 ALCS. Who knows it may take 20/30 years for the Yankees to fully recover from that devastating defeat. The great players no longer want to play for the New York Yankees any more. On the other hand they jump at the first oppurtunity to play for the mighty Red Sox. Everyone loves the Red Sox — the media, the players, the fans from other clubs. The Yankees’ financial power is also decreasing. After the death of the Boss, I don’t think they have the unlimited budget any more. I expect the Red Sox to outspend the Yankees within the next 3/4 years.

    This all makes me depressed as a Yankee fan. Of course, the Royals and Pirates fans may say I’m spoilt. But it makes me really sad to witness the demise of the greatest sporting franchise of the world.

    • And it makes me really sad to see the ignorance of some yankee fans. The red sox do not have a catcher either, and the yankees have many catching prospects if montero can not handle the position. Tex is worse than A-Gonz, but still comparble given the boost gonzalez gets from fenway. Cano is about equal to pedroia, so I have no idea where you got that from. The red sox don’t have much of a shortstop either. The outfields are about equal.
      Lackey is one of the worst in baseball, wakefield is on his way out, and the yankees have much more pitching depth in the farm system. The red sox have shown reluctance to go over the luxury tax, and the yankees didn’t get much this past offseason because there wasn’t much to be had, not because they were reluctant to spend.

      • Don’t be sad. That post was written by a red sox fan posing as a yankee fan. No real Yankee fan feels that way or views things like that

        • True. You’ll have to excuse a yankee fan who has heard far too many times from other yankee fans that his favorite player (Brett Gardner) is a scrub.

        • @Paul
          No, I’ve always been a loyal Yankee fan. I posted those thoughts here because I feel this is a blog for the true Yankee fans only. I would never let a Red Sox fan know those feelings of mine.

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