Game 106-This one might actually be close

Yesterday’s doubleheader bore a resemblance to a varsity squad playing a group of little leaguers, which in MLB terms isn’t a totally unfair comparison. The Yanks are looking to improve upon their 8-1 record against the O’s this year, and have outscored them 78-28 this season. That’s a +50 run differential over just 9 games, which accounts for 1/3 of the Yankee +148 run differential on the season. Amazing. Here’s your Yankee lineup, courtesy of LoHud:

1. Gardner LF
2. Jeter SS
3. Granderson CF
4. Teixeira 1B
5. Cano DH
6. Swisher RF
7. Chavez 3B
8. Martin C
9. Nunez 2B

Freddy Garcia on the mound, facing the talented Jake Arrietta for the Birds.

0 thoughts on “Game 106-This one might actually be close

  1. I just want to say this again, for emphasis:

    (the Yanks) have outscored them 78-28 this season. That’s a +50 run differential over just 9 games, which accounts for 1/3 of the Yankee +148 run differential on the season.

  2. T.O. Chris

    The Yankees have promoted Manny Banuelos to AAA. Not sure I really understand why though. He was struggling against AA batters, and it would seem like Betances would be the first of the two to get that call. Some people are saying that the Yankees are planning on call Banuelos up soon to use out of the pen. I really hope we don’t go this route all over again, that would be a terrible move in my opinion. He’s only 20 we don’t need to mess with his development now, and taking away his potential innings like that could set him back for next year’s inning cap.

    Also Wandy Rodriguez to the Yankees is starting to heat up as a rumor everyone thinks will get done. I’ve watch Wandy his whole career, and I don’t think he is a good fit with us. I really don’t see him as much of an upgrade, he’s under a pretty large contract, and the Astros want a “signifigant prospect” in return.

    • Looks like with Manny they’re putting the needs of the team ahead of the needs of the player. That approach usually works out badly for both parties. It’s not like 07 Joba and he conquered AA, Manny’s WHIP is around 1.50.

      What’s worse, I suspect this will keep their options open to making him a LOOGY later this year, which is another bad idea.

  3. Nice find by Kevin Goldstein, via NYBD:

    Kevin Goldstein of Baseball Prospectus did throw out a warning on Twitter about Bell that hasn’t been talked about: his declining strikeout rate

    Usually a severe drop in K/9 tells you that something is wrong with a pitchers health or mechanics. A career 9.2 per nine K-Rate, Bell was over 10 in 2009 and 2010, but this year is at 6.6. In July it’s been down to about 5. It hasn’t hurt his effectiveness (30 saves, 2.34 ERA), but it’s something to be aware of.

  4. T.O. Chris

    Ubaldo is finishing up his physical right now, and is expected to pass with no problems. Apparently the Yankees deal was they wanted to do the physical before reaching a trade agreement. I’m not sure how common that is or not, I know all deals have physicals after, but I haven’t heard of many before deals.

    Tune on Wandy deal appears to be changing. More and more people reporting the Yankees will be standing pat at the deadline. Honestly at this point that’s what I prefer. Let’s not just make a trade to make one, there is no real top of the rotation pitching out there now.

  5. T.O. Chris

    Verlander has a no hitter going through 5 against the Angels.

    Ken Rosenthal reporting Heath Bell to the Rangers all but done.

  6. Garcia has been effective so far. Lol it makes me chuckle everytime someone strikes out against him. 5 Ks and counting! Wooo!

  7. T.O. Chris

    Gardner really has proven he deserves to be in the leadoff spot. I wonder what happens to the lineup when Alex comes back?

    Jeter’s hand must be worse than he lead on.

    • smurfy

      Jete is only hitting 200 against righties, if that. He’s hitting lefties at 350, according to the YES men. Th platoon at leadoff is probably best. Gardner does help the end of the order.

      • T.O. Chris

        There’s more to it than that though. Right now we have Granderson hitting third, and Teixeira 4th. When Alex comes back he isn’t going to hit 6th, so do you keep everything the same but drop Cano to 6th? You know they won’t drop Jeter lower than second, and Granderson shouldn’t hit anywhere other than 2-3.

        I would like to see Cano hit 4th, Alex 5th, and Teixeira 6th.


        • smurfy

          That looks good against righties. Or have Jete hit seventh, eigth or ninth, wth everyone moving up one. But your order mixes righty/lefty like Joe goes for.

          • If they had any intention of dropping Jeter past 2nd they would have done it already. They proved by moving Granderson to third the lowest they are willing to go this year is 2nd. It would be a better lineup with Jeter hitting 7th, but it won’t happen.

            I just wonder though if they will instead move Jeter back to leadoff when Alex gets back. I think they have reserves about continuing to move Teixeira down, and I doubt Alex comes back hitting below 5th.

          • smurfy

            I’m sorry, but that attitude toward place order is repugnant to me: it is a team.

          • T.O. Chris

            I got over that a while ago. It’s just something that isn’t going to change, so no use in wasting energy not liking it. Just have to make the best of a bad situation.

  8. smurfy

    that triple with the bases loaded was exciting! The YES men did a great job highlighting Nunez’ speed. Nunie has been hitting real well, too. He’s starting to round into a great sub.

    Arrieta, amidst the rally, is tough: that cutter is a well used weapon on lefties, tho he hung one that Brett got.

    • T.O. Chris

      He’s a good sub, but I’m not sure he will ever be selective enough to be our short stop of the future.

      • smurfy

        Yeah, he doesn’t have a pretty swing, but the results have been there, situationally. Don’t know about selectivity.

        • The results have been there in a small sample. He swings at everything, and he has very little power. Eventually pitchers will simply stop challenging him with fastball, if he can’t learn to be more selective he will be exposed. That’s the main problem you have with Nunez when you talk about him as a possible starter.

  9. Steve S.

    I can’t wait to see Cervelli try to turn a DP.

  10. The Indians are now trying to trade for Wandy Rodriguez. The Indians are really going for it if they are making this many moves for arms.

    The Rangers have not traded for Bell, instead they get Mike Adams. Taking home both Uehara, and Adams.

    Teams are telling Astros they want Houston to pay half of Wandy’s 40 million left, Astros won’t do that.

    • smurfy

      wow, Texas’ bullpen’s gonna be tough.

  11. Steve S.

    Heath Bell won’t be traded unless Padres get big return. Sounds unreasonable, but as a Type A that makes sense for the Padres

    • smurfy

      yeah, give up a prospect, get a rental closer and a high draft choice. Seems fair if you need it for a run.

      • MLB Rumor says the Padres will only trade Bell now for astronomical price. Looks like they want even more than 2 comp draft picks. I wouldn’t want the Yankees to get him anyway, but if I was another team’s fan I’d want them to stay away from that too.

  12. smurfy

    Nunez made a beautiful dodge to avoid the tag.

  13. So much anger in the Tigers vs Angels game. First Weaver throwing at Avila’s head because Guillen styled on his HR, and then Verlander threatening to hit Aybar for trying to break up a no hitter with a bunt.

    Yankees among teams who asked for Astros to pay half of Wandy’s contract, Astros said they would only tiny piece.

    • smurfy

      Just saw Guillen’s act after the homer. He DESERVES one in his ear, spare Aviles the shot across the bow. Serve revenge slow and careful.

      • T.O. Chris

        You didn’t see the whole story. There was a reason that Guillen showed him up like that.

        Early in the game Magglio hit a home run down the line barley fair, and he stayed at the plate looking to see if it was fair or foul. Weaver yelled at him as he circled the bases, clearly telling him to run. Guillen must have taken offense to that, and when he hit his jack decided to show him what styling really is.

  14. It’s official, Ubaldo has passed his physical.

    Ludwick likely headed to the Pirates. Buying two players at the trade deadline, who would’ve thought the Pirates would be aggresive like this.

    • smurfy

      They’ve been dead so long, like rising from the grave. Would love to see them keep going.

  15. smurfy

    Mike Aviles to Boston: great pickup. Noticed that guy earlier, quite a sparker.

    • Not one Red Sock fan I saw yesterday liked that trade haha. The funny part was they all hate on Yamaicho Navarro, and when they trade him they hate on the guy they get.

      • smurfy

        I hate how fans around here hate every rookie sub we bring up, pitcher, catcher, Nunez, Cervelli, Pena: all the fringe players. Expecting perfection.

        • T.O. Chris

          In their case Yamaico has been awful, and Aviles has had a terrible year.

          When you play for the Yankees and Red Sox, the fans are always going to demand more. That is why it’s so much harder to develop players in this type of atmosphere. Which is why we would have never been able to stick by Gio Gonzalez like the A’s have.

          • smurfy

            Aviles doubtless has suffered at the bat from infrequent use. If somebody sits the bench all week, you can’t expect much. Cervelli has really been amazing: his risp is astronomical.

          • T.O. Chris

            Aviles was starting at the beginning of the year, he just played himself into more, and more reduced roles. Kind of hard to excuse a .222/.261/.395 line with a wOBA of .293. It’s not like he is going to start with Boston, he’ll be coming off the bench.

            I don’t hate Cervelli like many do, but amazing is going way too far. He has been worth a 0.1 WAR this season, almost anyone else could so his job as well as he does. I simply like his energy, and I know pitchers like CC like his game calling.

  16. smurfy

    Loved Vlad’s reaction to that called third strike: didn’t wait for the ump before turning to go.

  17. T.O. Chris

    Erik Bedard to the Red Sox.

  18. T.O. Chris

    Tough market for the Yankees. Not a whole lot available for what we were looking for, and it looks like they have decided to stay as is.

    I still don’t think this team is a championship caliber contender, but I’d rather stay as is than get a Wandy Rodriguez type.

    • smurfy

      I agree on not wasting. Take your word on Wandy. It hasn’t been perfect since Lee & Petitte, how could it? With luck like we’ve had with Garcia, Colon and the youngsters, better let it ride, while the bees develop, and Phil recovers.

      • T.O. Chris

        That’s the only problem though, we’ve gotten really lucky with Colon and Garcia. Let’s just hope that doesn’t run out before the end of the year.

        I will be really angry if The Yankee bring up Banuelos and put him in the pen. That is the worst thing possible for his development.

        • smurfy

          I don’t presume to know more than they do, but, yeah, sounds unwise to interrupt. Maybe let him have a taste of the bigs, tho, to let him better learn what is important. Last spring what his delivery softly shouted was the perfect conjuncture between effort and placement: don’t need to steam it, when you can hit the spot with surprise.

          • T.O. Chris

            No, he doesn’t need to get a taste of the bigs. He is a 20 year old who is physically small, and hasn’t been able to walk less than 5 batters per 9 against double A batters. Control is the most important thing, and he hasn’t come close to mastering that against undeveloped bats, he doesn’t need to become a LOOGY to know that. Not to mention it takes away from his innings total, and sets back his innings cap for next season. I’m not a huge fan of promoting him to triple A already, if he makes it to the bigs, and as a reliever it’s a huge mistake.

            At this point we can really stop saying we don’t more than they do. They rushed Joba to the major leagues, and he was older, more physically advanced, and actually crushing double A. Not to mention he went into the pen as a setup man. This would be a much, much worse move than that ever was.

  19. T.O. Chris

    Details on the Bedard trade.

    In the trade, Bedard and fellow Mariners pitcher Josh Fields are headed to Boston; Dodgers outfield prospect Trayvon Robinson is going to Seattle; Red Sox prospects Tim Federowicz, Juan Rodriguez and Stephen Fife are headed to the Dodgers; and Boston prospect Chih Hsien Chiang is headed for Seattle.