14 thoughts on “Manny Banuelos to Triple-A

  1. Let's hope he gets called up. He could be a playoff catalyst a la Joba in 2007, whether in the rotatation or out of the bullpen.

      • I was stricly speaking about 2007. If it weren't for the cleveland midges I think they win the series that year. As for the seasons since, I don't think his usage that year has anything to do with his current state.

        • That seems debatable in the extreme. Even if they win game 2 they have to take 2 out of 3 the rest of that series with Sabathia and Carmona opposing them, then beat Boston in the ALCS. And on the whole Joba's success was a double edged sword since they were then scared to send him back to the minors to start in 2008.

  2. And I think it would be even less defensible now, since they don't need high end bullpen help this year and if they need a lefty they can call up romero.

  3. I see your point but I think Joba's success that year had more to do with the fact that most of the league had not seen him yet and he threw hard. Either way I would love to see him get a chance to crack the rotation if he performs well in Scranton.

  4. Id rather not see Betances or Banuelos called up at all this year. Pitch well in AAA and let Noesi, DJ Mitchell, Adam Warren, David Phelps, and Ivan Nova showcase what they have. That way if they have some success they will have more value to the team when we flip them later. Theres no room for them in this rotation so we might as well up their trade value and then see if we can get a useful piece for some of them. Why wasnt Betances promoted btw? He seems to be having as good if not a better year

    • You can't just promote two guys at once. That disrupts other starters' rhythm in the rotation. Plus, Betances has issues with command; he walks a lot of batters too.

  5. The Yankees innings management in the minors is dreadful…. 20 starts and just 95 innings for Banuelos? What's he going to hit 120-130 innings this year? If the Yankees do have designs on him pitching in the rotation next year. it's going to be a mess all over again…

    Just look at the team in their own division – who's churning out starter after starter (without a whole lot of injury problems.. sure some of that is luck but it can't all be luck)

    Matt Moore (top prospect right now for the Rays)
    2009 – 123 innings
    2010 – 144 innings
    2011 – currently at 115, will probably end up ~150
    2012 – no real problems with innings limits

    2007 – 111IP
    2008 – 150IP
    2009 – 110 IP (might have been injured some I think)
    2010 – 155 IP
    This year… they'll have no issues with having to shut him down or moving him to the pen late in the year.

    Wade Davis had 3 150+ IP years before starting a full year in the rotation

    2009 – 100
    2010 – 90
    2011 – currently at 95… maybe he gets to 120? 130?
    2012…. a mess (if he's pitching in the bigs)

    2008 – 121IP
    2009 – 44
    2010 – 85IP
    2011 – currently 89IP (so maybe 110-120?)
    2012…. hopefully 150 innings in the minors?

    How can they continue to think about plugging guys in the rotation who don't even have a single 140IP year under their belt in the minors (ideally they should have a couple years of high innings count)

    I don't think Hughes broke 120 combined innings in any one year prior to 2010 where he threw 176. Ironically Ivan Nova is the one guy who has a couple of 140IP+ years under his belt and would have had no trouble pitching the full year this year.

        • See my post to Joe. The limits aren't nearly as oppressive as it's being made out to be here, and certainly not a situation that is limited to the Yankees.

    • If you were looking for examples of drastic innings increases in pitchers you picked the wrong ones. Of those you mentioned you're looking at ~40 innings per year in the minors which isn't that far off what they seem to be setting in NY. Furthermore you need to take into account Betances' injury, and Manny getting his appendix removed and knocking him out for a good part of the season.

      Moving on to Hughes, he enjoyed an ~80 inning increase (including the PS) from '09-2010, which doesn't exactly help your case that taking a generous approach to innings increases doesn't hurt young pitchers.

      They don't just go off of the previous year alone, but previous highs (valid in both cases @ 100 and 120 innings respectively). Assuming they are both allowed to hit 130-150 innings this year would put them at 160-180 next year…. which is doable even on a ML roster for the entire season. Banuelos would have a lower limit, but nothing skipping some early starts couldn't fix. Hardly "a mess all over again".