The Beast IS human, sort of

C.C. Sabathia lost a start tonight. I know, I’ll pause for a moment to let that shocking news sink in. But yes, it turns out the big man is human after all.

Or maybe not. Because buried underneath that ugly “L” is an 8 inning complete game in which the big guy allowed just 2 runs while striking out 8 and allowing 5 hits and 4 walks to the Rays’ batters. On most nights that would be enough to get the job done, but tonight Sabathia was outdueled by James Shields, who didn’t actually pitch better than the big guy, but was able to suppress runs slightly better than The Beast. That’s the way the luck dragon goes some days.

And even though the Yankees leave the Tampa area with a split of the 4 game series, I’m feeling pretty down about the week thus far. Maybe it’s because every game felt like there was little action happening or because the Rays’ pitching was so good, or maybe it’s just because they didn’t win a game in which C.C. started, but in any case I’m glad this series is over and the Yankees can commence playing Oakland over the weekend.

Also too, have I ever mentioned how much I hate James Shields? Especially this year, it just seems like he always has the Yankees’ number. I think it’s the changeup. It looks like the Yankees just can’t hit that pitch, even when they know it’s coming. Especially Tex. I would certainly send my warmest regards to any team that wants to take Shields out of the A.L. East this trade deadline season. Continue reading The Beast IS human, sort of

Shields Dominant, Rays Win 2-1

  Entering this game, it probably wasn’t very hard for anyone to imagine we would be treated to a pitching duel. We got exactly that on Thursday night, where James Shields was just a bit better than Sabathia and the Rays came away with a 2-1 victory. James Shields went 7.2 innings, striking out 6 with 3 walks and 1 earned run. Sabathia pitched 8 innings, struck out 7 while walking 4 and surrendering 2 earned runs. Both pitchers worked around some trouble at times and certainly were not as dominate as we’ve seen them at times so far, but this Continue reading Shields Dominant, Rays Win 2-1

My own two cents on prospect-hugging

With the news that the Rockies would consider moving Ubaldo Jimenez and that their opening asking price for the Yankees were the team’s top three prospects — Jesus Montero, Manny Banuelos and Dellin Betances, along with young starter Ivan Nova — I’ve had many a discussion with fellow Yankee fans about what they’d be willing to give up for a player of Ubaldo’s caliber, but more importantly, it got me thinking about some of my own long-held beliefs about trading prospects. For as long as I’ve been an ardent follower of Yankee blogs — beginning sometime either in late 2003 Continue reading My own two cents on prospect-hugging

Freddy Garcia appreciation post

The incredible resurgence of Bartolo Colon in 2011 has been one of the great stories of the Yankee season (as well as his all-too-quick demise, if you believe this idiotic Grantland post).  However, Freddy Garcia’s strong season has been just as important to the Yankees’ success in 2011, as he has gone above and beyond anything that could have been expected from a veteran on a minor league deal.  While Colon has done it with surprising fastball velocity and movement, Garcia has succeeded by using his full repertoire of pitches to make up for his diminished fastball velocity.  I thought it would Continue reading Freddy Garcia appreciation post

Live Game Chat TONIGHT: Yanks-Rays

UPDATE: Please stand by.  We are having a few technical difficulties.

As a reminder to everyone, we will be doing a live game chat with our friends over at the Ray Area.  The game will start tonight at 7:05 p.m. on MLB Network, and will feature an exciting pitching matchup between C.C. Sabathia and James Shields.  It should be a fun, albeit low scoring, game to watch.  Please join us tonight, as these things are always a lot of fun.  Among the non-baseball topics we will be discussing will be cake vs. pie (of course), and the latest food battleground:  french fries vs. tater tots.  Hope to see you there! Continue reading Live Game Chat TONIGHT: Yanks-Rays

The eventual return of MFIKY

Prior to the season’s start, both EJ and Ben Kabak (of RAB) discussed ways in which the addition and utilization of Soriano might be most helpful to the Yankees organization. The concensus was that he should become the team’s proverbial “fireman.” The premise of each post was fairly straightforward. Given how the roster was constructed at the time, Joe Girardi had four outstanding bullpen arms at his disposal — Mariano Rivera, David Robertson, Joba Chamberlain, and of course, the newly acquired Rafael Soriano. Obviously, Rivera would remain the Yankees closer come hell or high water (and rightfully so). Rather than simply assigning the other three Continue reading The eventual return of MFIKY

If Posada completely tanks…

Alright that’s a bit of an extreme statement, and we really don’t have much time left before the trade deadline, so he would have to be really awful over the next two weeks for this course of action to play out. But, on the chance that Jorge Posada does continue to have a poor July, here are some routes the Yankees could go to fill in the DH spot. 1. A straight platoon of Eric Chavez and Andruw Jones when the former comes back from the disabled list. This would be the most cost-efficient option and probably the most desirable Continue reading If Posada completely tanks…