What would you like to see on Sunday?

Chicago (NL) sends Aramis Ramirez (3B) to Milwaukee for Kyle Heckathorn (SP), Caleb Gindl (OF), & Cody Scarpetta (SP) (or whichever minor-leaguers the Cubs ask for)

Ramirez finally agreed to consider a trade and the likelihood of him accepting one is probably higher if he can stay close to home.  Milwaukee is just up the road.  The Brewers would have to give up several of the best prospects in their already depleted system, but could probably avoid dealing Prince Fielder‘s replacement (Mat Gamel) or anybody on the major-league roster.  Milwaukee is the epitome of a “win-now or else” team.  If Doug Melvin doesn’t make the postseason he likely won’t be around to regret selling the farm.  The Cubs desperately need to start the rebuilding process.  All three of these prospects are probably future major-leaguers in some capacity, so it’s a pretty good haul for a rental player with recent D.L. stints on his resume.

Baltimore sends Derrek Lee (1B) to Pittsburgh for PTBNL

MLBTR reports that the Orioles are primarily looking to unload Lee’s salary (and make room in the lineup for the newly-acquired Chris Davis).  … Click here to read the rest

Ubaldo Jimenez to Cleveland

Well, I sure misread this one. It’s being reported all over the place, but Yankee fans heard this announced a few minutes ago on the YES broadcast. Ubaldo Jimenez has been pulled from tonight’s start, as have Cleveland Indians prospects Drew Pomeranz and Alex White from their respective clubs. The complete deal is Drew PomeranzAlex White and Matt McBride, according to Troy Renck of the Denver Post. The Indians are pretty much trading their top 2 guys, so they met somewhere in the middle on O’Dowd’s asking price, as expected. An equivalent deal for the Yanks would be Montero, Betances and a AAA pitcher. Cleveland better hope they’re right on Ubaldo, because if they’re not this is the type of deal that can set them back 3 years as an organization.

I’ll have some reaction tomorrow morning once I digest this a bit further, but my initial reaction is this is a departure from their traditional way of doing business.… Click here to read the rest

Games 104+105: Long day of baseball ahead

We got ourselves a day/night doubleheader on tap for this afternoon, with Bartolo Colon facing Chris Tillman in the 1:00 game. The 7:00 game will feature two highly touted pitchers getting the call from AAA, with the return of Ivan Nova for the Yanks and Zach Britton for the O’s. In Nova’s case, it could be an audition for a spot in the rotation , assuming the Yanks don’t land a veteran pitcher by tomorrow’s trade deadline and he’s not in the deal. Don’t expect much length from Bartolo going forward, reports are the Yanks will watch Bartolo’s workload in an attempt to keep him effective for October.

Use this as your game thread for both contests, and LET’S GO YANKS!!!!!!… Click here to read the rest

Yanks pound O's in Game 1 of doubleheader

(Photo by Nick Laham/Getty Images)

Now that’s more like it.

The Yankees roughed Chris Tillman up once again, getting the Oriole righty for 7 runs (five earned) in 4.1 innings and ultimately beating Baltimore 8-3 in Game 1 of today’s day-night doubleheader. This game represented a delightful turnaround after the Yankees were surprisingly shut down by Jeremy Guthrie last night, and it was a joy to see the Yankees be able to send one of their more questionable lineups out onto the field and see the team respond the way they did. Though it’s likely a case of confirmation bias, it seems like every time Joe Girardi assembles a Z-grade lineup the team ends up scoring a ton of runs.

Nick Swisher paced the offensive attack with a three-hit day, including a big tie-breaking two-run bomb in the 4th, while Eric Chavez, Chris Dickerson and Francisco Cervelli chipped in two hits apiece.

Bartolo Colon labored a bit in the early going but finished strong, completing five innings and striking out six.… Click here to read the rest

Yankees, Rockies getting closer to a deal?

Ubaldo: A clear upgrade for the Yankees, probably the best target they could acquire before the deadline. He bumps Phil Hughes from the rotation now, and bumps A.J. Burnett out of the playoff rotation. The best insurance policy you could take out on Bartolo Colon and Freddy Garcia in the short run, and would likely make the Yankees the betting favorite to win the American League this year.

There’s also 2012 to consider. Right now, the Yankees’ 2012 rotation would be C.C. Sabathia, Burnett, Hughes, Nova, and someone else. They could make an attempt to bring back Colon or Garcia, but the most likely scenario is that they would go after C.J. Wilson on the free agent market, which would probably cost them somewhere in the $90-100 million range. So while trading for Ubaldo may require a high cost, not trading for him will as well. It’s just a matter of what method of payment you use.

Montero: Still an elite hitting prospect who’s also ready for the big leagues offensively.… Click here to read the rest

Yankee chances at landing pitcher less than 50%

Here’s the report from Ken Rosenthal:

The Yankees’ interest in trading for Rockies right-hander Ubaldo Jimenez is real, but only at a suitable price.

Jimenez, the biggest prize in this year’s trade market, is a known target of the Red Sox, Rangers, Tigers and other clubs.

The sincerity of the Yankees’ interest has been in question, but they are indeed “kicking the tires,” according to a source with knowledge of the team’s thinking.

The source, however, estimates that the Yankees’ chances of landing Jimenez are “less than 50 percent,” and says that such a move likely would require the team to spin right-hander Phil Hughes to the bullpen.

Actually, I just pulled a fast one on you guys. That’s a report from July 6, 2010 regarding Cliff Lee, 2 days before the ill fated deal was nearly consummated.  I just swapped out the names to make a point that Joel Sherman also made yesterday. We’ve seen the Yankees dance this dance before.… Click here to read the rest

Keeping up with the Ex-Yanks-Welcome Back Wang

That arm angle...

...has dropped since his Yankee days










I didn’t want to let the month of July expire without getting one of these in, so lets cram this baby under the wire. Chien Ming Wang made his first MLB start since July 4th of 2009 for the Nats, and was given a rather rude welcome back to the bigs. In his first inning back, he gave up a walk to Jose Reyes, threw a WP to the next batter, and allowed 4 consecutive singles to the next 4 batters and a sac fly resulting in 4 runs. All totaled, he gave up 6 R (4 ER) on the night and allowed 8 H  and 1 BB in 4 IP. Physically, he looked trim, toned and to be in terrific shape. In terms of stuff he was sitting at 91-92 with the fastball, topping out at 93. That’s enough for a sinkerballer to be effective, but a far cry from his halcyon days with the Yanks when he threw that bowling ball 2 seamer that topped out at 97 MPH.… Click here to read the rest

Yanks lose to Orioles for first time all season

Felix Hernandez throws a pitch during a game against the Yankees on Friday, July 29, 2011 (AP Photo/Paul J. Bereswill)

I missed most of tonight’s 4-2 loss, not tuning in until the bottom of the sixth, at which point I was absolutely baffled that Orioles starter Jeremy Guthrie was not only still pitching but hadn’t yet yielded a run. Mark Teixeira quickly changed that with his 29th home run of the season, but holy hell Yankees: you were facing Jeremy freaking Guthrie. Maybe Felix left some of his deity dust on the mound, although if he did A.J. Burnett couldn’t quite find it, as he turned in what wound up being a pretty decent outing — 8 innings, 4 runs, season-high 10 strikeouts — but the Yankees played from behind nearly the entire game, which is always a tall order for the offense.

I suppose I’ll begrudgingly tip my cap to Guthrie for pitching a great game, but as someone who the Yankees have previously throttled about a trillion times, I’m pretty disappointed that they were only able to muster one measly run.… Click here to read the rest