Yankee comeback bid falls short; lose to Jays 16-7 as Colon throws shortest outing of the season

Safe to say this was not the way the Yankees were hoping to kick off the second half of the season. Events unfolded about as terribly as one could imagine in Thursday night’s ballgame, as the Blue Jays scored eight times in the first inning and led 9-0 after two. Though the eight first-inning runs were Bartolo Colon‘s, he was only officially charged with three due to an Eduardo Nunez error (shocking!), and though Colon appeared to be getting somewhat squeezed by the home plate umpire he still didn’t pitch well and was yanked after only 2/3 of an inning. Continue reading Yankee comeback bid falls short; lose to Jays 16-7 as Colon throws shortest outing of the season

The Farm Report 07/14/11 – Ivan Nova Alert

Triple-A Scranton lost to Toledo 4-2.
Terry Tiffee had two hits and Brandon Laird, Gustavo Molina, Luis Nunez, Kevin Russo, and Jorge Vazquez all picked up a hit; Molina’s was a double. Ivan Nova pitched for Scranton, and threw seven innings of seven-hit, three-run ball, with a walk and five strikeouts. JC Romero made his Yankee system debut and gave up a run in an inning with two strikeouts, but he did get the two lefties he faced out. Continue reading The Farm Report 07/14/11 – Ivan Nova Alert

Game 89: Yankees 7, Blue Jays 16

Kicking off the second half of the season, the Yankees headed up to Toronto after the All-Star Break.  Unfortunately, Bartolo Colon looked like he was still on vacation, as the Blue Jays shelled the New York starter. The Yankees looked like they were going to make a comeback, but Toronto’s bats got hot late and the Yankees fell 16-7.

Colon got in trouble fast, giving up a double to Eric Thames in the first.  Jose Bautista worked a walk and both moved over when Adam Lind grounded out for the second out of the inning.  Aaron Hill singled to center, plating Thames and Bautista for the first runs of the game.  Colon walked Edwin Encarnacion and gave up a single to Travis Snider, plating Hill.  J.P. Arencibia reached safely on a fielding error from Eduardo Nunez, loading the bases.  Rajai Davis tapped a grounder back to the mound for a RBI single and Yunel Escobar did the same.  Thames capped off the inning with another double (this of the ground-rule variety) giving Toronto a 8-0 lead, as New York replaced Colon with Luis Ayala before the inning was over.

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Ay Carumba

So…that game happened. What do you say we do a bullet point recap and forget it ever happened? Sound good? Sounds good?

  • Bartolo Colon is worrying me. He only allowed 3 earned runs, but the 6 hits, 2 walks, and 8 total runs allowed in 0.2 innings line is an ugly one. Colon just looked hittable tonight, for the second straight start. I really hope the clock isn’t striking midnight on the big guy’s incredible season, but the more times through the schedule goes, the more worried I am that the rest of the league is catching up to that nasty two-seam fastball.
  • The Yankees nearly came back from a 9-0 deficit tonight, trailing just 9-7 at one point, but then the Blue Jays put it out of reach again. Really frustrating, but it does happen, and it’s just one game. They’ll be right back at it tomorrow.
  • The bullpen combination of Luis Ayala, Hector Noesi, Boone Logan, and Sergio Mitre was disappointing, to say the least. Every one of them allowed at least one run, and they accounted for just 4 strikeouts, all of them by Noesi.
  • Toronto’s 6-9 hitters combined for 9 RBI! That’s not good, especially when the 6th hitter is Edwin Encarnacion.
  • I really don’t know what else to say about this game. I’m pretty sure it was the worst of the season so far, but thankfully it only counts for one on the right side, as Michael Kay might say. Be back at it tomorrow with Freddy Garcia on the mound looking for some redemption.

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Series Preview | Yankees vs. Blue Jays IV: Anyone but Bautista

The Yankees open the second half of the season with a four-gamer in Toronto, heading back up to Canada for the first time since April. The Bombers are 5-3 against the Blue Jays this season, and only need four wins in their remaining 10 games against the Extra-Base Hits to exceed their 2010 win total against the Jose Bautistas. When the teams last met, the Bombers took two of three at home, thanks in part to their most exciting comeback of the season. Toronto comes into this series in 4th place in the AL East, with a 45-47 record. The Continue reading Series Preview | Yankees vs. Blue Jays IV: Anyone but Bautista

Mid Season Top Prospect List

Well, why not? Here’s my “process”- I like upside, I like guys who are young for their level and I also have to consider the results. Tools don’t always translate into results obviously and it goes the other way as well- just because a guy is putting up huge numbers in A ball doesn’t make him a big prospect. It’s always a balance for me between scouting information and actual results. Also, I reserve the right to be wrong/have my own opinion/etc. I’m not always right and don’t have all the definitive information like some clairvoyant savants do. That being said, I like having discussions about Continue reading Mid Season Top Prospect List

Bud Selig speaks at annual chat; preaches status quo (mostly)

Over the past few years during the Allstar Break, Commissioner Bud Selig has hosted an annual internet chat with baseball fans from around the globe. During this year’s Q&A, Selig addressed a number of hot topics. Let’s recap some of the more frustrating intriguing points raised. On a salary cap: Selig was pretty adamant about his feelings on this one. He essentially guaranteed that the salary cap topic would not be involved with the next Basic Agreement. In conclusion: it’s still a good day to be a Yankee fan (or a fan of any big market for that matter). On a Continue reading Bud Selig speaks at annual chat; preaches status quo (mostly)