On Framing Pitches, Revisited: Looking At Russell Martin

A few weeks ago, I highlighted a fascinating bit of ongoing research from Max Marchi of THT regarding framing pitches. Today, he released updated leaderboards for the last 3 seasons as well as some more explanations regarding his work, and some of the names therein should be interesting to Yankees fans:
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Breaking: Jeter and Rodriguez out of All-Star game

from Bexy:

– Alex Rodriguez went for a precautionary MRI on his knee, and won’t play tonight.

– Nick Swisher is also out of the lineup, with a sore left quad.

– Brian Gordon is off to Korea after a team purchased him.

– Additionally, the weather in the Bronx is apparently extremely poor tonight, and the team may not play. If they do, it’s likely there will be a delay.

Thank goodness for the All-Star break, huh?

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Cap Anson and the 3,000 Hit Club's Revolving Door

(The following is being syndicated from The Captain’s Blog).

To some Yankees’ fans, Derek Jeter’s pursuit of 3,000 hits has seemed to last an eternity. Although the Captain isn’t far off preseason projections, many have been awaiting the moment since his rookie year, so some impatience is understandable. Compared to Cap Anson’s wait, however, 17...

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Despite some struggles, Yankee farm system remains strong

Yesterday, Baseball America revealed its midseason Top 50 Prospects list, and three Yankees made the cut.  Jesus Montero, #3 on the preseason list, fell slightly to #8.  Manny Banuelos, #41 on the old list, rose to #13.  Dellin Betances jumped from 43 to 26.  Gary Sanchez was another faller, beginning the season ranked #30 and...

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As Jeter nears 3,000, Yankees forgetting the lesson of 1996

At first I sort of rolled my eyes at this post, but the more I thought about it, the more I think Steve is right. Don;t get me wrong, he’s still drastically overrating a lot of the Yankees’ minor leaguers, particularly the pitchers currently in Triple-A, and I can’t for the life of me figure out what Dellin Betances, who’s currently walking about 5 batters per 9 innings in Double-A, has to do with anything, but his point about the Yankees generally being timid about bringing their youngsters up is pretty solid.

The basic argument against this is always something along the lines of “he won’t help much now,” or “someone else is doing well enough in that position now.” And that’s pretty much always true.It’s true right now, in fact, as the Yankees look like one of the three best teams in baseball, will probably make the playoffs, and have Russell Martin doing a decent job behind the plate.…

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