The Farm Report: 7/29/11 – 14 inning walk-off for Tampa!

Scranton lost to Buffalo 8-5:
The Yankees took an early lead on RBI singles by Mike Lamb and Brandon Laird in the first inning.  Jesus Montero led off the third with a single to right and Jorge Vazquez drove out a homer, giving Scranton a 4-0 lead.  Unfortunately, Andrew Brackman got wild in the fourth.  With one out he issued back-to-back walks to Ruben Tejada and Dusty Ryan.  A wild pitch allowed them to move over, but Brackman walked the bases loaded, leading to him getting pulled for Eric Wordekemper.  Luis Figueroa singled to left, plating Buffalo’s first run.  A couple more singles and a bases loaded walk put the Bison out in front 5-4.  Buffalo kept it up in the fifth, plating three more runs, while the Yankees only managed one more run for the rest of the evening.

Jorge Vazquez went 2-4 with a run scored and two RBIs.  Brandon Laird went 2-3 with a double, a run scored and a RBI.  Andrew Brackman’s struggles continued as he managed just 3.1 innings in his start.  He did not give up a single hit, but allowed three runs on nine walks.

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We have reached “Peak A.J.”

On the whole, I’ve pretty much written tonight’s loss off even before the game ends. Jeremy Guthrie pitched very well and held the Yankees at bay. It happens. But dear sweet Mo is A.J. Burnett frustrating.

On the one hand, his final line is kind of pretty: 8 IP, 4 runs, 10 K, 3 BB. On the other hand, he made a handful of awful pitches, flat fastballs up and in the middle of the plate, that Orioles’ hitters crushed. Mark Reynolds and Derrick Lee put balls in the stands, and Lee added a double for good measure (though Granderson probably should have been playing deeper and made the catch).

It’s in many ways a microcosm of everything that makes A.J. so frustrating to watch.
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Game Thread: Orioles vs. Yankees, 7/29/2011 (7:05PM EST on YES)

The Bombers will conclude this month with a series against the beleaguered Baltimore Orioles. As Larry noted in his series preview, the O’s haven’t played particularly well for the majority of this season, and have been especially ineffective of late. The Yankees, on the other hand, are currently 20 games over .500, have averaged 5.19 runs per game (AL average is 4.34 R/G), and have also enjoyed successful series against both the Althetics and the Mariners. Also, in case you’re interested, Baseball Prospectus’ Playoff Odds Report has the Bombers chances listed at a gaudy 96.7%.  Contemplating the postseason at this juncture may be a bit premature; still, you have Continue reading Game Thread: Orioles vs. Yankees, 7/29/2011 (7:05PM EST on YES)

Yankee prospect roundup

In the days leading up to the trade deadline, a lot of rumors are circulating involving Yankee prospects.  We’ve heard a ton about the Yankees’ upper level prospects (Montero, Banuelos, Betances, etc), but this week there has been some great discussion of some of the lower level guys in the system to watch. Dante Bichette Jr: Bichette is on a ridiculous hot streak right now, and made #3 on the Baseball America hot sheet after batting .737/.760/1.000 in the past week (not including today’s 2 for 6 with a home run and a double).  The hot sheet had this to Continue reading Yankee prospect roundup

Irabu’s Tragic Death Follows Career Haunted by Unfulfilled Expectations

(The following is being syndicated from The Captain’s Blog). Hideki Irabu, the first Japanese born player to wear pinstripes, was found dead in his Los Angeles’ home on Thursday, the victim of an apparent suicide. When Irabu first came to the United States, he was billed as the Japanese Roger Clemens, but his career yielded more punch lines than punch outs. That’s why it’s easy to forget he was once one of the most coveted international free agents in recent memory. In the winter of 1997, the San Diego Padres were granted the right to exclusively negotiate with Irabu, who, as a member Continue reading Irabu’s Tragic Death Follows Career Haunted by Unfulfilled Expectations

Can this team win in October?

The most common meme surrounding this year’s trade deadline is that the Yankees absolutely have to make a move, because they certainly can’t expect to succeed in the postseason with the roster they currently have. It’s a superficially compelling case, because it plays to our inner sense of wanting to win in the postseason and fears of the high stakes games within. And when you don’t have a tight playoff race to deal with, it’s easy to let your mind wander a bit.

But is there any validity to it? Let’s stack the Yankees up against the other teams with the best chance of making it to the playoffs. For this exercise, we’ll look at just the starting rotations and offenses of each team, and we’ll use FIP, xFIP, and wRC+ as our metrics of choice. Each team’s rank in the respective category in the American League is listed in parentheses.

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Yanks-Sox in Hunt for Jimenez

Earlier today over at Fire Brand, I pointed out a report by the Boston Herald‘s Scott Lauber stating the Red Sox had cooled on Ubaldo Jimenez. My, what a few hours can do. SI’s Jon Heyman reports just the opposite:

“It now seems more likely that Colorado Rockies ace Ubaldo Jimenez could be traded. The Red Sox are the most aggressive puruser so far, but the Reds, Indians and Blue Jays are interested. The Yankees are on the outside for now but have some interest in acquiring Jimenez.


Boston, which has some nice prospects including infielder Anthony Ranaudo and some others, is trying hard.


The Rockies had sought a package of prospects, including catcher Jesus Montero and pitchers Dellin Betances, Manny Banuelos and Ivan Nova from the Yankees. New York would probably do Montero and other prospects but not Banuelos.”

Word around town is the Rockies are looking for a “Herschel Walker” type deal, which makes sense considering they reportedly requested the king’s ransom of Jesus Montero, Manny Banuelos, Dellin Betances, and Ivan Nova from the Yankees. Montero, Baneulos, and Betances were in the top 50 of several pre-season prospect lists, so that’d be a major haul for Dan O’Dowd and the Rockies if they pulled it off. They won’t though; mostly because Brian Cashman’s not an idiot. He might be willing to part with Montero and Nova for Jimenez, but there’s no way he’s giving up either Baneulos or Betances as well. The cost is way too high. If Cashman were so inclined (and I doubt he is), he could spin one or both prospects in a separate deal(s) to bring in additional pieces to the puzzle either now or after the season.

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CC Sabathia: Next 300 Game Winner?

Chris Jaffe at THT provided an interesting list yesterday, highlighting the 25 winningest liveball-era pitchers prior to turning 31. Here is the top 10, click through to see the entire list: 202 (224) Catfish Hunter 192 (266) Bob Feller 191 (207) Hal Newhouser 190 (193) Wes Ferrell 189 (286) Robin Roberts 185 (209) Don Drysdale 174 (268) Jim Palmer 173 (237) Waite Hoyt 171 (???) CC Sabathia 171 (223) Mel Harder As you can see, CC Sabathia is in the top 10 all-time for wins at his age, coming in at 9th with 171 victories before the age of 31. Continue reading CC Sabathia: Next 300 Game Winner?

Hideki Irabu and the struggles of Asian ballplayers

Former Yankee pitcher Hideki Irabu was found dead in Los Angeles yesterday, apparently deciding to have taken his own life. No such story is ever not tragic, but my heart goes out to Irabu and his family in particular. Irabu appears to have been suffering from depression for some time, and becoming a Yankee might have been the worst thing that ever happened to him.

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