Series Preview | Yankees vs. Mariners II: One Guaranteed Loss

Starting tonight the Yankees get three more games at home against another light-hitting American League counterpart, only this time instead of the second-worst offensive attack in the AL they get to face the team not only featuring the most execrable offense in the Major Leagues in the form of the Seattle Mariners, but currently in the throes of one of the worst losing streaks of any team in recent years, having dropped fifteen straight contests. A year after posting one of the worst offensive seasons since the implementation of the designated hitter (.286 team wOBA, 78 wRC+), Seattle is, rather Continue reading Series Preview | Yankees vs. Mariners II: One Guaranteed Loss

Game 99: Athletics 5, Yankees 7

After dropping a close contest on Saturday, the Yankees took a big lead over Oakland on Sunday.  The bullpen struggled a bit in the late innings, but the Yankees held on for a 7-5 victory over the Athletics, despite some hot hitting by former Bomber Hideki Matsui.

Bartolo Colon looked sharp in the first inning, and got two quick outs in the second before getting in some trouble.  Kurt Suzuki doubled to left and Cliff Pennington hit a soft fly ball to right, which dropped in front of Nick Swisher.  Swisher tried to get Suzuki at the plate, but it took a short hop and the Athletics had the first run of the game while Pennington moved to second.  Eric Sogard doubled to center and Oakland took a 2-0 lead.

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The Farm Report, 07/24/11 – Soriano and CMW at Trenton

Triple-A Scranton beat Syracuse, 7-2
After giving up an early run in the first inning, Scranton scored three in the bottom of the second and added on two more by the end of the fifth, and never looked back. The big hit was a third inning home run by Gustavo Molina, and Jesus Montero had two doubles. Scranton pitchers did a good job overall; Andrew Brackman walked five in four innings, but only gave up one run. Josh Schmidt got the win with two innings of one-hit relief with two strikeouts, and Eric Wordekemper struck out two in a scoreless inning. Rafael Soriano gave up a home run. On kind of a weird note, the opposing pitcher the Scranton Yankees hit hard was Chien-Ming Wang, making his final minors rehab appearance. Continue reading The Farm Report, 07/24/11 – Soriano and CMW at Trenton

Yankees enjoy extended batting practice; win 7-5

After yesterday’s frustrating loss, the Yankees returned with a vengeance this afternoon. Even though the A’s scored first and attempted a late rally, the game just never felt within their reach. Instead they left New York dispirited — flying off to wherever they’re scheduled to play next with yet another series loss at the hands of the Yankees. All those in favor of offense…say “I” After stranding 11 runners yesterday, the Yankees came out “guns a blazin” today. In the bottom of the second with two outs, Russell Martin singled to center field. Martin then promptly stole second base. This Continue reading Yankees enjoy extended batting practice; win 7-5

Open Thread: Cash-Ninja

So I check in to the MLB trade rumors week in review, and you know what they have on the Yanks? Squat. Oh sure, they signed Marcus Thames to a minor league deal, and made a phone call to the Tampa Bay Rays that lasted about a minute. Other than that? Nothing. And that’s just the way I like it. Did anyone hear anything about the Nick Swisher deal in 2008? Did anyone predict Cash was going to boldly swoop in and land Curtis Granderson the following year? Nope. Early in the morning last July, Joel Sherman woke us up Continue reading Open Thread: Cash-Ninja

Game 99-Bartolo brings the heat

Weather reports have today cooling off to a balmy 90 degrees this afternoon, but with high humidity and the threat of thunderstorms it will feel pretty similar to the past few days here in the NY metro area. That sounds like baseball weather to me, so head out to the ballpark or curl up in front of your A/C, whatever your preference. Here’s your lineups, courtesy of Brian Heyman over at LoHud: 1. Jeter DH 2. Granderson CF 3. Teixeira 1B 4. Cano 2B 5. Swisher RF 6. Martin C 7. Jones LF 8. Nunez SS 9. Laird 3B Facing Continue reading Game 99-Bartolo brings the heat

On induction day, mixed feelings about the Hall

Today is induction day at the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY. That means hordes of fans will be flooding the little village to see Bert Blyleven, Roberto Alomar, and Pat Gillick get inducted, take in the general festivities of the weekend, and pay $5 to have Pete Rose sign whatever they have handy to get a signature on. Like many others, induction day always kind of sneaks up on me and I never realize it’s coming until a few days beforehand. Unlike others, I’m pretty sure I know why that is; I just don’t really like the whole charade.

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Looking at Matt Garza

One trade name that has popped in recent weeks is that of Matt Garza. We know for a fact that Yanks were scouting him recently, but have heard mostly negative reports on his availability. The Cubs just gave up 3 of their top 4 prospects to acquire him, and with one more year of team control and a low price tag this year (5.95M) considering his production (2011 WAR-2.9) you figure it will cost plenty if he is made available. But the Cubs are out of it, so a package of MLB ready talent may make sense for them where Continue reading Looking at Matt Garza

Could E-Jax be a Yankee?

A. J. Burnett’s underwhelming performance against one of the American League’s worst offenses raises yet more concern over the Yanks rotation.  Burnett is now 2-5 with a 4.69 ERA and 1.47 WHIP in his last nine outings.  In five of them, he has failed to complete the sixth inning.  With concerns about the health and durability of Phil Hughes and Bartolo Colon still unanswered, the desire to add a starting pitcher seems greater than ever.

In recent weeks we have discussed the availability and desirability of Ubaldo Jimenez, Matt Garza, Carlos Zambrano, Wandy Rodriguez, and Scott Kazmir, among others.  If one gives credence to the grapevine, it would not appear that all are off the table, either because the asking price was too high or the recent track record too mediocre.  Which brings us to Edwin Jackson.

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