Game Thread | Game 134 | Yankees at Red Sox | Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Yankees look to secure their first series win against Boston in 2011 — which would also be their first against the Red Sox since May 2010 — as Phil Hughes faces Josh Beckett tonight.

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Brett Gardner, infield-fly-ball machine

This isn’t meant as a knock on Brett Gardner, who, on the whole, has had a wonderful season in many respects. His speed and outfield defense are game-changing, and I absolutely love what he brings to the table.

Which is why I was a tad surprised to find that Gardner actually leads...

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Catching notes: Cervelli’s scuffle and JESUS JUEVES!

There’s big news in the land of Yankee catchers. Let’s start with the small stuff…

So, Francisco Cervelli hit a massive home run last night against John Lackey and the Red Sox. It didn’t just go off the field of play, it went out of the stadium. Frankie Blue Eyes,...

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Baseball’s Current Crop of Second Basemen Is Really Cleaning Up

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When the Yankees beat the Orioles on Monday night, Robinson Cano was batting in the cleanup spot. Then, in the team’s victory over the Red Sox on Tuesday, Dustin Pedroia was batting fourth in the opposition lineup. Why is that significant? Because of the position both...

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Bringing the heat

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Almost three weeks after suffering his fourth straight defeat against Boston, CC Sabathia delivered in kind on Tuesday night, throwing a season-high 128 pitches over six innings, striking...

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Can’t anyone here hit right-handed pitching?

But there is one glaring, annoying, hole in this team: There’s no one available to DH that hits right-handed pitching all that well. The Yankees have three guys in the mix at DH right now, Jorge Posada, Eric Chavez, and Andruw Jones, and all of the have their issues. You certainly know about Posada already, so we won’t dwell on that anymore. Chavez started out the season doing quite well at the plate, hitting .303/.410/.424 when he hit the disabled list in early May, but that has proven to be unsustainable, and right now he’s hitting just .275/.336/.367. And while Andruw Jones has been a pleasant surprise since I was ready to run him out of town, he’s also been a true platoon player, and has a wOBA of just .316 against right-handed pitchers (compared to .399 against southpaws).

Now, on some level this is pretty much the definition of a first world problem. The Yankees as a team have one of the best offenses in baseball, currently sitting atop the American League in both wOBA and wRC+, just a touch ahead of the Red Sox.…

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Looking At Short Season Statistics

I’m back! My summer in the woods was fantastic, as always. I will now be writing regularly for the blog yet again. While I am away every summer, I always miss short-season baseball. I’m now presented with a nice, robust sample of number for two full Yankee teams to analyze. These statistics can be useful,...

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