Is ownership meddling again?

No, probably not. Once you get past the nugget that ownership was involved, there’s not a whole lot of meat to this, because the rest of the story is pretty innocuous. The Yankees were talking about taking on a good chunk of money from Houston, but an amount that likely would have been manageable for them, and not a bad price to get a pitcher like Wandy Rodriguez for. With that considered, I would assume the Yankees wouldn’t be sending back any top tier prospects as well. That’s not an unreasonable deal at all, but it never even got to that point, because the two sides couldn’t agree on how much salary each side would pay. So what’s the big deal, again?

Here’s my heuristic view of the Yankees’ front office right now. For better or worse, Brian Cashman is the baseball operations department. Since wresting control away from the “Tampa group,” Cashman has organized the front office around himself, such that there are no internal challengers to him. One thing that’s pretty striking when you consider the possibility of Cashman not returning to his job next year is that there are no obvious replacements in the organization. Damon Oppenheimer’s name comes to mind, but word around the league is that he has an “ambition problem,” meaning it’s not clear he really wants to be a GM. I don’t think this is necessarily a problem, but it does create a potential problem with myopia, and perhaps the only available counterweight comes from Cashman’s superiors.

Not that that’s something you want, per se, but so long as ownership isn’t doing anything truly ridiculous like trading away Jesus Montero and taking on 80% of Rodriguez’s contract, I’m just not going to worry about these stories all that much.

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6 thoughts on “Is ownership meddling again?

  1. any chance Hank would "take one for the team" and step in next year as GM? for the good of the team, of course.

  2. Ownership Driven does not scare me… It's when I hear the two scariest words in the Yankee system come up that makes me Queasy … Randy Levine.

    Responsible for the likes of Raul Mondesi, Jarred Wright, most likely Kei Igawa, and Raphael Soriano.. Ownership meddling is not scary… Randy Levine is…..

    • I might be wrong, but I'm 99.9% sure Cashman was really hot for Igawa. I vaguely remember a story with Cashman drooling over him, saying he had the best changeup Cashman had ever seen or something like that.

  3. Yeh I'm not the biggest Cashman fan but when it comes down to him vs. Levine or him vs. Hank.. well, no brainer..

  4. Cashman pushed for the Granderson deal and for the signing of Colon and Garcia. Imagine where the Yankees would be this year without those three players. Every GM makes dumb moves, and probably moreso when they have more wiggle room with the budget. But I'm overall pleased with Cashman's acquisitions since he's taken more control.