Come on Irene

As I’m sure you’re all well aware, Hurricane Irene is bearing down on the East Coast, and most reports are predicting quite a bad storm from North Carolina to New England. And though it’s hardly the most important thing in the world, baseball will be affected as well. The Yankees are in Baltimore this weekend, scheduled to play five games in four days against the Orioles with a doubleheader Saturday, just as Irene is scheduled to be at its worst here in the Mid-Atlantic.

The Yankees, anticipating bad weather, suggested rescheduling the double header to today, but the Orioles and MLB refused. I don’t really know why, as there seems to be very little chance that all of the games will be played as scheduled, but MLB claimed that Monday could be used as a “cushion.” Nevermind that if more than one game is rained out there will need to be two twin-billings to get the games in, meaning that they likely would have needed that Monday cushion even if they played two games today. And in the highly likely event that Saturday and Sunday are a total wash-out, the teams may only be able to play three of the five scheduled games. I guess Peter Angelos is hoping the game(s) gets rescheduled as a split gate event at Yankee Stadium next month or something.

Of course baseball should be far from the first thing on your mind this week, as virtually the entire Eastern seaboard is in the path of the storm. Be sure to keep an eye on the news, heed the warnings of emergency service personnel, and if you’re in a low lying or coastal area that’s being evacuated, GET THE HELL OUT!

Hopefully the lights stay on, and we’ll have some baseball to ride out the rain with.

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Born in Southwestern Ohio and currently residing on the Chesapeake Bay, Brien is a former editor-in-chief of IIATMS who now spends most of his time sitting on his deck watching his tomatoes ripen and consuming far more MLB Network programming than is safe for one's health or sanity.

16 thoughts on “Come on Irene

  1. Don't know where any of you folks live, but GET OUT is good advice. I have a friend who lives on the tip of Cape May peninsula – she's already packed and ready to go.

    Be safe, stay dry.

  2. I'm in NYC-proper and taking a dim view of panic, having lived through several Cat 1/2s in the past (and it shouldn't be more than that when it hits here) but I did pick up some extra water today and extra food in my normal weekly grocery shopping (so I don't have to go out in the rain!). But I agree with everyone above: if you are in an area where flooding is going ot occur and/or you are told to evacuate then GTFO. Right now!

  3. Cat 1 doesn't sound like much (I'm in tornado alley) – but, otoh, some "expert" was on the news yesterday saying that many of the buildings are only rated to withstand 55-65 mph winds.

    If true, THAT doesn't sound very good. Good luck, all.

    • I wouldn't expect that to be true, considering Gloria made landfall in LI at 100 mph in the 80s (so spaketh Wiki) which would have had to have been higher than 55-65 mph winds in NYC. Although some of the reports aren't making sense, since it's reporting Hurricanes having landed on NYC/LI at 55 mph and my understanding was MINIMUM of 75 mph winds (Cat 1) which was what defined a hurricane…

    • That sounds really low to me, but what do I know. Really, the problem here isn't so much the wind, though obviously there will be down trees and powerlines (and we were leaving even before the order was issued because my wife was afraid one of the trees in our yard would fall on the house) but the real problem with this storm is the sheer size of it and the waves it's generating. That means the storm surge flooding is going to be pretty large, causing a lot of flooding (this is what breeched the levees in Katrina). I know the last I looked they were calling for 3-6 feet surges on this side of the Bay, in addition to the rainfall. So I fully expect that my backyard will be the Chesapeake Bay Sunday morning.

  4. Lived in NY my whole life, just watched Bloombergs's Press conference. I've never seen the whole mass transit system shut down in advance of a storm like this. Mandatory evacuations? I hope this is just the city being overly safe…crazy day for sure. Be safe everyone!

  5. Looks like they might get a game in on Sunday (maybe 2 if they are "lucky"?)… rain in Baltimore should be dying out fairly early (though I'm sure the conditions will still be pretty rough)

    But if they don't get either game in on Saturday (which seems likely?) – they may have to play back to back double headers on Sunday and Monday, travel and then play in Boston on Tues.

    Somebody in the MLB offices needs to be fired for refusing to move up one of the 2 Sat games to Friday. I understand the O's refusing (that's their right as the hometeam and a straight double header impacts the gate, plus they played yesterday and had to travel from Minnesota as well ), but MLB had no right to refuse the request given they accomodated both Boston (who will now have 2 off days going into the NY series and can basically throw anyone they want in the series) and Philly

    The Yankees could be staring at back to back double headers and needing a 7th starter. If they have doubleheaders both Sunday and Monday, one of the 2 Sunday starters will have to pitch game 3 in Boston Thursday on 3 days rest or the Yankees need a 7th starter… and of course this doesn't even consider the potential impact to the bullpen.heading into the Boston series with no day off.

    • They're calling for the rain to be mostly gone Sunday afternoon and even to get some sun (though lots of wind). And who knows what the wind and flooding damage will look like, though that side of the Bay will get hit much less hard than the Eastern shore.

      I don't for the life of me know how they expect to play Saturday, though. At least not based on the current forecasts.

  6. From all indications, Irene will be a memorable storm. That being said, I think the government (i.e.: politicians) are overreacting. Yes, people in low lying areas will be impacted & should consider evacuating, but this is all about image. Everybody remembers GW Bush & Ron Brown being crucified over Katrina & no politician wants to look bad in the eyes of the electorate. I'm having a barbecue in central NJ & not cancelling (and nobody has begged off either.) Unfortunately there likely won't be any Yankee baseball on when (if) the weather chases us inside. Hope everyone has a good weekend (and here's hoping this is AJ's last start for awhile. Sheesh!!)

    • Yeah, if you're inland, you should be alright. We're in a flood plain right on the Chesapeake, with the narrows to our backs. So that's why they're evacuating us, even if it's a better safe than sorry situation. We're just going across the bridge to the Baltimore suburbs though, and should be fine over there.

  7. Look at these idiots who didn't want to play a doubleheader on Rebecca Black day. Wait there's 100% chance for a hurricane to rain out 3 games? Na we'll just take their only off day. My name's Buck, and I like to f*** s**t up.