Game Thread: Yankees vs. Orioles, 8/26/2011 (7:05PM EST on YES)

“I’d like to see how smart Theo Epstein is with the Tampa Bay (Rays) payroll. You got Carl Crawford ’cause you paid more than anyone else, and that’s what makes you smarter? That’s why I like whipping their butt. It’s great, knowing those guys with the $205 million payroll are saying, ‘How the hell are they beating us?'” — Buck Showalter, March 2011

Well, as it turns out, the guys with the $205M payroll are competing for divisional supremacy (once again), and preparing for a postseason run (once again). Meanwhile, the Orioles continue to suck and will “enjoy” the abudance of meaningless baseball remaining this season.

Tonight’s game kicks off at 7:05 as the Yanks begin an agonizing five game set against Baltimore. As Larry noted in the preview, the matchups certainly favor the Bombers on paper, but you know how that often goes. Of course, who knows how many of these games will actually end up happening if Irene decides to bend the entire east coast over a barrel. Here’s your open thread for the evening!

Lineups (compliments of

For the Orioles:
1. Robert Andino (R) 3B
2. J.J. Hardy (R) SS
3. Nick Markakis (L) RF
4. Vladimir Guerrero (R) DH
5. Matt Wieters (S) C
6. Mark Reynolds (R) 1B
7. Ryan Adams (R) 2B
8. Nolan Reimold (R) LF
9. Matt Angle (L) CF

For the Yankees:
1. Derek Jeter (R) SS
2. Curtis Granderson (L) CF
3. Mark Teixeira (S) 1B
4. Alex Rodriguez (R) 3B
5. Robinson Cano (L) 2B
6. Nick Swisher (S) RF
7. Jorge Posada (S) DH
8. Russell Martin (R) C
9. Brett Gardner (L) LF

On the mound:
Two lousy pitchers.
A.J. Burnett (9-10, 4.96 ERA, 4.72 FIP, 4.03 xFIP)
Tommy Hunter (2-2, 4.95 ERA, 3.46 FIP, 4.28 xFIP)

31 thoughts on “Game Thread: Yankees vs. Orioles, 8/26/2011 (7:05PM EST on YES)

  1. how many runs does joe and aj care to give tonight..i would leave him in until he quits,, sacrifice this game

  2. irene had that double go off the wall. oh….irene got that ball also…leave him joe.. YES KAY IRENE MADE the ball WET..NOT AJ’s fault..and kay we need AJ.. we need him like having no flood insurance on the east coast..he is now praying for rain

  3. I disagree. The Yankees have historically covered their mistakes with money. Pavano, Igawa, Feliciano, etc. There’s nothing left to save, nothing trying to save with Burnett. I don’t know whether it’s Cashman’s stupidity or stubbornness, but the rest of the world seems to see dumping Burnett is the clearest illustration of addition by subtraction in years. I would either lobotomize or release him. They have a half dozen better options.

    • agree, they can not release him cost too much.. just leave him off the playoff roster.. in the off season see if someone in the NL will take him at half price.. and ask for batting practice balls in return

    • The problem with releasing him after this season is not only throwing away his remaining $33M but allowing him to sign a minor-league contract or lowest MLB contract for a veteran with an AL team. It would be just like him to sign a minor-league contract with the Red Sox, win the fifth starter slot in 2012 spring training over Matsuzaka, and be a serviceable fifth starter, or give them 10-12 decent starts before crumbling. Why not sign him if he’d cost only $500K or whatever? He’d be the total low-risk, high-reward signing. The front four of Boston’s rotation next year will be Beckett/Lester/Bucholz/Lackey. I could see Burnett signing a minor-league deal with them – what does it cost them but $50K? Why allow this guy to turn it around, be a bargain comeback player of the year candidate with an AL team? As bad as he’s been for the Yanks most of the time, he does have the talent to turn out a 2011 Garcia/Colon type season. Who expected old, overweight, hadn’t pitched all last year Colon to do what he’s done this year? No one.

      Burnett is an overpaid barely fifth starter, the second worst big contract starting pitcher in MLB history (after Mike Hampton) considering his contract with the Yanks is the fifth largest one for a starting pitcher in MLB history. He has to be the fifth starter for next year’s Yankees. $33M is too much to eat.

      I have said it time and time again but you people don’t listen:

      Burnett and $9.75M ($1.5M for 2012 + $8.25M for 2013) to Altanta for Derek Lowe. He’s off the Yanks and out of the AL. Lowe is not him. Atlanta still pays $15M only for Burnett not Lowe for 2012. The Yanks still pay $16.5M only for Lowe not Burnett for 2012. If Burnett does well for them, they have him for only $8.25M, $6.25M less and half of Burnett’s salary for 2013. They could even trade him to a team in need of a starter for the 2013 stretch run. Burnett is five years or so younger than Lowe and could thrive in the league without the DH and with the weaker 7-8-9 batting order. He’d pitch for a team whose media and fans are hands off. Name me a player who was driven out of Atlanta by either.

      I would consider it a $8.25M buyout of $33M more than taking on Lowe for $24.75M. Bottom line is get rid of Burnett and Lowe isn’t him. If Lowe sucks, release him during 2012 or let him go after 2012.

      The Yanks got what they got out of Garcia and Colon for only $2.4M ($1.5M for Garcia + $900K for Colon), maybe they get a similar 2012 from Lowe. I’d be thrilled if the guy gave the Yanks 10-15 good starts cuz it’d probably be more than what Burnett would give.

      • Btw NO ONE is taking Lowe’s $15M due for next year off Atlanta’s hands. This is the only trade idea I can think of where the Yanks could get rid of Burnett and Atlanta could get rid of Lowe via trade.

        True the Yanks would spend $24.75M on Lowe with my idea ($15M salary for 2012 + $9.75M kicked towards Burnett’s 2012-13 salary),but again, he isn’t Burnett. I’d rather have one year of Lowe than two years of Burnett. Let Atlanta think they could turn around Burnett. Javier Vasquez had a decent NL career after he left the Yanks the first time, maybe Burnett would have one with Atlanta (again no DH, an inferior bottom of the order, and zero pressure as the Braves media and fans are hands off.)

  4. Joe usually lets AJ put the team in a 7-run hole. He thinks it’s a slow-pitch softball game and you come back from 7-run holes routinely.

  5. where is his wIfe when we need her,, maybe another black eye could get him on the DL

    • Did his wife really hit him?

      I could be wrong but didn’t that waste of space Yankees-hating ESPN Radio bigmouth Colin “Coward” Cowherd start that rumor? I know that coward created the false rumor that Burnett was getting divorced from his wife. Colin Cowherd is a little bitch.

  6. Girardi, an idiot, put up the white flag with the Yanks down 7-1 through five before Burnett served up the two runs which should seal his departure from the rotation and postseason roster.

    I guess Girardi doesn’t think his team who just scored 22 runs off a better team could come back from a 7-1 deficit against a bad team.

      • I didn’t say it was just Girardi’s fault, but thanks for putting words in my mouth. Girardi is the manager and the manager should know when a guy has had enough. Hence, Girardi should’ve known Burnett was toast with men on base and one out to get to end the fifth. He loves to remove guys with two outs when they’re pitching well. Oh wait, he wanted Burnett to qualify for the win in case the Yanks score 7 runs in the sixth to make it 8-7 Yanks? LOL. Again, Girardi is an idiot who put up the white flag too early.

        Maybe if Girardi hadn’t conceded the game by leaving Burnett long enough to give up the eighth and ninth runs of the game, this game would still be 7-1 Os then 7-4 not 12-4.

  7. Drat! Joe should have let AJ go the distance, serve as his own mop-up man, and saved the bullpen for the rest of the series.

    • should have left him in until he quit, blister his fingers and we get lucky and he goes on the DL.. 147 pitches would have been nice

  8. Prefer to see Cash cash out after the season and move on. They haven’t won a whole lot of World Series since he’s been GM.

    Joe G. needs to go too. He’s a poor manager. Who else would bat Cano behind Tex? That’s like batting Graig Nettles ahead of Tony Gwynn or Rod Carew.

    The team is winning in spite of Joe and Cash.

    Now you’ve got CC and Nova as the two most reliable starters, Colon completely out of gas, AJ on suicide watch, Garcia working on his cooking show and cutting his pitching hand, and Hughes inconsistent.

    I’d be inclined to sit AJ’s rear down for 2 weeks, just take anyone from the pen not named Rivera, Robertson or Soriano — or call up someone from the minors — and give him a couple starts. It could not be worse than Burnett’s kamikaze starts.

    We are not going to win the division.

  9. I just awoke from a nightglare (opposite of nightmare), and in it AJ had called a press conference to announce his retirement, surrendering the remainder of his contract. He was going back to Arkansas to raise hogs.

    How I wish he would so help the team out of this mess!

  10. The only positives tonight are Boston will lose possibly worse than the Yanks (Yanks lost 12-5, Boston is losing 12-4 in the eighth, thanks As haha) and Burnett could be out of the rotation.

    No ground lost on Boston. Just turn the page.

  11. Weird you opened the game thread entry with a quote from Buck Showalter. I must say I liked the quote because for once someone brought up Boston’s payroll. It’s always all about the Yankees payroll.

    Boston are frauds and have been since they got Pedro Martinez

    They stripped a poor Montreal of Pedro Martinez, a poor Arizona of Curt Schilling, and a poor Florida of Josh Beckett.

    All they do is strip poor teams of their aces.

    The Yanks?

    Signed Key.

    Traded Key for Wells.

    Traded Janzen for Cone.

    Traded Wells, Bush, and another guy who’s name escapes me for Clemens.

    Signed El Duque, Irabu, Rogers, Contreras, and Mussina.

    Signed Gooden off the scrap heap.

    Traded for Randy Johnson and Kevin Brown.

    Re-signed Wells.

    Reacquired El Duque.

    • We should get to work and figure out Cashman’s batting average on high-dollar free agents.

      o-for-1 on Soriano

      1-3 on CC, Tex, and AJ (sure Tex is hitting home runs but the B.A. is way down and he’s not doing it in the clutch)

      • Cashman signings:

        EXCELLENT: Sabathia (2009 World Series championship), Mussina (2001 and 2003 AL Championships)

        VERY GOOD: Matsui, Teixiera

        GOOD: Can’t think of anyone who was just good.

        BAD: Pavano, Burnett, Igawa, Feliciano, Marte, Karsay, Farnsworth, Giambi (his first and second years with the Yanks were his best and second-best years out of eight with the Yanks.) Vasquez the first time if he was signed (I forgot.)

        JURY IS OUT: Soriano

        ‘Thing with Teixiera was he helped the Yanks do what Giambo never helped the Yanks do: win a World Series. Teixiera had an excellent 2009 and a very good 2010, and is having a great 2011 HR and RBI-wise. I agree bad BA and so-so OBP but he’s still hitting ’em out and driving them in. He could easily finish with 40-47 HR this year if he gets hot to whatever degree as he has a little over a month of baseball to play.

          • Um, Gene Michael traded Roberto Kelly for Paul O’Neill in November 1992, Bob Watson the Yankees GM before Cashman traded for Martinez (and Jeff Nelson) before the 1996 season, and Cashman traded Rogers for Brosius. Cashman re-signed Tino for the 2005 season but Tino wasn’t a high-priced signing so it doesn’t count as one to grade.

            Of these three trades, the one the Yanks got luckiest with was Brosius since O’Neill and Martinez were better players than Brosius when they were traded to the Yanks coupled with Rogers was a mental case with the Yanks. Brosius was a platoon-type player. The most brilliant trade of the three trades was the one for O’Neill and the second best one was for Martinez and Nelson.

            Cashman’s first year as the Yankees GM was 1998 not 1992 or 1995.

            So get a clue, clueless. And learn to spell. Brosious? Oniel?

            Tell me how all the “BAD” signings weren’t bad. Giambi’s best seasons as a Yankee were his first two out of eight. His best season as a Yankee was his first one. Therefore, he was a bad high-priced signing because it’d can’t be a good or better one when your best seasons out of eight were your first two. He was a contractual albatross his final three years and he had at least two years where he didn’t play a full season.

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