Open Thread-Looking at the 40 man

With September call ups soon underway, I thought it would be fun to kick around who stays and who goes on the 40-man roster. Brackman , Betances, Garrison, Pendleton, Pope, Whelan, Laird, Dickerson, Golson, Maxwell and Melky Mesa are all on the 40 man, so they can be called up without making a roster move. In order to call up Montero, Banuelos, or Romine you’d have to take someone off this list and have them clear waivers before you can send them to AAA, which means you could lose them.

The Yanks opened up one (potential) spot this afternoon, optioning Jeff Marquez to AAA. He was on the 60 day DL, but now when he’s ready to come back he can go straight to Scranton since he’s already cleared waivers. Players on the 60 day DL don’t count, which is why you have 46 names on this 40 man list. Aaron Laffey is also still on this list, but that’s probably because he hasn’t cleared waivers yet, which often takes about a week. When he does, that’s one spot to play with right there. Montero, anyone?

Here’s the 40, courtesy of

# Pitchers B/T Ht Wt DOB
38 Luis Ayala R-R 6’2″ 190 Jan 12, 1978
72 Dellin Betances * R-R 6’8″ 260 Mar 23, 1988
66 Andrew Brackman * R-R 6’10” 230 Dec 4, 1985
34 A.J. Burnett R-R 6’4″ 230 Jan 3, 1977
62 Joba Chamberlain Disabled List 60-day DL ** R-R 6’2″ 240 Sep 23, 1985
40 Bartolo Colon R-R 5’11” 265 May 24, 1973
31 Pedro Feliciano Disabled List 60-day DL ** L-L 5’10” 190 Aug 25, 1976
36 Freddy Garcia Disabled List 15-day DL * R-R 6’4″ 250 Oct 6, 1976
61 Steve Garrison * S-L 6’1″ 195 Sep 12, 1986
65 Phil Hughes R-R 6’5″ 240 Jun 24, 1986
39 Aaron Laffey * L-L 6’0″ 200 Apr 15, 1985
48 Boone Logan R-L 6’5″ 225 Aug 13, 1984
43 Damaso Marte Disabled List 60-day DL ** L-L 6’2″ 215 Feb 14, 1975
45 Sergio Mitre Disabled List 60-day DL ** R-R 6’3″ 225 Feb 16, 1981
64 Hector Noesi R-R 6’3″ 200 Jan 26, 1987
47 Ivan Nova R-R 6’4″ 225 Jan 12, 1987
39 Lance Pendleton * L-R 6’3″ 195 Sep 10, 1983
80 Ryan Pope * R-R 6’3″ 210 May 21, 1986
42 Mariano Rivera R-R 6’2″ 185 Nov 29, 1969
30 David Robertson R-R 5’11” 195 Apr 9, 1985
52 CC Sabathia L-L 6’7″ 290 Jul 21, 1980
29 Rafael Soriano R-R 6’1″ 230 Dec 19, 1979
Raul Valdes * L-L 5’11” 190 Nov 27, 1977
53 Cory Wade R-R 6’2″ 190 May 28, 1983
53 Kevin Whelan * R-R 6’0″ 200 Jan 8, 1984
# Catchers B/T Ht Wt DOB
17 Francisco Cervelli R-R 6’1″ 210 Mar 6, 1986
55 Russell Martin R-R 5’10” 230 Feb 15, 1983
# Infielders B/T Ht Wt DOB
24 Robinson Cano L-R 6’0″ 205 Oct 22, 1982
12 Eric Chavez L-R 6’1″ 210 Dec 7, 1977
76 Reegie Corona Disabled List 60-day DL ** S-R 5’11” 185 Nov 7, 1986
2 Derek Jeter R-R 6’3″ 195 Jun 26, 1974
60 Brandon Laird * R-R 6’1″ 215 Sep 11, 1987
26 Eduardo Nunez R-R 6’0″ 155 Jun 15, 1987
19 Ramiro Pena Disabled List 15-day DL * S-R 5’11” 175 Jul 18, 1985
13 Alex Rodriguez R-R 6’3″ 230 Jul 27, 1975
25 Mark Teixeira S-R 6’3″ 220 Apr 11, 1980
# Outfielders B/T Ht Wt DOB
61 Colin Curtis Disabled List 60-day DL ** L-L 6’1″ 200 Feb 1, 1985
27 Chris Dickerson * L-L 6’3″ 230 Apr 10, 1982
11 Brett Gardner L-L 5’10” 185 Aug 24, 1983
22 Greg Golson * R-R 6’0″ 190 Sep 17, 1985
14 Curtis Granderson L-R 6’1″ 185 Mar 16, 1981
18 Andruw Jones R-R 6’1″ 230 Apr 23, 1977
63 Justin Maxwell * R-R 6’5″ 235 Nov 6, 1983
77 Melky Mesa * R-R 6’1″ 190 Jan 31, 1987
33 Nick Swisher S-L 5’11” 210 Nov 25, 1980
# Designated Hitter B/T Ht Wt DOB
20 Jorge Posada S-R 6’2″ 215 Aug 17, 1971
  • * Not on Active Roster
  • ** Not on 40-Man Roster

What do you think? Who gets called up? Who stays, and who goes?

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  1. You need a backup OF/pinch runner type for the playoffs, so one of Golson, Dickerson or Maxwell should stay. They seem to like Dickerson, so I’ll give him the nod over the other two. You also have to hang on to whatever LOOGYs you have, so Valdez and Garrison stay.

    Laffey’s spot can be used for Montero, and I’d see if Maxwell or Golson clear to make a spot for Banuelos. If I lost either, I wouldn’t lose any sleep over it.

    • “You need a backup OF/pinch runner type for the playoffs…”

      Huh, what? Can you cite on example (recent or otherwise) where the presence on the roster of a backup OF/pinch-runner type was a decisive factor in a playoff series?

      Maxwell is gone for the season with an injury as far as I know. Golson and Dickerson are reasonably good defenders but neither can hit worth a damn. Jones is a perfectly serviceable backup OF who kills lefties. Yes, he’s not that fast anymore but pinch running specialists are a waste of a roster spot. All they do is give excuses for guys like Coffee Joe to over manage.

      • If its late in a game, you’re down a run, and someone like Jones/Chavez/Swisher draws a walk, I want a pinch runner on my bench so I have a better chance of scoring that base runner. I also want a defensive upgrade for someone like Swisher if I’m playing in Comerica or Fenway with that huge outfield. Call it over-managing all you want, a little speed or defense can win you a game.

        Its not regular season baseball, where the bat matters more. Its the 9th inning of a post season game. You’re playing for 1 run. Having an edge available to you and failing it use it would be negligent.

    • Without knowing thei relative baserunning skills, I’d choose Golson over Dickerson: he’s fast, and he has the fire, known by the throw.

  2. Here’s my 2011 Yankees postseason roster:

    Rotation: Sabathia/Nova/Garcia/Hughes

    I want veteran Garcia pitching Game 3 to help the Yanks complete the sweep, snap a series tie, or get on the board with a win/stay alive. The only way I’d have Nova and Hughes switch places is if Hughes was sub 3 ERA solid in September. I like Nova for Game 2 because he is completely different than Sabathia and could throw off the opponent being that.

    Bullpen: Rivera, Robertson, Soriano, Logan, Ayala, Hughes, Wade

    Starting Nine/Batting Order:

    Gardner L
    Jeter R
    Granderson L (Three-run homerun three batters into the game :)
    Rodriguez R
    Cano L
    Teixiera S (He is not hitting for high enough average to bat third.)
    Swisher S (Highest OBP in the leadoff spot in the bottom of the order.)
    Posada S DH vs. RHP, Jones R DH vs.LHP, Chavez 3B if A-Rod needs a break from the field (A-Rod DH)
    Martin R

    Bench: Cervelli, Nunez, Chavez, Jones, Dickerson

    No need for eight relievers. They can get by with one lefty reliever as several relievers do well vs. LHP.

    I would start Posada against a lefty if he hit that lefty well enough to get the start, Jones off a righty if he hit that righty well enough to get the start.

    Burnett and Colon off the postseason roster.

    The ONLY way I have Colon on the postseason roster is if Hughes can’t pitch or Wade is ineffective.

    • Hughes and Wade will both be on the postseason roster. Hughes will get a start and Wade has done nothing to show he will be ineffective. The guys who doesn’t belong there is Ayala. Theres no need to carry the mop-up guy for the postseason. Thjat would be like when the Yanks wasted a postseason roster spot on Sergio Mitre last year. Both Colon and Noesi deserve to be on the postseason over Ayala. Everyone need to stop overrating him just because he has an under 2 era as a mop-up guy.

      • My mistake. I meant Colon in the bullpen with Wade.

        Hughes is in my postseason rotation.

        If Wade gets hit hard two games, he will not be on the roster for the next postseason round, he hasn’t earned that second chance. He’s the last man in the pen and if he can’t get it done, Noesi will get the nod.

        You need a mopup man on the postseason roster, it’s called a starter gets knocked out in the first, second, or third inning. You need a guy who can make a last-minute emergency start and a mopup man because you may need both and chances are one guy can’t be both. Ayala is neither.

        The Yanks didn’t need a mopup guy last year cuz Sabathia was Sabathia, Hughes won 18 games, and Pettitte was in the rotation. Different year. 2011 is entirely different than 2010. Sabathia is the only lock to go six or more innings or more so this year than last year. 2010 Pettitte would be the 2011 Yanks #2.

        Ayala is a veteran reliever with a 1.64 ERA thus is not being left off the postseason roster.

        • Ayala is not being “overrated”.

          If Nova goes only five innings and it’s a tie game/Yanks up by one/Yanks down by one, Ayala will get the ball in the sixth with or without Logan in the mix, not Wade or Noesi.

          I will say the 6th inning has been by committee all year, so I could see Ayala sharing it.

          Soriano is the 7th inning guy, Robertson the 8th inning guy.

          Now if by mopup man you mean Ayala would get the ball if Sabathia got bombed, yes, he is, and I’d rather have him be that than neophyte Noesi or Colon who the Yanks might need to replace if he gets hurt. Also you need Ayala for extra innings if he wasn’t needed in regulation.

          Also Sabathia has thus far shown he could get knocked out inside of four innings against the Red Sox. That alone means you need a mopup man.

          Veteran experience is important. Having Wade and Noesi in the pen could be disastrous in that yeah they’ve done well, but it’s October. Look at Hughes last year. He got away with it vs. the Twins, punished by the Rangers, and that was him.
          Same could happen to Wade and Noesi if both were in the pen.

          Also remember Game 4 of the 2003 World Series. Wells got hurt early, Contreras had to take his place. Thankfully the Yanks didn’t need a mopup man the next game.

  3. It ain’t over ’til it’s over, but it looks like Boston will gain a whole game on the Yanks today for a two-game lead over the Yanks for the division and four wins more than the Yanks after tonight.

    The Yanks have to win all their games with the Os and take at least two of three over Boston if they want to have any chance of winning the division.

    The Yanks draw the Rangers if they win the wildcard, right? Well, it could be the Angels and two trips to the West Coast if the ALDS goes to five games if the Angels win the AL West. The Angels are right behind the Rangers with no signs of letting up.

  4. Here’s a strange suggestion, relevant to the news of yesterday. Since AJ is funked up,unlikely to cure his dilemma by “pitching inside,” which he did for a 7 pitch 3rd inning, very effective, but why did he not repeat it? To break from his funk he has to either (a) develop a new pitch; or (b) change his delivery.

    (a) could be something to result in changes to his package and confidence in fairly short order. The change has been tried plenty, so that would not be my emphasis. The slider I think I saw the time before last, a small tight breaking affair thrown to lefties, similar to Ivan’s, that would seem to hold some promise. The two seam fb, thrown in the past to good effect, that seems another avenue to refresh his approach. His delivery seems tuned to the cutter. Eckersley got new life from the splitter. Plenty of things to try.

    (b) His windup and delivery (very reminiscent of Eckersley, btw) is quite distinctive, with the languid leg stretch. If the arm angle cannot be altered to good effect, I’d suggest a more upright windup, which could better facilitate different pitches. Hey, something’s gotta change, and he likely employed different styles as he has developed.

    • The Yankees need to collect video of all starts he made in 2008, Burnett needs to watch every video and pitch like that.

      He has nothing to do in the offseason so he can hunker down January 2 and get to watching this video before he reports to spring training in mid-February.

      It’s not decreased velocity on his fastball, he just isn’t pitching like he did in 2008. He’s young enough to get back to being like that again.

    • If he could develop a new pitch, he would have done so 10 years ago. Some pitchers just aren’t built for certain pitches.

      And delivery is something teams are very cautious about messing with. Its begging for an injury, and usually for no purpose,since most pitchers have been using the same motion since little league. You could tidy it up a bit, but you don’t just change things like that at his age.