Britton brilliant as Baltimore blanks Bombers 2-0

(Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images)

This was the Zach Britton Baltimore’s been waiting for all season.

The young lefthander had the Yankees completely fooled with a filthy two-seamer (Ken Singleton and Michael Kay kept calling it a sinker, but Brooks has it as a two-seamer) that racked up an absurd -3.6007 linear weights, complemented by a superb slider, and hurling seven shutout innings — yielding only four hits, walking one and striking out five — that led the Orioles to a 2-0 shutout of the Yankees, for Baltimore’s season-high sixth straight victory (and the Yankees’ sixth time being shutout in 2011).

Britton was so good he didn’t even allow the Yankees more than one baserunner in any inning,  not allowing a man to reach second base. The outing marked Britton’s second-best by WPA on the 2011 season, and all you can do is tip your cap to the talented youngster, especially after the Yankees trounced him a month ago.

The good news for the Bombers is that Bartolo Colon had his best outing since returning from the DL in early July, throwing 7 2/3 innings of two-run ball — good enough to win most days. On the postgame Joe Girardi (as well as Kenny and Kay) said that part of Bart’s success in this game was the return of his two-seamer — something we’ve been hoping to see for a while now — but per PitchFX he only threw it 10 times, and I’m not really sure whether Girardi or the pitch classification system is right here. It seemed like Bart threw more than 10 two-seamers, but perhaps those were sliders (which, per Brooks, he threw 13 of). In any event, however he went about doing it, it was great to see the return of Bart from the first half of the season.

The Yanks and O’s are back at it in a couple of hours, and hopefully Ivan Nova can snap this mini two-game slide, although to do so the Yankee bats will have to come alive against Brian Matusz — something they haven’t exactly shown much of a knack for doing in the past.

10 thoughts on “Britton brilliant as Baltimore blanks Bombers 2-0

  1. It’s more than a 2 game slide- 9-9 in last 18 games against mostly inferior competition. Not too good. If this slide continues much longer, WC may not be a sure thing as many think.

  2. Larry, I think both Brooks and the YES broadcast team were right. I need to find a website that explains pitch grips to be sure (any suggestions greatly apreciated), but I think two-seamers can break opposite, like Bartolo’s, or they can break opposite and down, and then it’s called a sinker. Rich Harden’s was definitely that, and probably Zach’s.

  3. Nicely done by RLYW

    If it continues to look like a game that won’t matter, the Yankees should call up everyone on the 40 man roster and send this team to Baltimore on September 8.

    SP: A.J.
    Bullpen: Lance Pendleton, Raul Valdes

    C: Cervelli
    1B: Andruw Jones
    2B: Aaron Laffey
    3B: Brandon Laird
    SS: Ryan Pope
    LF: Chris Dickerson
    CF: Greg Golson
    RF: Justin Maxwell
    DH: Melky Mesa

    Make Burnett pitch all eight innings, just keep a couple of arms in the bullpen in case he gets ejected.