Games 130+131-Let’s play two, win two one

2-seam or not 2 seam, that is the question

As we all wake up from one of the most over hyped weather events in the history of New York City, the Yanks find themselves two games in back of the division leading Red Sox. They’re tied in the loss column, but 4 games back in terms of wins. They have an excellent chance to pick up two of them today, with anyone but AJ pitching Bartolo Colon going in the 1:00 game (660 WFAN radio/YES) facing lefty Zach Britton (7-9 4.54 ERA). The evening contest features Ivan Nova facing the struggling Brian Matusz (1-6 8.92) going for the birds. As bad as his overall season has been, Matusz has been even worse  since coming off the disabled list on August 15, allowing 11 earned runs over 10.2 innings pitched.

In Game 1, you’re going to hear a lot being made of Derek Jeter passing Mickey Mantle on the Yankee franchise list for games played. Anytime you pass a name like Mickey Mantle its noteworthy, but I have to add that the Mick was always hurt, and retired at a relatively young baseball age (36) due to all the injuries piling up. So it sounds like a big deal, but it really isn’t. Mantle’s claim to fame wasn’t staying healthy, it was how prolific a slugger he was when he did manage to play. Though I’m sure that won’t stop the various Yankee radio and television broadcasters  from acting like Derek has just won the Nobel Prize for baseball.

Here’ your lineups for game 1, courtesy of LoHud:

Derek Jeter DH
Curtis Granderson CF
Mark Teixeira 1B
Alex Rodriguez 3B
Robinson Cano 2B
Nick Swisher RF
Andruw Jones LF
Eduardo Nunez SS
Francisco Cervelli C

It’s going to be a long day of baseball, so sit back and settle in. I have to think the lineup will be pretty similar for the night game, since a lefty is going for the O’s on both ends of the doubleheader. The one switch will likely be Jeter at SS instead of DH, with A-Rod at DH and Nunez at 3B. But we’ll have to wait a few hours to see what Joe does. GO YANKS!!!!!!!

EDIT-No Alex at DH for game 2. Here’s the updated lineup:

Jeter SS
Granderson CF
Teixeira 1B
Cano 2B
Swisher RF
Jones DH
Martin C
Nunez 3B
Gardner LF

50 thoughts on “Games 130+131-Let’s play two, win two one

  1. I’ve always thought of our audience to be a notch above the average Yankee fan, so answer this question.

    Why would Bud Selig nix the idea of the Yanks and O’s playing the Saturday make up game when the Orioles next play at the stadium, and give Baltimore the home team’s share of the gate? Why would the Commissioner’s office have a problem with that?

    (Hint, it’s very easy)

      • Its an extra home game for the Yanks.

        Imagine if the roles were reversed, and the Sox got an extra home game because of an inordinate amount of rain outs. Do you think the Yanks would be bitching about that? You bet.

    • I don’t understand or agree. Do you want to trade for Kelly Shoppach, or admit the rookie, to see the results?

      • Backup catchers are a dime a dozen. Most of them only do one thing well, usually defense, but that beats Cervelli, who does nothing well.

        Really, the time to pick up a decent backup catcher was before the season started.

        Now? Sure, let’s see Montero.

  2. All right, get a new regular catcher, too. But that’s got nothing to do with the backup.

    • uh, no. Sorry, Prof, we gotta disagree on this one. Russell Martin has been like manna from heaven, and you wanna spit him out? No. 40 wp’s when he catches AJ of the dirtball?

  3. I suggest to you good ones are not. Why the agonizing decision to bring Montero in, would you say?

    Backups have to play 1/4, ideally, 1/3 of the games. For that to be comfy, he has to block dirtballs like a house-afire, throw out runners (prob your beef with Cervie), call pitches approppriate to pitcher and batter… Oh, yeah, you probably want them to hit, too.

  4. Both pitchers are throwing shutouts through 6, but Colon has thrown 68 pitches to Britton’s 110.

    • That’s the Bartolo we know and love. He’s looked very good today. I haven’t seen the crazy movement on the 2-seamer like we did earlier this year, but its moving nicely and he’s throwing it for strikes. (Thank you John Hirshbeck)

      • John’s got the right idea: how you gonna pitch, when they don’t give you the letters?

  5. Colon has used the left corner (from his perspective) with wonderful precision. The right, they tend to be middle/right.

    Howdy do, Prof, and Steve. Prof I was just playing with weather maps, thinking of you in the yellow band of rain, inSyracuse. Did you take shelter?

    • The weather was beautiful in Syracuse. I didn’t see rain until I got back to Sullivan county yesterday. Here in Ulster, it opened up during the night, and got quite heavy this morning, but it stopped an hour or two ago.

  6. Nice timing, congratulations. How was the state fair? Any pretty women or cows?

    Flood worries?

    • A few of each, and some adorable piglets, too. But the fair isn’t where you go to see beautiful women; it’s where you go to see people who eat deep fried macaroni and cheese, which is actually on the menu up there.

  7. I’ll hand you this , on Cervie, he’s about two clicks faster than Jorge.

    “Bout the same as Weiters, must be something with the knees…

  8. Terrific outing by Colon today. 2 seamer was dancing, throwing strikes, being efficient. Win or lose, I feel much better about him at this point of the season. Especially coming off a few sub par outings.

  9. For those at the fair seeking a healthier option, they had deep fried green beans.

    • had to be tasty crust on it. Used to get fried okra that was delicious for the savory crust.

  10. shoot, I though Curtis had caught one! Had the sound muted, so I didn’t hear Kenny’s bat-tone.

  11. smurfy says:

    Backups have to play 1/4, ideally, 1/3 of the games. For that to be comfy, he has to block dirtballs like a house-afire, throw out runners (prob your beef with Cervie), call pitches approppriate to pitcher and batter… Oh, yeah, you probably want them to hit, too.

    I say:

    I don’t see Cervelli doing any of that. He doesn’t hit, he doesn’t throw out runners, he has 3 PBs and there have been 7 WPs while he’s catching. There must have been a Molina available at some point.

    • He’s hitting 260, and better than that with risp. How many wild pitches when Rusell, the slouch, catches? Admitedly, he’s overmatched throwing when the pitcher isn’t helping well.

      Jose Molina slipped thru our hands due to political comparisons with a fighting-back Jorge, too much selection by starting pitchers, and babies crying about spilt milk and poor hitting.

      • His slugging average is .337! Hitting .260 isn’t cutting it. His OBP is reasonable, but he’s well below 100 OPS+.

        40 WPs while Martin is catching.

  12. They need a baserunner, but are unlikely to get it by bunting at pitches 18 inches outside.

  13. Oriole Park at Camden Yard? No corporate pull, at all?

    Kinda like it. Noticed earlier that the nice seats behind home aren’t those overstuffed, padded jobbies.

  14. It’s now, or never. I just can’t wait…

    Got one!

    No, no, no, Alex! That’s not the right idea!


  16. Zach darned Britton threw a nice game. I’m not worried about our offense. Shame to waste Colon’s gem, but it’s wonderful to see a masterful Colon. C’est la guerre!

  17. Boston has 13 games against teams with 66-67 or worse records from hereonin (Toronto is 66-67) : 7 vs. the Os and 6 vs. the Blue Jays, but they face only one overall bad team from hereonin (the Os) as 66-67 Toronto is hardly a bad team. They play the Yanks and Rangers 4 times each and the Rays 6 times.

    The Yanks really need to win tonight then take at least 2 of 3 at Fenway to be behind Boston by only a game through 9/1. If they can do that, I like their chances for winning the division because 13 of the next 16 games after the Boston series will be against 66-67 or worse teams including a makeup game at home vs. the Twins 9/19 (the Angels are the only above .500 team they’ll face during this stretch), 14 out of 17 vs. sub-.500 teams if they have to play a makeup game vs. the Os 9/8. Toronto is the only team who really hits.

    I wouldn’t say it’s a cakewalk though for they might draw Hernandez and either Pineda or Vargas or both for Seattle, the Blue Jays ace Romero twice, Liriano, Duensing, or Baker for the Twins, and will probably draw two from Weaver, Haren, and Santana for the Angels. Baltimore could still play well next week though something tells me they’ll tail off. I’m hoping for 10-6 or 11-5 between Boston and the Rays.