Reminder: TYA Mobile App Now Available for iPhone Users

iPhone users rejoice, as TYA is now one tap away, absolutely free. In case you haven’t yet done so, be sure to click here to download The Yankees’ Analysts’ free iPhone app.

And if you’re an Android user, please download the Android version of the mobile app here.

Huge thanks go to Josh Wolff and the team at ShoutEm for pulling this fantastic app together. If you ever need to develop a mobile app, be sure to reach out to Josh and co. and they’ll take care of you.

2 thoughts on “Reminder: TYA Mobile App Now Available for iPhone Users

  1. If Swisher has a solid 2012, would you re-sign him for two years at $10M per with a mutual option for 2015? I would. I think he’d take it. He strikes me as a kind of guy who would think if he’s good enough 2013-14, the Yanks will bring him back for 2015, so just play 2013-14 well enough to get 2015.

    Btw Curtis Granderson is the ALMVP, not Jose Bautista. Granderson leads the majors in HR and RBI and is doing what he’s doing at a more difficult position than RF where Bautista plays. He has hit all year and did so when Jeter and A-Rod were out.

    Bautista’s BA and OBP are inflated by his IBB. Nevermind take away him and Toronto is worse. Ditto for Granderson with the Yanks. Both teams are worse without their respective ALMVP candidates. Toronto more? Ok, so? Cuz Toronto is a less talented team with no other big bat and they’re so cheap they didn’t take a flier on Lance Berkman to be their DH means Bautista should win the ALMVP? BS to that when if Toronto had two or three big bats in the lineup along with Bautista, he wouldn’t look so big. Toronto is a cheap organization. The only MLB team in Canada and the only other non-hockey American pro sports team besides the Toronto Raptors, and they couldn’t take a flier on Lance Berkman and/or sign Carlos Pena for 1B for the ten mil he took from the Cubs? THE CUBS.

    I define an MVP as a guy who is a big part if not the biggest part of helping his team make the postseason cuz that’s what the regular season is all about. Just because a 56-106 team has a dude who posts 50 HR and 130 RBI doesn’t mean he should be the MVP cuz the team is horrendous with or without him. They finish 46-116 without him, so what? Crap is crap.

    The Blue Jays are mediocre with or without Bautista. They’re worse without him, but I doubt by much. Baseball isn’t basketball where one guy goes down and the team is bad.

    ‘Say Mo got hurt tomorrow and was out for the rest of 2011. I think Robertson and Soriano could get the job done as the dual closer, it’d just be different. I could also see one or both blow a game or two in the postseason, but you just hope they don’t. Yes, the Yanks chances of winning it all this year would be dimished without Mo, but maybe they 11-4 coast (3-1 ALDS, 4-1 ALCS, 4-2 WS) where they need a save only 6 times (1 blown save.)