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5 thoughts on “A simple solution to scheduling issues

  1. Brien, the Rays had the option to veto because of what the Yankees proposed — which is a split (day/night) double-header which would have added an extra game (and profits) vs. simply adding a twin-bill (one price = two games) in which case the visiting team can veto. The Yankees, being sucecssful, would have lost a ton of money when there was plenty of time to make up games and so did not do this.

    However, the easiest solution to the scheduling snafus is to NOT PLAY EAST COAST GAMES SO EARLY. The Yankees opened at home in March, which is insane (I was there; it was freezing). What happened to trying to avoid East Coast games not in domes or Florida until mid-April? Hwo many early games got cancelled due to weather, needed to be made up mid-summer and are now causing these issues?

  2. To invoke Mike Flanagan's memory was a little tacky by Buck Showalter. I don't think the Yankee organization deliberately went out to show disrespect to Mr. Flanagan's sad demise. At the same time, the Yankees probably could have handled their end of things a bit better, particularly the manager. Apparently a miscommunication between a union lawyer and the two teams was the issue. The lawyer read something into the Yankee refusal to play doubleheaders Sunday and Monday as tacit approval to playing a game on 9/8.

  3. Bill, my thoughts exactly. I realize that there is a protocol that is followed, and if Showalter felt the need to take exception with the Yankees’ reservations about the approved playing date, he could have done so by other means. To suggest that the entire organization is insensitive to the tragedy that took place, or that the Yankees are being disrespectful to Flanagan was a needless jab, and a cheap shot at that. I’m sorry, but that’s what I call being classless. As far as I am concerned, the insignificant manager of an irrelevant ball club sees this as an opportunity to get a “win” against the Yanks, even if it is off the field. (Maybe an unfair label, but I’m a little peeved at the aforementioned cheapshot).