On A-Rod’s thumb…

A-Rod is a big, important force for the Yankee lineup, and keeping him healthy should be paramount, especially considering his contract. With rosters expanding in only a couple of days, there’s no need to put him on the DL, but he shouldn’t play until he’s 100%. I don’t know how badly his thumb is hurt, but obviously it’s worse than it appeared when it first happened, and, at the risk of sounding terribly obvious, aggravating it would be a bad idea. It sounds like the Yankees are being cautionary here, which is almost certainly the way to go. They can win without Alex, especially considering the playoff picture, but having him at full strength for the playoffs gives them a much better chance.

2 thoughts on “On A-Rod’s thumb…

  1. Michael L.

    Will we see a CC/Nova/Colon/Garcia starting rotation come October? Not necessarily in that order but I think it is the best unless Hughes can rebound well.

  2. Bill

    I wouldn't mind seeing any one of Colon/Garcia/Hughes in the bullpen for the playoffs as the long man in case another starter falters.

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