Game 132: Yankees 3, Orioles 2

Each team went down in order in the second and third innings, but the Yankees added a couple runs in the fourth.  Robinson Cano singled to left and Nick Swisher knocked a homer to right, giving the Bombers a 3-0 lead.

Garcia looked strong, as he didn’t allow a baserunner for three straight innings.  In the bottom of the fifth, however, he gave up a solo homer to Mark Reynolds and the Orioles were on the board.  David Robertson gave up a solo homer to J.J. Hardy in the bottom of the eighth, making the game 3-2, but the Yankees sent Mariano Rivera to the mound for the ninth and they came away with the win.

Bronx Cheers:
Brett Gardner: Gardy went 0-3 with a walk and a steal.

Jorge Posada: Jorgie went 0-4.

RISP: The Yankees had more opportunities to score than I realized, but were unable to take advantage of them.  They were 0-5 with runners in scoring position.

Curtain Calls:
Nick Swisher: Swish went 1-4 with the game-winning homer.

Robinson Cano: Robbie was the only Yankee to get more than one hit, going 2-4 with a run scored.

Freddy Garcia: Garcia went six innings and gave up one run on two hits and a walk.  He struck out four.  Seeing Garcia, Colon and Nova pitch well the last couple days has made me feel a bit better, let’s hope they continue to pitch like this.

In the On Deck Circle:
The Yankees head up the east coast to meet up with the Boston Red Sox this week.  CC Sabathia will take the ball for the Bombers on Tuesday, hoping to put his struggles against the Yankees’ AL East foe behind him.   Boston will send John Lackey to the mound.  The righty has had a rough season, finding himself with a 5.98 ERA as August reaches an end.  He has done better as of late, going 7-2 over his last ten starts, however, the Red Sox bats have helped him quite a bit.  Only twice over that time did he give up less than three runs and only once did he complete seven innings.  Left-handed hitters are mashing him for a .330 average.  First pitch is at 7:10pm at Fenway.

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2 thoughts on “Game 132: Yankees 3, Orioles 2

  1. Sry, fans of old-timers, but Jorge just looked lost last night – sadly, at least for one night, he was back in early season form. On one of his strike outs, he flailed ahead and over a ball that bounced ahead of the plate. Not good.

    Also noticed something else – its been so long since I've seen much of Soriano, but it might bear watching from now on. When he came on, he got the first batter out, and then was incredibly tentative with the next, walking him on five pitches, only to come back and punch out the next two batters on SIX pitches – total. The difference? The guy he danced around and walked was a LEFTY; the last two hitters were batting right handed. And folks – he absolutely SMOKED them. He looked like a possessed demon on the mound, for those two guys. Day and night.

    So – (in case I get a life and miss some games) – might be an idea to keep an eye on Rafael and see if that is a pattern or a one time aberration.

  2. Almost forgot – good thing we won, or the Girardi haters would have been out in force today. For good reason. After showing no life whatsoever at the plate, in the 8th inning Jorge was due to come up – against a LEFTY. Isn't that Jones' job? YES cameras even made a point of showing him get off the bench, swinging his bat, getting ready to take poor Posada's place.

    I think Andruw himself was as surprised as anyone to see Jorge at the plate. YES announcers hemmed and hawed, and then pretended it was the right move to send Jorge up. Where he promptly grounded out to end the inning.