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27 thoughts on “Lackey’s new low

  1. Uh oh, he pumped his fist after back to back bases loaded strikeouts. I guess they'll have to hit him again.

  2. I just thought the whole exchange was funny, if only because I was yelling some pretty not nice things at Cervelli right up until he got ahold of that home run.

  3. As a fan, I enjoy this enthusiasm. It isn't requisite for my entertainment, but if enjoying producing a run directly leads to scoring another run, can anyone argue?

    • this, admittedly butchered quote, just in as soriano gives up leadoff walk

      michael kay: that would actually make david roberston the 6th inning guy


      god i love gardner

  4. Cervelli doesnt hit homers…it was his second..maybe he was celebrating for himself….Lackey should go hide under a rock..no point in hitting him

  5. Every time the Yankees face Lackey, my wife explains that he is the ugliest man in baseball…EVERY TIME!

  6. I loved that entire exchange, but if that doesn't get a pitcher tossed then what does? That was so clearly intentional.

    And yes, he is the ugliest man in baseball.

  7. Why not take advantage of these pitchers who enforce "old school rules"?….If I hit a home run, ill watch the holy hell out of that ball, and moon walk my ass back to home plate…….my next at bat i get hit…and better yet get the pitcher probably thrown out of the game….now they lost their starter in say the 3rd, and you force the manager to use more bodies and perhaps tougher pitching matchups……I would seriously use it to my advantage….if he doesnt get thrown out, show him up again, either he hits u and gets thrown out or he'll be off his game….pitchers should be more concerned w/ giving up runs than simply being "shown up"

  8. Never understand retaliation pitches. This guy hits a HR off of you, so you reward him with a free at bat and another chance to score…thanks, smuck!

  9. I think he was beaned because Cervelli clapped his hands when he touched homeplate after the HR (not that I'm intending to say it makes the beanball any more warranted) . it was also funny to listen to the Red Sox announcing team vehemently insist there was NO WAY that was intentional… until the saw the replay of the Cervelli HR.

    Also not mentioned here was the classic Lackey yelling and swearing when a fielder doesn't make a play and it costs him… (this happened after the Chavez single that got past Pedroia). He did this while in LA and he's been doing it in Boston… if I were a teammate of his I'd be doing the same schtick when he gives up a HR…. I'm sure Lackey would appreciate that.

    With jerk starter #2 on the mound tomorrow (Beckett), I would not be surprised to see an early 2 out HBP.

  10. HYPERBOLE ALERT: Sports Center described the celebration as "Cervelli claps in the face of the catcher". Well, thats an acurate desciption of what happened!

  11. You can color me confused. I've been watching baseball for over two decades and I don't get this clapping thing. Where is the "clapping of hands" boundary on a baseball diamond? What if you clap your hands when you're running around the bases? Does that warrant a beaning? Must one wait until the dugout? Is smiling permitted after a homerun too? Maybe ESPN and the Red Sox can draw up the "unwritten rules" for us so we know.

    Beckett will hit min. 3 people tomorrow.

    • Amen Moskva. Ortiz does a 2 minute shuffle around the diamond, dramatically steps on plate, and points to the damn sky. How is clapping on Cisco's 3rd career homer even a FRACTION of what Ortiz has done 300 times in his career?

  12. Not to pile on a guy when he's down, but James and Chris, have you taken a good look at A.J. Burnett?

    • A.J. and Lackey could be brothers from a different mother. Both look like they crawled out of the same scary, dark place, Dueling Banjos playing in the background.

  13. I loved it. Cervy HIT A HOME RUN. Then gets plunked (after all, he is a noted power hitter) and ends up SCORING.


    Lost in this is the beautiful and resounding retaliation PLUNK by CC in the first inning. First batter; fourth pitch. No mucking about – a good high hard one to Ellsbury. Got to LOVE a pitcher who isn't afraid to protect his teammates.

    (Had Burnett done that – no one would have even realized it was retaliation)

    • I might be misremembering, but I believe the count was 1-2 on that HBP. Pretty sure it wasn't meant to hit him, just trying to run a fastball up and in and got him on the elbow. And Grandy certainly wasn't hit on purpose either with the count being 0-2.

      • Just checked, and yes, it was a 2 strike count. Considering that, the fact that Ellsbury is a tremendous base stealer, and that the Granderson HBP was a cheapy off his hands in an 0-2 count, I’m 110% sure C.C. didn’t intend to hit Ellsbury. And if I’m wrong and it was intentional, it was an incredibly stupid thing to do.

  14. While I loved the home run and got a good chuckle over Cervelli scoring after the plunking, were I not a Yankee fan, I'd absolutely hate him. He's the Jose Valverde of catchers.

  15. Yeah, I liked him scoring, but he's just not good enough to be showing up other teams and players. I always hated Pedro, but he did have three great quotes: (1) the "Yankees are my daddy" quote; (2) the "mango tree" quote, and (3) "Who is Karim Garcia?" I could almost hear him saying last night "Who is Francisco Cervelli?"

    • If you're not joking in saying that Cervelli shows up other teams and players I'd have to take strong issue and try to explain the difference between displaying a real (and quite refreshing) enjoyment of what one does and taunting or diminishing an opponent.

      To me, Cervelli seems to be all about enthusing/ supporting his team and enjoying his own, infrequent, successes. He doesn't look to have any thought at all about his opponents in his actions and rarely (certainly not last night) seems to behave in a way that one might characterise as inconsiderate to a person of normal sensitivity, which Lackey must not be if he took offense last night.

  16. asked whether he had intentionally hit a batsman in a post-game interview, Pedro once said, "What do you think? I'm Pedro Martinez, I can turn the pages of a phone book with my fastball."