Brett Gardner, infield-fly-ball machine

This isn’t meant as a knock on Brett Gardner, who, on the whole, has had a wonderful season in many respects. His speed and outfield defense are game-changing, and I absolutely love what he brings to the table.

Which is why I was a tad surprised to find that Gardner actually leads all of MLB in IFFB% with a 21.4% rate. This made me curious about his monthly batted ball splits, which inspired the following graph (click to enlarge):

Here’s hoping to an increase in GB%, decrease in FB% and substantial decrease in IFFB% for Brett in September.

2 thoughts on “Brett Gardner, infield-fly-ball machine

  1. Brett has an unusual approach at the plate: we’re most used to the dink swing resulting in grounders and texas leaguers, usually to left. But right now, he’s in a mode in which he can line them to right or center (nearly took Simon’s head off Monday night), but if he let’s the ball get deep on him, he pops it to the right side, rather than hit it on the ground or as a texas league bloop.

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