Catching notes: Cervelli’s scuffle and JESUS JUEVES!

There’s big news in the land of Yankee catchers. Let’s start with the small stuff…

So, Francisco Cervelli hit a massive home run last night against John Lackey and the Red Sox. It didn’t just go off the field of play, it went out of the stadium. Frankie Blue Eyes, he of the .072 career IsoP, put one onto the streets of Boston. Lackey, he of the showing-up-his-fielders ilk, did not take kindly to this. The next time Cervelli came to the plate, Lackey hit the young catcher in the shoulder with a pitch. The benches cleared. Larry Rothschild was ejected. Cervelli came around to score despite a double play by Derek Jeter. My immediate reaction was to thank Lackey for the free base runner. While the run Cervelli scored wasn’t huge, it was still a run and Lackey’s emotions are responsible for that run.

What Cervelli did to get hit–clapping as he crossed the plate after the homer–was beyond innocuous. Countless players do some sort of gesturing after hitting a home run and don’t get beaned for it. You don’t want to get shown up, Mr. Pitcher? Then don’t give up a home run to the worst hitter in the park. Or, here’s a novel idea….get him out the next time. Wouldn’t that be better payback than giving your opponent a free base runner in a relatively close game?

I sincerely hope the Yankees do not retaliate, even in a blow out situation. Why? Because bean ball wars are stupid. At best, they’re immature. At worst, they’re promoting the bodily harm of others, which should never be acceptable. In a baseball sense, they’re dumb because they give the other team free runners. Why would you ever want to do that? This nonsense will hopefully be blown over by the end of the game tonight and we won’t have to waste anymore time on it. Now, for the big news…


Word came down yesterday from Joel Sherman of the Post that the Yankees will indeed bring up Jesus Montero tomorrow. This, folks, is the moment we’ve been waiting for. Personally, I can’t wait to complain when he doesn’t go 5-5 with 5 grand slams in his first game.

Montero’s impending promotion is just another exciting moment for this Yankee season and it will be fantastic to see him up with the big club. The issue now will be how manager Joe Girardi decides to divide the playing time. I imagine Russell Martin will still get the lion’s share of catching duties while Cervelli and Montero fill in around the edges. I also assume we’ll see Brett Gardner resume his platoon role (which is convenient considering he’s slumping now) which will allow both Andruw Jones, who’ll go to LF, and Montero, who will DH, into the lineup. I figure Montero will also get a good amount of pinch hitting duties, both for Gardner and Jorge Posada when lefties are brought in to face them. It doesn’t appear that finding playing time for Montero will be hard at all. The beginnings of careers are always exciting and this is one we’ve been dreaming on for years. Welcome to the Bronx, Jesus. We can’t wait to watch you work.

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4 thoughts on “Catching notes: Cervelli’s scuffle and JESUS JUEVES!

  1. I still vividly remember the article in 2006 on when he signed as a 16 year old, and reading that people said he was the best prospect out of Venezuela since Miguel Cabrera. So excited to see him day to day now.

  2. His coming should prove invaluable this month. I’ve been wondering, have the Yankees held him back until Sept. to keep the contenders from really getting a ‘book’ on him? Over the years there have been many hitters that really mash the ball for a few months, at which time pitchers learn to make adjustments. I’m expecting Montero will kill the ball through October….

  3. Jesus!!!! It’s about time. Does’nt matter what he does initially because you know ultimately he’ll be raking!

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