7 thoughts on “Montero up tomorrow

  1. As I commented in the next post, I am not really sure why Montero, Chavez, or most any other of our non-regulars should be taking any of Posada's at-bats at this point. Jorge is down to a platoon player against right-handed pitching, and in such a role his stats this year are better than Chavez or Nunez (against right-handed pitching), and better than Montero has been able to put up against right-handed pitching at any point in the minor leagues. I present the stats in my comment to the post "Can anyone here hit right-handed pitching?" for those that would like to see more.

  2. Amen, Bexy. After watching Posada flail away the last two games, I was ready for Cervelli to PH/DH. Or maybe Martin. CC? Even he has better numbers.

    Haven't been a fan of bringing up Montero early – as Brien can attest – but yes, it IS TIME. ;)

  3. Montero probably won't hit great right off the bat( No pun intended). If you look at all the top(hitting) prospects that have come up this year all of them have struggled at first and then turned it around on down the road. BUT you never know, he may come out and absolutely rake

    • I agree. Even if he rakes it is likely to be weighted to opportunities against left handed pitching as his splits are widely divergent and his numbers are much better against lefties. Finding at bats for him in those situations will be a little more difficult as as a lineup we hit much better against lefties, including several players whose splits are extreme (Tex, Swisher, Jeter, Jones). Where will those at bats come from if Martin still does the bulk of the catching?

      • I think they will give martin a day off every once in awhile, give them time to see what montero is capable of. I personally don't mind if montero isn't that great defensively, I think we need another good/great bat in the lineup. We're not getting those clutch hits that we need when we're down in a game and I think that has hurt us this year. Just compare our pitching this year to last year, CC has been better, Bartolo Has Had a resurgence, Garcia too, and Nova looks terrific now. I know we have one of the best records in baseball but we are a club that should win 100 every year. Especially when our pitching has been this good

    • Lawrie did not struggle. Jennings did not struggle. Espinosa did not struggle (he hasn't hit well, but I wouldn't call it struggling because I thnik this is what he is–so technically playing to his level isn't struggling. Same with Arencibia.)

  4. Yeah but there is one HUGE difference between them and Montero……. They're not playing for The Yankees