Victory is spelled C-E-R-V-E-L-L-I; Yanks beat Sox 5-2

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As we’ve been hearing for weeks on end, the Yankees have been unusually horrible against the Red Sox all season long. Tonight though, they managed to prevail, 5-2. It’s certainly a much-needed win with the uncertainty that follows CC Sabathia in the rotation – Phil Hughes and A.J. Burnett are slated to pitch Wednesday and Thursday. Sabathia pitched well though and the Yankees got some unlikely help on offense as they locked down the first game of the series.

In the top of the 2nd, Eric Chavez singled up the middle driving home Robinson Cano to put the Yankees on the board, 1-0. Sabathia went with the bend but not break approach, ultimately throwing 69 pitches across the first 3 innings. In the 4th, Cano doubled in Granderson and then scored again when Eric Chavez singled, making it 3-0 Yankees. The Red Sox came right back. Carlos Crawfish, aka Carl Crawford who wasn’t fazed by CC’s slider in the least bit, took him deep 420 some odd feet into the right field stands. Jarrod Saltalamacchia then singled and was driven home by a Marco Scutaro double to make it 3-2 Yankees. In the 5th, Francisco Cervelli of all people hit a HR that wound up on Lansdowne Street. As he was crossing the plate, he clapped in a pretty exuberant manor, which would come back to bite him in the ass. Literally. In the top of the 7th with the score 4-2, Cervelli led off the inning again and was promptly drilled by Lackey. Cervelli was understandably upset, the benches cleared and for some reason Larry Rothschild was thrown from the game. After a passed ball and a Brett Gardner bunt, Cervelli came around to score after Jeter hit into a double play. CC, who had labored and suffered through a terrible strike zone all night, threw 128 pitches in 6 innings of work (and struck out 10 men). After CC left, Cory Wade allowed David Ortiz and Jed Lowrie to reach in the 7th before Girardi pulled him for Boone Logan. The matchup was Logan vs. Carlos Crawfish, and the exoskeleton prevailed, loading the bases with 1 out in a 3 run game. Girardi chose to stick with Logan against the right-handed hitters and Logan rewarded him, striking both out to end the threat. The 8th and 9th were handled by Rafael Soriano and Mariano Rivera. It wasn’t clean — the Yankees were unable to set the Red Sox down in order in any inning — but all’s well that ends well, right?

Coming into this game, as Larry mentioned earlier today, the Yankees were due for a good performance. We all knew CC was too good to let his previous poor starts against the Red Sox persist. We also knew the Yankees were unlikely to continue losing 10 of 12 to the Red Sox. This was the one game in which the pitching matchup clearly favors the Yankees, so it’s good to have this locked away as a win. Tonight, Phil Hughes will go for the Yankees against Josh Beckett. Thursday, it’s A.J. Burnett against Jon Lester in the game you should not watch. We know the Yankees have a playoff spot virtually locked away but it’s always nice to show some competency against the Red Sox.

As for the whole Cervelli business, I think it was pretty funny. If I’m a Red Sox fan, I’m pretty upset with John Lackey right now. Hitting Cervelli is something that’s permissible if the game isn’t so close. At the time, it’s a 2-run game, and having him eventually come around to score is just salt in the wound. As for plunking Cervelli for his exaggerated hand clap, I think it’s stupid. Cervelli is clearly pretty unlikeable for opposing fans and players because he fist pumps and all that. I get it. Is a guy clapping his hands as he crosses the plate after hitting his second HR of the year a bridge too far though? I think not. Given the situation, given the player involved, I don’t think Cervelli deserved to get drilled.

14 thoughts on “Victory is spelled C-E-R-V-E-L-L-I; Yanks beat Sox 5-2

  1. Nice recap, Sean. Agree with everything you said. Yankee pitching really bore down in this one — by my count the Sox had 18 baserunners in this one, not included the Crawford home run.

    Generally when your team picks up 13 hits, 4 walks and 2 HBP, you’re probably thinking you’re gonna score more than two. I can only imagine Sox blogs are beside themselves re: RISPFail.

    Additionally, Boston actually wOBAed .402 in this game, compared to the Yanks’ .354. I don’t often check individual game team wOBAs, but I can’t imagine teams that wOBA over .400 in a game lose all that frequently.

    Really a tremendous job by the Yankee pitching staff to limit the damage despite putting seemingly a zillion Sox on base.

  2. Wait until Frankie does something really offensive, like stepping on the pitching mound …

  3. when there is a close play at the plate and the runner is safe and jumps up and claps his hands, is that any different than what cervelli did? also when big pooppy hits a ball out and stands there ,does that call for a 96mph in the back? it has never happened .by a yankee pitcher..or paplebum fist pumping after he strikes out a guy.. or beckett drilling arod jeter for years..everyone knows it is coming..but we hit them in the soft spot or just brush them back.. the kid cervelli showed emotion no different then those bums….do i think all this jumping around is o.k. is a ball..but with every player looking to make espn hi lites, it has become common place..who gives the rules how , who and when is the right time to show emotion.. leave cervelli alone, he plays his game with fire..a little guy that nobody expects to do anything to beat the sux.. even he knows it..he has fire something we have not seen since o’niel..he is not worried about patting any sux on the check of his ass, or going out to eat with them..he has his heart and soul in beating them. lets not spill water on our little fire..the little guy won big last night

  4. Lackey showed total disregard for his team, the game, as well as his composure on the mound.

    The way he throws his hands up when he gives up a dinky hit, or God forbid somebody makes an error is something you don’t even see in youth ball.

  5. +1 on the picture caption. I literally burst out laughing when I read it and then had to quickly click back to my work email window so I didn’t give myself away as a slacker who’s busy reading Yankee blogs on company time.

    Well done, Sean.

  6. Great performance by CC- he earned that win ’cause the RS made him work. Great play by Cano saving 2 runs.Great catch by Gardner in the 9th. The only negative- Tex continues to be a no-show vs. the RS and despite all the HRs and RBI, an offensive disappointment this season.

    • he needs to pitch hard in on the sox, they sit and lean over the plate ,, ellsbury got hit and he was done for the night..maybe thats why gonzales looked bad vs CC last night..also .MO has gone to different locations and pitches..great ajustment..

  7. when is tex going to come up big vs sox…. flying under the radar here..if we lost last night..throw the loss at posada and tex..we need tex to start hitting and take a walk, this guy refuses to take a walk.. i’m talking about the left side mark the right side guy is good..

  8. Great recap Sean, glad to have you back. I third the approval of the picture caption, and I’m glad Carlos Crawfish is catching on. #lovethisteam

  9. Is that pic of Girardi photoshopped? Geez, if it isn’t then he is rocked up. I hope that my Rangers don’t ever have to pit our skinny manager against your buff one in a death match for home field advantage. Because if they threw down, I would expect yours to snap ours in half.

    Do they test managers for PEDs, btw?