Red Sox Deliver Another Rivalry Salvo, but Does Regular Season Record Have Bearing in October?

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If the Yankees were hoping to deliver a message to the Red Sox this past weekend, it didn’t reach the intended destination. In fact, it was returned to sender. Not only did Boston win another series, but the team beat CC Sabathia for the fourth time and then, for good measure, added a blown save to Mariano Rivera’s record. Message received…loud and clear.

The 1983 NLCS looked like a mismatch in favor of the Dodgers, but the Phillies won despite going 1-11 against Los Angeles during the regular season.

For the second time in the last three years, the Yankees started off the season series against the Red Sox by losing eight of the first nine. Unlike 2009, however, the Yankees won’t be able to turn the tables and tie the series. With a 10-2 record (.833 winning percentage) over the first 12 games, Boston has already clinched victory in its private war with the Yankees, so, from a rivalry standpoint, the remaining six games will simply determine the level of the Red Sox’ head-to-head dominance.… Click here to read the rest

The Posada Problem

Of course, none of this would be the case for most players. If we were talking about, say, Andruw Jones, he probably would have already been designated for assignment and the Yankees would be calling up someone from Triple-A to help. But it’s not Andruw Jones, it’s Jorge Posada, Yankee Legend, so it appears that he’s basically going to burn a roster spot for awhile, sitting on the bench and not really doing much.That’s what sentimentality buys you in this organization.

Your mileage may vary on this question, but I personally don’t think the Yankees do a very good job of managing these emotionally charged aging legends. It’s not that I have a problem with sentimentality per se, I certainly think there’s a time and a place for it. But that doesn’t extend to the point of being a burden on the team, and the Yankees have not done a good job of balancing those concerns whatsoever for the past 12-14 months.… Click here to read the rest

TYA Mailbag: A glance at the 2012 Yankee roster

Long time TYA reader Travis recently sent us a series of questions about possible roster moves for the Yankees next season. Rather than reprint all the questions here, I’ll summarize his queries as follows. He was curious to get our opinion on the future in pinstripes for many players currently on the Yankee roster, including starters Bartolo Colon and Freddy Garcia, reliever Luis Ayala (and I’ll add Cory Wade to this discussion as well) and bench players Eric Chavez and Ramiro Pena. These are interesting questions and we’re happy to take a moment to answer them.

The Starters – It remains unclear whether or not either Colon or Garcia will be back with the Yankees next year. It goes without saying that they have both pitched brilliantly for the Bombers. Colon has a 3.33 ERA and a 3.47 FIP in 113.2 innings so far this season, while Garcia has a 3.22 ERA and a 3.59 FIP over 117.1 innings so far this season, entering Sunday night’s game.… Click here to read the rest

When Alex returns, a decision looms on Posada

The end is near

When Yankee manager Joe Girardi announced before Sunday night’s game that he was going to start playing Eric Chavez as the DH facing Righty pitchers, the implications of that move were fairly obvious. Jorge already lost most of his playing time against Lefties after his miserable showing against them (.103/.188/.121) this year. His OPS line for the year puts him at 10th in the AL among DHs (min 300 PA). The only everyday DH who’s been worse than Jorge is Adam Dunn, and he’s signed to a huge contract and plays for a losing team. In Jorge’s case the money isn’t a factor, in the final year of his deal it is viewed as already being spent.

Jorge is a DH who isn’t hitting. The Yankees don’t view him as a Catcher except in emergency situations. He’s capable of playing 1B, but so are Nick Swisher and Eric Chavez. The very fact that he’s taking up a roster spot hurts the team, carrying 13 pitchers and the bare minimum 3 man bench.… Click here to read the rest

Red Sox walk-off in the 10th, win 3-2

That's the most horrible thing I've ever seen.

Just as Saturday’s game favored the Yankees on paper, Sunday’s game favored the Red Sox on paper. Boston was putting Josh Beckett on the mound, who is in the middle of an excellent season and has demolished the Yankees this year. The Bombers were countering with junk baller extraordinaire Freddy Garcia, who has had a fantastic year so far for the Yankees, but had been awful against Boston heading into the game. On paper this had the makings of an easy Boston victory. Instead, it was a nail biter from start to finish.

Neither pitcher gave his team length, but was effective over a short period of time. Garcia gave the Yankees just five innings of work, but allowed only a single run on five hits and three walks with just one strike out. Garcia’s most important inning was the second, when the Red Sox loaded the bases with no outs. At that moment, it looked like the teams were going to play this one to the script and Boston was about to get ahead of the Yankees early.… Click here to read the rest

Game 113: Yankees 2, Red Sox 3 (10 Innings)

The Yankees’ offense was slow early, as Josh Beckett gave them few opportunities.  With one out in the fifth, Russell Martin lined a single down the right field line.  Martin tried to stretch it to a double and was easily thrown out, a decision that would come back to haunt the Yankees.  Eduardo Nunez followed with a solo homer to left and the Yankees had tied the game 1-1.

In the top of the seventh, a solo homer from Brett Gardner gave the Yankees their first lead of the evening.  Derek Jeter was then hit by a pitch and Franklin Morales relieved Boston reliever Matt Albers.  Morales kept checking Jeter at first, who complained about the pitcher’s move being a balk.  This seemed to shake the Boston hurler, as he proceeded to walk Curtis Granderson and Mark Teixeira, giving the Yankees a chance to break the game open.  Instead, Robinson Cano grounded out, ending the threat.  Still, the Bombers had pulled ahead 2-1.… Click here to read the rest

Game 113-Garcia vs Beckett

Total domination

Total annihilation

I think the title says it all, no? Freddy Garcia, extreme fly ball pitcher in the ultimate hitter’s ballpark.  He got clobbered in his last outing facing the BoSox on June 7th of this year, lasting just 1.2 innings and giving up 4 runs, all of them earned. All totaled for the 2011 season Freddy’s pitched 8 innings against the Red Sox and given up 11 Runs, 10 of them earned. If there’s an answer to getting Red Sox batters out, Garcia certainly hasn’t found it this year.

He’ll be squaring off against Josh Beckett, who’s only having by far the best season (187 ERA+) of his storied career. He has dismantled the Yanks this season, pitching 21 innings across 3 starts while giving up a grand total of 2 Runs. Not only that, but he’s allowed just 10 hits and struck out 25 batters in those 21 frames. You know what we call that? Total domination.Click here to read the rest