Red Sox Deliver Another Rivalry Salvo, but Does Regular Season Record Have Bearing in October?

(The following is being syndicated from The Captain’s Blog). If the Yankees were hoping to deliver a message to the Red Sox this past weekend, it didn’t reach the intended destination. In fact, it was returned to sender. Not only did Boston win another series, but the team beat CC Sabathia for the fourth time and then, for good measure, added a blown save to Mariano Rivera’s record. Message received…loud and clear. For the second time in the last three years, the Yankees started off the season series against the Red Sox by losing eight of the first nine. Unlike 2009, however, Continue reading Red Sox Deliver Another Rivalry Salvo, but Does Regular Season Record Have Bearing in October?

The Posada Problem

Let’s just cut to the chase: Jorge Posada should not be on the Yankees’ roster right now. That sounds harsh, but it’s just the way it is. Posada is a man without a position right now, and worse, he a designated hitter who can’t hit. Though he has at times flashed some ability in spurts, his .230/.309/.372 line just doesn’t cut it as a DH, and now the Yankees are apparently planning on relegating him to a bench role, a position from which he basically has no use, given his lack of defensive utility.

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TYA Mailbag: A glance at the 2012 Yankee roster

Long time TYA reader Travis recently sent us a series of questions about possible roster moves for the Yankees next season. Rather than reprint all the questions here, I’ll summarize his queries as follows. He was curious to get our opinion on the future in pinstripes for many players currently on the Yankee roster, including starters Bartolo Colon and Freddy Garcia, reliever Luis Ayala (and I’ll add Cory Wade to this discussion as well) and bench players Eric Chavez and Ramiro Pena. These are interesting questions and we’re happy to take a moment to answer them. The Starters – It remains Continue reading TYA Mailbag: A glance at the 2012 Yankee roster

When Alex returns, a decision looms on Posada

When Yankee manager Joe Girardi announced before Sunday night’s game that he was going to start playing Eric Chavez as the DH facing Righty pitchers, the implications of that move were fairly obvious. Jorge already lost most of his playing time against Lefties after his miserable showing against them (.103/.188/.121) this year. His OPS line for the year puts him at 10th in the AL among DHs (min 300 PA). The only everyday DH who’s been worse than Jorge is Adam Dunn, and he’s signed to a huge contract and plays for a losing team. In Jorge’s case the money Continue reading When Alex returns, a decision looms on Posada

A quick word about the weekend and Boston in general

A weekend that started out on a very promising note with a tremendous 3-2 victory Friday night crumbled into disaster in the last two days. First C.C. Sabathia got shellacked by the Red Sox again, and then Mariano Rivera blew a 2-1 lead in the 9th thanks to a Marco Scutaro routine fly ball to left double off of the Green Monster. It was a crappy way to end a week that started off so well, and to be honest, it already feels like the four game sweep in Chicago didn’t happen.

Of course, in the grand scheme of things, last night is just one of those things that happens in baseball. Yes, Joe Girardi made some questionable decisions with his bullpen management, but they probably didn’t matter, and it’s all irrelevant if Mo is Mo. No, the Yankees didn’t hit well with runners in scoring position at all, but neither did the Red Sox. It’s only one game, and it has no bearing on the rest of the season going forward now. None.

On the other hand, I assume there will be much gnashing of teeth now about how the Yankees still can’t beat the Red Sox and yada yada yada, but again, that’s really neither here nor there when you look at the big picture. You can just as easily turn it around to being a negative reflection on the Sox, whose lead in the A.L. East is just a single game despite a 10-2 record against the Yankees. Ultimately both teams are probably going to the playoffs, and they’ll both have to worry about getting past a good team in the ALDS before they potentially have to match up in the ALCS. And then all bets are off. Continue reading A quick word about the weekend and Boston in general

Red Sox walk-off in the 10th, win 3-2

Just as Saturday’s game favored the Yankees on paper, Sunday’s game favored the Red Sox on paper. Boston was putting Josh Beckett on the mound, who is in the middle of an excellent season and has demolished the Yankees this year. The Bombers were countering with junk baller extraordinaire Freddy Garcia, who has had a fantastic year so far for the Yankees, but had been awful against Boston heading into the game. On paper this had the makings of an easy Boston victory. Instead, it was a nail biter from start to finish. Neither pitcher gave his team length, but Continue reading Red Sox walk-off in the 10th, win 3-2

Game 113: Yankees 2, Red Sox 3 (10 Innings)

The Yankees and Red Sox had split the first two games of the latest rendition of the Rivalry as they entered Sunday night’s rubber match.  It was a classic back-and-forth battle that lasted into the wee hours of the morning.  Unfortunately, the Yankees drew the short straw as Mariano Rivera blew the save and Phil Hughes was unable to hold off Boston in an impromptu bullpen appearance.  In the end, the Yankees took a 3-2 loss in the tenth inning and fell a game behind Boston in the AL East.

Freddy Garcia gave the Yankees a decent outing, but he struggled in the second inning.  Garcia walked Kevin Youkilis to start the inning and gave up a single to David Ortiz.  Carl Crawford loaded the bases with a single to first.  Garcia got Josh Reddick to strike out and Jason Varitek popped out to short, but a single from Marco Scutaro gave the Red Sox a 1-0 lead.

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Game 113-Garcia vs Beckett

I think the title says it all, no? Freddy Garcia, extreme fly ball pitcher in the ultimate hitter’s ballpark.  He got clobbered in his last outing facing the BoSox on June 7th of this year, lasting just 1.2 innings and giving up 4 runs, all of them earned. All totaled for the 2011 season Freddy’s pitched 8 innings against the Red Sox and given up 11 Runs, 10 of them earned. If there’s an answer to getting Red Sox batters out, Garcia certainly hasn’t found it this year. He’ll be squaring off against Josh Beckett, who’s only having by far Continue reading Game 113-Garcia vs Beckett