Captain Comeback: Jeter’s Rebound Quiets Critics

(The following is being syndicated from The Captain’s Blog). Lost amid the power explosion in yesterday’s 22-9 victory over the Athletics was another three-hit game by Derek Jeter, which momentarily vaulted the short stop over the .300 mark for the first time since the second game of the season. Game-by-Game Progression of Derek Jeter’s Batting Rates Source: Even though his status as a .300 hitter only lasted for one at bat (he struck out in the ninth to drop back down to .299), simply attaining the mark stands out as a remarkable accomplishment when you consider the depths to which Continue reading Captain Comeback: Jeter’s Rebound Quiets Critics

Has CC gotten too slider-happy?

Inspired by commenter Russ, who in the Thursday morning game recap thread asked whether CC was giving up more fly balls of late than he’d been, I turned up the following data. Beginning of the season through August 5: GB: 48% LD: 20% FB: 32% From August 6 on its: GB: 41% LD: 23% FB: 36% I also found that over his last four starts he’s been throwing quite a few more sliders than he had been. That roughly 8% uptick in sliders has corresponded with a 5% drop in the changeup and 3% decline in sinker use. CC’s location Continue reading Has CC gotten too slider-happy?

Come on Irene

Living in the Northeast corridor can be rough sometimes. I mean there’s horrific, cold windy winters, the occasional massive snowstorm, and the people aren’t exactly known for their good manners. But hey, at least we don’t get earthquakes and hurricanes, amirite?

Oh, well then. Well played Mother Nature.

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The 2011 “Should Hit” Yankees

Yesterday at FanGraphs, Bradley Woodrum posted an article about predicting performance for batters. Go to the post for the particulars and go here to download/play around with the spreadsheet. The basic tenet is that we need to look at BB%, K%, HR%, and BABIP to get a good idea of how a player should be hitting. Like the article says, let’s think of this as a sort of FIP for hitters. I’m going to run through the regular starting lineup to look at what the players are hitting and what they “should” be hitting based on the above parameters. I’ll Continue reading The 2011 “Should Hit” Yankees

Series Preview | Yankees vs. Orioles V: Oh, the humanity

Note: Given the fact that a hurricane is expected to hit much of the east coast this weekend, bear in mind than at least one if not more of these games is likely to be washed out, so the probable pitchers, game times and even dates on which these games will be played on are likely to change. Oh, to be Buck Showalter. We’ve already covered the myriad ways in which this has been a disappointing season for the O’s and their skipper, so no need to rehash all that here. All you need to know as the Yankees and Continue reading Series Preview | Yankees vs. Orioles V: Oh, the humanity

Game 128: Athletics 9, Yankees 22

After a delayed start due to rain, the Yankees and Athletics took the field Thursday afternoon.  Phil Hughes struggled early and the Yankees found themselves with a big hole to climb out of.  A couple grand slams later, however, and the Bombers had the lead.  They didn’t slow down afterwards, continuing to take advantage of the A’s pitching and closing out the day as the first team in Major League history to hit three grand slams in one game while winning 22-9.

Jemile Weeks singled to center to start the game, before stealing second base.  Coco Crisp put down a sac bunt, moving Weeks to third.  Hideki Matsui then lofted a sac fly to plate the first run of the game.  New York evened the game in the bottom of the inning as Derek Jeter started the Yankees with a triple, scoring on a groundout by Mark Teixeira.

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The Farm Report: 08/25/11 – Ugly rehab for Marte in the GCL

Scranton beat Rochester 4-1:
The Yankees took a lead quickly, as Kevin Russo’s first inning single was followed by a homer from Jesus Montero.  Rochester scored a run in the top of the sixth to make it close, but the Yankees added insurance in the bottom of the seventh.  Chris Dickerson led off with a single and Montero went yard for the second time today as the Yankees won 4-1.   Montero was 2-3 with a pair of homers and all four Yankee RBIs.  Chris Dickerson was 3-5 with a run scored.  D.J. Mitchell threw 6.2 innings, holding the Red Wings to just one run on eight hits and a walk, while striking out six.

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Yankees ride “4 Train” to victory over A’s

Hey, remember when it was 7-1 because Phil Hughes couldn’t get out of the third and Cory Wade gave up a two run homer and the Yankees were about to get swept by the A’s at home for the first time since 2006? Yeah, I don’t either. This was the lead in that Larry was going to have for the recap after Hughes was removed: I guess the A’s didn’t take too kindly to me assuming they were pushovers and also weren’t too jazzed about playing doormat to the Yankees these last few years, as they jumped all over Phil Continue reading Yankees ride “4 Train” to victory over A’s

Pondering the postseason rotation

Last night, I had an excellent time at the Wood-n-Tap with some of my favorite fellow Yankee fanatics. We ate, we drank, we laughed, we mocked the bunt (along with anything else worth mocking), and generally chatted about all things baseball. It was a great time, especially as I haven’t had a chance to really focus on a game for this past week or so (been very busy with wedding planning stuff!). At one point during the middling innings of the game, Rebecca Glass of YDB and I mused over the rotation that the Yankees might deploy come the postseason. Continue reading Pondering the postseason rotation