Nova's 11th straight win propels Yankees back into first

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I missed most of this one, so this’ll be quick. Ivan Nova recovered from a shaky first inning to go seven strong, striking out four and only giving up three hits as the Yankees beat the Blue Jays 3-2. The win, coupled with Boston’s loss to the Rangers, landed the Yankees back in first place.

Brett Gardner hit a two-run home run — his sixth of the year — and Robinson Cano broke the tie with what would be the game-winning hit, knocking Derek Jeter in.

The Yankees were without both Mark Teixeira and Alex Rodriguez, and though the offense only picked up four hits all game — Toronto starter Brandon Morrow went six innings and struck out a Morrow-esque eight — they made their hits count. The two teams go back at it Saturday afternoon, with Ricky Romero squaring off against Bartolo Colon at 1:10pm.

6 thoughts on “Nova's 11th straight win propels Yankees back into first

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  2. Will this team wake up and hit more? Jeez. ‘Doubt it will with the Blue Jays’ ace on the mound today.

    The Yanks should be 5.5 games up on Boston today. They pissed away a 7 IP 1 H 1 ER gem by Burnett, two good starts vs. the Mets by Garcia, and Colon’s last start. Had they won those four games plus just one more over Boston, they’d be 5.5 games up on Boston.

    Their advance scouts should be following Verlander/Detroit and Wilson/Ugando/Texas now because those two teams are making the postseason, not Chicago or Cleveland and L.A.

  3. Do sportstalk radio hosts live in a vacuum?

    I’m listening to one on the NYC affliate tell me Colon should be the Game 3 ALDS starter over Garcia because he’s better than Garcia when he’s not. Colon has had a nice year, but Garcia has had a better one and is more durable, even younger by a couple of years.

    If the Yanks start Colon in Game 3, they risk him getting hurt in a clinching game (Yanks up 2-0), swing game (series tied), or elimination game (Yanks down 0-2) and having to bring in Burnett and/or Hughes for who knows how long. I don’t want the fate of the Yanks season to come down to Burnett and/or Hughes out of the pen.

    Sabathia/Nova/Garcia/Colon with Burnett on standby for the ALDS, Garcia/Nova/Sabathia/Colon or Burnett (whoever pitches better in Game 4 of the ALDS) in the ALCS, same rotation as the ALCS with whoever pitches better in the ALCS between Colon or Burnett for Game 4 in the WS.

    Oh yeah, Sabathia and Nova are just as good as Beckett and Lester at this point, the Yanks 3/4/5 rotation > Boston’s. Garcia over Lackey, Colon over Wakefield, Burnett (yes Burnett) over Miller. I’d even take Hughes over any of the Red Sox starters after Beckett and Lester.

    The only reason the Yanks are up only a half-game on Boston for the division is they have pissed away at least five solid starting pitching outings and are 4-11 vs. Boston. I cannot get the loss to KC where Burnett pitched 7 IP 1 H 1 ER ball, the two games the Yanks lost to the Mets where Garcia was solid, Colon’s last hard-luck loss start, and any of the losses to Boston out of my head where I could say the Yanks shouldn’t have won those games when they should’ve. The hitting has betrayed the Yanks way more than the pitching. This team doesn’t give up 2 runs one night then 8 the next. The offense, however, scores 8 runs one night then 2 the next or that’s more of an occurance than great pitching one night/bad pitching the next.

    I’m more concerned with next year. Sabathia is an ace provided he re-signs after he opts out, I think Nova is at least a #3 to start 2012, Burnett is an overpriced #5, and Hughes could be a #4 or someone the Yanks could get a #2 or #3 starter in his walk year by trading (Hughes) in a package. The 2012 Yanks lack a true #2 and I don’t know who they could get. Maybe they’ll have to either re-sign Garcia and see if he could continue his magic through June or take a one-year flier or two on more mid-late 30s veteran pitching and see if someone could be the 2012 version of 2011 Garcia.

  4. ALDS
    1 & 5 – Sabathia vs. Verlander or Wilson EVEN YANKS-TIGERS, EDGE YANKS OVER RANGERS
    2 – Nova vs. Porcello or Lewis EDGE YANKS OVER EITHER TEAM
    3 – Garcia vs. Scherzer or Ugando EDGE TIGERS, EVEN YANKS VS. RANGERS (Ugando doesn’t scare me)
    4 – Colon vs. Fister, Harrison, or Holland EVEN ANY MATCHUP

    Yanks in 4 over either team.

    1 & 5 – Garcia vs. Lester, Scherzer, or Ugando EDGE RED SOX AND TIGERS, EDGE YANKS OVER RANGERS
    2 & 6 – Nova vs. Lackey, Porcello, or Lewis EDGE YANKS OVER ANY TEAM
    3 & 7 – Sabathia vs. Beckett, Verlander, or Wilson EVEN YANKS-RED SOX OR TIGERS, EDGE YANKS OVER RANGERS
    4 – Colon or Burnett vs. Wakefield, Bedard, Fister, Penny, Harrison, or Holland EDGE YANKS OVER RED SOX OR TIGERS, EDGE RANGERS

    Yanks in 5 vs.the Rangers, 6 vs. the Tigers, 7 vs. the Red Sox if Sabathia and Nova are 1-2 solid.

    The Yansk opponent in 6 if Sabathia or Nova aren’t good, 5 if both aren’t good.

  5. Matt. Can you ask Steve if he still wants to trade betances banuelos and NOVA as a throw in for ubaldo Jimenez?