9/6 Game/Open Thread

UPDATED, 11:06pm: It’s 11:06pm, and they are apparently going to try to play this game, as the Yankees just took the field behind Phil Hughes.

It’s a Tuesday and the Orioles and Yankees are set to play, so that means it must be raining. If they ever get this one in, the lineup will be as follows:

1. Brett Gardner, LF
2. Derek Jeter, SS
3. Curtis Granderson, CF
4. Mark Teixeira, 1B
5. Robinson Cano, 2B
6. Nick Swisher, RF
7. Eric Chavez, 3B
8. Jorge Posada, DH
9. Francisco Cervelli, C

In the meantime, click through here and watch me talk with Ty Pyburn of the Pulse Network about the Yankees! Enjoy!

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4 thoughts on “9/6 Game/Open Thread

  1. If Burnett does well again I say the Yanks should keep the six-man rotation and just start Sabathia on normal rest as much as they can (they should be able to since their next day off is 9/15.)

    Another win over the wretched Os. Good. Two more wins for the sweep and hopefully another game gained on Boston before the nine-game roadtrip and the Yanks should unoffically clinch the division cuz I can’t see Boston passing them with a rotation of Lester/Lackey/Wakefield/Miller/Aceves or whoever holds down Beckett’s slot while Beckett is out.

    If the Yanks play just 12-10 ball the rest of the way, Boston would have to play 14-7 / 2 wins out of every 3 games / .667 ball to win the division. I don’t see the Yanks playing 12-10 or worse ball or Boston playing 14-7 or better ball.

    Two more wins by the Yanks for the sweep of the Os means if the they play just 10-10 / .500 ball, Boston would have to play at least 12-7 ball to win the division (12-7 provided they win their next two games.) 12-7 is slightly more possible than 14-7 but I just don’t see the Yanks .500 stumbling the rest of the way, I see minimum 12-8 which means Boston would have to play 14-5 / near 3 wins out of every 4 games / near .750 ball to win the division – not happening.

    What the Yanks want to do is win the division so Boston possibly faces the Angels in the first round if the Angels win the A.L. West where Boston has to begin and possibly end the ALDS in Anaheim thus possibly make two trips to the West Coast since the wildcard has no homefield advantage throughout the postseason. Weaver vs. Beckett > Wilson or Ugando vs. Beckett for Games 1 and 5 of the ALDS.