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5 thoughts on “Curry: Betances could be called up

  1. IIRC there was a similar situation with Brackman last year, where he was called up (due to already being on the 40 man roster) but did so without throwing a pitch or any expectation of throwing a pitch. Just a chance to have some experience in the MLB clubhouse.

  2. I guess we'll have to wait and see.im excited to see Banuelos.Betances,Brackman and Nova in the Rotation someday.but more important would love to see Hughes figure out whatever is wrong with him.

  3. Does this effect options though? (not sure how Sept is treated) I'm a bit cloudy in my understanding of the process but I think a player has 3 option years, so if he's called up is this considered his first option year?

    As to calling him up… has his performance merited it? While it's easy to say well he's on the 40 man "why not"? but shouldn't the question for making a roster decision be why (and not "why not")?