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11 thoughts on “Some more roster moves during a rain delay…

    • Definitely. I have always liked Brackman and it'd be nice to see him put the first half of this year behind him. Glad he's getting a chance.

      • Was reported on YES the Commissioner's Office ordered them to "get the game in" or somesuch… o.O

    • Since it was the last series this year at YS against the O's it is up to MLB, not the teams as to what will happen. With rain forecasted for wednesday as well it wasn't a bad idea to get the game in. It sure beats trying to play one or more games after the season is over.

      • I don't disagree with getting the game in, per se, except two things. 1) It was my understanding that a game couldn't start after a certain hour to go some distance beyond midnight (I do not recall the exact timings). This game obviously starting at 11 pm would be past that. And 2) it was DANGEROUS. The mud and everything; Orioles OF bobbling, dropping and scrambling around for a routine fly ball? Yeah, it was comedic but my first thought was "Please don't be injured." Same with Jeter or Posada chugging around third base — "Please don't fall/pull something/etc."

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