I had to laugh.

9 thoughts on “I had to laugh.

  1. John

    That is a wacky lineup, but not nearly as wacky as leaving LF unmanned. :-)

  2. chris

    While theyre at it Shouldve just played Chris Dickerson in swish's place, cervelli in martins place and Chavez for a-rod.

  3. Brian

    How about CC at DH? Just saying.

  4. jay_robertson

    WOW. Not that I've ever BEEN to a Yankees game, but SO glad I didn't drive a thousand miles and shell out a couple C-notes for this one. Looks like the Yankee's way of shoving it back at MLB; if you're going to make us start around midnite, play thru a monsoon, and finish after the bars have closed, THIS is what we're doing in the following day's AFTERNOON game.

    I'm actually glad they did this; only wish Swish, A-Rod, and Martin were also getting the day off. Maybe let Montero catch? Dickerson in left? And as Chris said, Chavez at 3rd.

    Oh well – guess I ain't hurrying home to watch – thanks for the headsup. (and – just thought, was Girardi able to reach Mitre, have him start today?)

  5. Makes me wonder why they are even playing the game.

  6. Nick Swisher

    Cano went 0 for 4 too! Why am i being punished? :'(

  7. HA! I wonder what Buck Showalter thinks of this.

  8. not Montero's dad

    Forget about the fans who attended last night's game–the fans who attended THIS game shoudl be the ones getting a free ticket.

  9. Mat

    since the Yanks can't send AJ to AAA, i guess they tried to bring AAA to AJ

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