9 thoughts on “I had to laugh.

  1. While theyre at it Shouldve just played Chris Dickerson in swish's place, cervelli in martins place and Chavez for a-rod.

  2. WOW. Not that I've ever BEEN to a Yankees game, but SO glad I didn't drive a thousand miles and shell out a couple C-notes for this one. Looks like the Yankee's way of shoving it back at MLB; if you're going to make us start around midnite, play thru a monsoon, and finish after the bars have closed, THIS is what we're doing in the following day's AFTERNOON game.

    I'm actually glad they did this; only wish Swish, A-Rod, and Martin were also getting the day off. Maybe let Montero catch? Dickerson in left? And as Chris said, Chavez at 3rd.

    Oh well – guess I ain't hurrying home to watch – thanks for the headsup. (and – just thought, was Girardi able to reach Mitre, have him start today?)

  3. Forget about the fans who attended last night's game–the fans who attended THIS game shoudl be the ones getting a free ticket.