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6 thoughts on “In Mo We Thank

  1. It's cool; I already stole it from the site last night from the last time it was posted and put it up on Facebook! <3

    In Mo We Trust.

  2. Here's a funny little one. I notice, as a near contemporary, that he's nearly the same age as his shirt number. That will be pretty nice to see next year.

  3. We have been extremely lucky the last 16 years to watch two of the all time greats do there thing. Jeter and Mo have been the foundation of greatness for the Yankees for an unbelievable run. I'm not sure of the stats, but it is surely rare that two HOFers played for the same team for so long together. With both hitting great milestones this year, its good to pause and make some recognition. Thank you MO, thank you Jeter I hope we get few more years.

    sidenote: how great would it be if both Jeter and MO retired at the same time…and then were enshrined together in Cooperstown?