Game 155: Rays 2, Yankees 4

A solo homer by Kelly Shoppach in the top of the fifth gave the Rays their first run of the evening.  Sean Rodriguez tied the game with a solo homer in the seventh.  The Rays had a chance to take the lead in the eighth, as CC Sabathia started to struggle.  He gave up back-to-back singles to Desmond Jennings and B.J. Upton.  He then walked Evan Longoria, loading the bases with one out.  Girardi called for David Robertson who got Ben Zobrist to ground into a double play, ending the threat and keeping the game tied 2-2.

The Yankees fought back in the bottom of the eighth.  Nick Swisher doubled to center and was replaced by Greg Golson on the bases.  With two outs, Teixeira worked a walk and Cano was put on intentionally, loading the bases.  With Montero due up, Girardi gambled and called on the veteran Posada to pinch-hit.  He lined a single to right, bringing Golson and Teixeira home and giving the Bombers a 4-2 lead.  Rafael Soriano pitched a scoreless ninth and the Yankees took the victory and the AL East.

Bronx Cheers:
Jesus Montero: Jesus went 0-3 and hit into a double play with the bases loaded (though it did score a run, so it wasn’t all bad).

Bottom of the lineup: Chavez, Martin, Dickerson and Nunez all went 0-3.  Chavez managed to work a walk.

Curtain Calls:
Jorge Posada: I’ll be honest, I had my reservations when Posada was called to pinch hit for Montero, but I sure was happy to see him prove me wrong.  He hit a nice line drive that scored two runs and gave the Yankees the win.  Of course, he admitted after the game that he thought it was the bottom of the ninth, not the eighth, but no harm no foul right?

CC Sabathia: Sabathia went 7.1 innings and gave up two runs on seven hits and two walks.  He struck out six.  He got into a bit of a jam in the eighth, but was saved by…

David Robertson: DRob often manages to get himself out of trouble he has made, but tonight he escaped Sabathia’s mess.  I shudder to think of where the Yankees would be this year without him.

In The On Deck Circle:
The Bombers will wrap up this series with the Rays on Thursday evening.  Bartolo Colon will take the mound for the Yankees, coming off a tough start against the Blue Jays.  He went just four innings and gave up six runs.  Jeff Niemann will throw for the Rays.  He last saw the Yankees on July 7th, when he went 7.1 innings and gave up just one run on six hits and two walks. First pitch is at 7:05pm in the Bronx.


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11 thoughts on “Game 155: Rays 2, Yankees 4

  1. Fwiw, the first game wasn't too bad either – normally I don't like pitching by committee, but in this case it worked – with the only runs given up by our "starter" and then a steady procession of relievers shutting down the Rays. I'd excuse Nunez from a cheer in the second game – he owned Shields in the first, and was the only Yankee who didn't look grossly overmatched by the Rays ace.

    One thing jumped out at me (after staring at 17 innings of baseball in eleven hours) – in both games, the Yankees were held in check by the Tampa starters, showing very little offense and giving little hope of a victory. In each game, as soon as the Rays relievers came in, the hits started immediately. Hate to agree with YES, but even one of the talking heads agreed – with Shields at 120 pitches and obviously gassed, YES commented that a tired Shields was STILL a better option than anyone available in the Rays bullpen. Words that proved to be correct – the same proved to be the case in the second frame.

    OTOH, the Yankees relievers pitched 9-1/3 innings of shut-out ball – even tho Girardi used such household names as Valdez, Kontos, and Laffey in the first game. Shoot – even Boone Logan got a couple guys out without allowing a run!

    I imagine I can stop watching now – I hate to imagine the lineup Joe will trot out for the final game; time to let the Rays catch up to the Sox.

    • Yeah, I meant to make a comment about leaving Nunez out of the cheers since he clearly would have gotten a big curtain call in the first game, but I was writing late and with a pretty nasty headache, which is thankfully gone now. I had that same thought about the lineups for the next few games – of course, they may not look that different from the lineup we saw in game two yesterday! I'd be interested to see if they throw Brackman out there at some point. I've always been intrigued by him, and after his rough season, it would be interesting to see what he may/may not do.

      • I know – everyone was getting excited when both Brackman and Betances got up in the pen and started throwing…might as well let them eat a couple innings. That wouldn't mess with their years of service/arb time or anything like that, would it? That's the only reason I can see not to let them play – Romine is there – might as well have a complete minor league battery.

  2. I can't believe this team took the division. I thought the Sox would take it for sure and so did the Boston media (treat yourself by googlling images for "Best Team Ever- Boston Herald"). I thought the wild card would be attainable though. It's one of the first yours that just making the playoffs is surprisingly satisfying.

    As for the playoffs, it'll be interesting to see Swish go at it; he has been pretty bad in playoff baseball with the Yankees. It's a new post-season though, and I'm ready to see him rock. Nova will be exciting to watch as well.

    • I just checked my prediction from the start of the year – I thought the Yankees would come in second in the division, but even more depressing is that I thought Burnett would have a better season…oops!

    • Do a search Google search on "2011 red sox greatest team of all time"… the top result is especially entertaining.

  3. Of course he got 4 of those in April, I remember at one point he had more wins than the Red Sox did as a team.