My postseason roster


Mark Teixeira
Robinson Cano
Derek Jeter
Alex Rodriguez
Brett Gardner/Andruw Jones
Curtis Granderson
Nick Swisher
Russell Martin


Jesus Montero
Jorge Posada
Eduardo Nunez
Eric Chavez
Greg Golson


C.C. Sabathia
Ivan Nova
Bartolo Colon
Freddy Garcia


Mariano Rivera
David Robertson
Rafael Soriano
Cory Wade
Boone Logan
Phil Hughes
A.J. Burnett

A couple of observations about my roster:

  • The most obvious difference between my roster and the one the real-life Yankees will probably carry is that I don’t have a true backup catcher. Frankly I don’t really see the point of wasting a roster spot on Austin Romine, or even Francisco Cervelli if he’s healthy. Russell Martin isn’t going to need a day off, and if he happens to get hurt, you’re carrying two emergency catchers in Posada and Montero. If the injury is serious, you can replace him with Romine then.
  • Yes, I’m carrying A.J. Burnett on the roster. I hadn’t anticipated doing that, but when it came down to it, I was between Burnett and Luis Ayala for the final spot. Considering this is a pretty low leverage job, I figure Burnett presents more upside than Ayala.
  • I’ve gone with Bartolo Colon over Freddy Garcia for the third spot in the rotation. There’s no particular reason for that, other than a gut feeling that Colon is a better bet to give you four or five solid innings than Garcia is. I would fully anticipate aggressively deploying the bullpen in that start.
  • Obviously, I’m throwing C.C. Sabathia on short rest in the ALDS, if for no other reason than that the structure of the schedule means that Ivan Nova can come back to pitch game five on regular rest if he needs to. This is what they’re paying the big guy big bucks for, so if the Yankees go to a game four in the ALDS, you bet your life I’ve got C.C. on the mound.
  • If the ALDS opponent is Texas, this roster gives you a lot of flexibility against their left-handed starters. You can either start Brett Gardner in left field and have Andruw Jones DH, or you can start Jones in left and have Montero DH. If you start Jones and Montero, you’ve got Gardner, Posada, and Chavez available on the bench to match up late in the game.
  • Greg Golson is the last guy on the roster. He’s there mostly to be available as a pinch runner, as well as an extra outfielder.

So, what would your roster look like?

About Brien Jackson

Born in Southwestern Ohio and currently residing on the Chesapeake Bay, Brien is a former editor-in-chief of IIATMS who now spends most of his time sitting on his deck watching his tomatoes ripen and consuming far more MLB Network programming than is safe for one's health or sanity.

22 thoughts on “My postseason roster

  1. I realize this is pretty unrealistic, but what about carrying Raul Valdes as a second lefty out of the bullpen? Small sample size, but he's been pretty effective against lefties, especially in his brief stint with the Yankees. Burnett or Hughes would have to be the odd man out in that scenario. If Hughes' injury is a little more serious than we realize, that makes the decision easy.

    I was thinking Dickerson as the 5th outfielder, but Golson's speed probably makes him a more attractive option. Although, if pressed into duty, Dickerson is a better all-around player.

    The more I think about it, the more I like the idea of carrying no true backup catcher, but planning to rely on either Montero or Posada in an emergency.

    • What Charles said. Dickerson is probably the better overall player, but Golson is the better base runner, and if this spot is going to really add much, it's going to be as a pinch runner.

      • I wrote just a few minutes ago that I would only switch Dickerson for Golson but I thought about it and i think it may be a good idea to bring a true backup catcher. Reason I say that is for yhe same reason you say add golson other teams are thinking the same thing about their teams. Because of that without a defensive catcher at the end of games to hold fast pinch runners its a liability. You're thinking… well it hardly eever happens, youre right it hardly does, but it still does happen, and its happened to the yankees.. remember 2004 and the series that shall not be named…

  2. A few things…

    First I would trade back Granderson for Ian Kennedy cause too many homeruns is bad and we need starting pitching because stem cells and fat are no bueno…

    Two I would definitely definitely dump that Jeter guy for Nunez… Jeet's too slow too old, cant catch up to pitches doesnt run the bases as well and its the post season, whats he gonna do? If we do have to keep him on the roster drop him to 8th or 9th, dont want him hurting the team anymore than he has to, remember, its the playoffs, duh!

    Third I would probably have AJ start game 1, the guy is like a lion just waiting in attack position, he just needs the confidence built up in him so giving him the game 1 start would be the best thing for him.

    Last, and this is an absolute must, probably even moreso than all the others combined definitely start Eric Chavez over A-rod… guy totally shrinks in the playoffs and with that next to Jeter being old, guys just have to hit anywhere left side of the infield and we're screwed.

    To go along with those roster changes I think the best gameplan would be bunt, a lot… like all game long just bunt…

    Thats all I have to say about that.

    • r u retarded or sumthin cuz thts probably the most ridiculous statement ive ever heard.

      "bunt, a lot", "too many homeruns is bad" wtf? we're the yanks bro! this is what we do, we go in hit tons of bomb, and bout 8/10 times we win!

      "dump that jeter guy for nunez" have you even heard one of jeet's many nicknames? "Captain Clutch"? "Mr. November"? face it man, he LIVES for the postseason

      "definitely start Eric Chavez over A-rod… guy totally shrinks in the playoffs" noooooooo waaaaaaay man. a-rod may suck right now, but we need whatever he's got left in the tank. the smartest decision girardi can make (nd he rlly doesnt make too many of them) is too play nunez @ 3rd/short against lefties nd have jeet or a-rod DH those games

      nd this is probably THE DUMBEST STATEMENT EVER: "have AJ start game 1" WTF?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!??!?!? thats just full blown retarded! cc is our ace w/o question! he's gonna b 2nd in the cy young voting nd is a complete animal!


      • Either you just reversed sarcasmed or you really meant the above and your sarcasm radar is completely busted. Not sure which. I'm still debating.

      • The way I read Chris' post, he was poking a lot of fun at the various stories that have been following the Yankees this year. :-)

    • I'm only sorry that not everyone could embrace the sheer wonderfulness of Chris' comment above. Wrapping up every Yankee fan rant, gripe, etc., in one tidy paragraph…. Pure bliss.

      + eleventy bajillion

      • So even if tthe red sox dont make the playoffs are we still having the playoffs or just giving the championship to them or maybe using the playoffs for secpnd place??

        Ok seriously though the only difference from Brien's roster would be Dickerson. I understand the concept of the better base runner, but assuming the Yankees make it to the WS and there is no DH but things like double switches (overrated move if u ask me but still), potential injuries and so on. Golston is still adequate but I think Dickerson is the better option for the WS.

  3. I would go with Hughes as the number 4 if he looks good on Sunday- he has more upside then Colon or Garcia, even outing to outing. I would move Colon into the pen (he started the season there, and is probably going to be OK).

    I love taking both Posada and Montero, it's not like you need to give Martin a day off.

    I hate the idea of taking Burnett. At the very least Girardi should have him pitching from the bullpen over the last week to see if he's an option (like what they did with Chamberlain in 2009). I would take Ayala instead or a 2d lefty depending on the lineup.

    • I toyed with the idea of Colon as a reliever, but I just think that's too little value. You've got the top 3 spots in the bullpen locked down, and if you need them to I think they can cover 4 innings between them. And really, I'm pretty confident Colon can be solid for at last two times through the order, so that gets him a start.

      I guess I'm open to the idea that Hughes should get a start over Garcia, though that's just one start in the ALCS/WS.

  4. Lineup:
    A-Rod-3B (righties)/Nunez-3B (lefties)
    Brett (righties)/Jones (lefties)-LF
    Posada-DH (righties)
    A-Rod/Montero/Jones- DH (lefties)

    Golson or Dickerson


    Hughes, AJ, or Ayala (combination of 2 out these 3)

  5. Im glad someone included Golson in the postseason roster. He's fast and has good to great defensive value with that howitzer for a right arm. If you dont remember ask Carl Crawford because im sure he still does. I only disagree on this…if Hughes has a balky back, would you call on him at all to pitch? Like in almost any situation? I would keep him off and put Raul Valdes in as a second LOOGY. Not that we really have a first with the way that Boone Logan has been pitching as of late.


    Bench: Nunez, Golson, Jones, Posada, Chavez

    Rotation : CC, Nova, Colon, Garcia

    Pen: Mo, Soriano, Robertson, Logan, Valdes, Wade, Hughes*

    *If hes healthy. If not and i had to think about this, I would want Noesi. A guy who if your starters get blown up early, and you want to save your bullpen for another day could give it to you. I have more faith in him to come in and being effective for 2-3 innings over AJ or Ayala.

  6. Colon just blew up tonight so I'd say everything but the rotation order would be the same for me. If Garcia and Colon blows up again and AJ does well in his next start I may actually let him start a game.

  7. Thats a shaky starting rotation with Colon and Garcia. It might become a big deal because after such a great season, there could be a disappointing early ending. How far could Garcia and Colon really take their team in the playoffs. Even if you switch Hughes or Burnett in for either Garcia or Colon, its still pretty shaky in my opinion. However, I hope I'm wrong

  8. I'm not so sure i would put Colon in my starting rotation. He hasn't been pitching so well of late. He just gave up 7 runs in 3 innings pitched. Those are some A.J Burnett numbers.Right now I would say use a 3 man rotation with Sabathia, Nova and Garcia and then put Colon in the bullpen. Also right now i would put Jesus Montero as the starting DH for both left handers and right handers. He has been bossin up the bigs in his first month.

  9. Actually, now that I think about it, you can take Golson AND Dickerson because you only need to carry 10 pitchers in the ALDS (3 starters and 7 relievers). So I guess one of Colon, Burnett, and Hughes doesn't make the roster at all, and that would probably be A.J.