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6 thoughts on “Photo of the year

  1. Yup. SO cool that Jorge drove in the winning runs, to clinch the pennant. Not to mention, Mo saving the game that locked up the wild card. Great day in the Yankee Universe.

  2. What a great day for Yankees baseball, sweeping a double header to clinch a playoff berth and then the AL was great. Having Jorge deliver the crucial hit when we really need it was great way to wrap it up..for the team , the long time fans and certainly for him.

  3. The ironic thing about your twitter attack of me is that you literally have a blog that is literally linked to on ESPN… yet you still get hardly any comments on your articles and have hardly any twitter followers. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

  4. Where's the love for Girardi?

    I don't agree with most of his in-game moves either… but looking at the bigger picture he clearly did good this season.

    In particular, his handling of the bullpen and his ability to tune out the morons who kept screaming for Jeter to move down in the lineup right before 3,000 hits was awesome.

    I'd also mention that he's done as good a job with AJ Burnett as humanly possible, Burnett just stinks, bottom line.